Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you own a Toyota vehicle with a Takata brand air bag. To verify if your vehicle is included in this settlement please utilize the VIN checker here

Specifically as follows:

A current owner or lessee of a Subject Vehicle distributed for sale or lease in the United States and all of its territories and possessions, as of June 9, 2017; or

A former owner or lessee of a Subject Vehicle distributed for sale or lease in the United States and all of its territories and possessions, who sold or returned, pursuant to a lease, a Subject Vehicle after April 11, 2013 and through June 9, 2017.

Estimated Amount


As a member of the class you may be entitled to one or several of the following remedies:

  • An Outreach Program;
  • A Rental Car/Loaner Program;
  • An Out-of-Pocket Claims Process;
  • A Customer Support Program; and
  • A potential Residual Distribution.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

In Re: Takata Airbag Products Liability Litigation Nissan Settlement
No. 15-MD-2599-FAM
United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that certain car companies, including Toyota, manufactured, distributed, or sold vehicles with defective Takata airbag inflators. The inflators can, upon deployment, rupture and expel debris or shrapnel at the driver or passenger and/or otherwise affect the airbag’s deployment, and that the Plaintiffs sustained economic losses as a result.

The lawsuit claims for violations of various state consumer protection laws, among other claims. Toyota denies that it has violated any law, denies liability, and denies that it engaged in any wrongdoing with respect to the manufacture, distribution, or sale of the Subject Vehicles.

Settlement Pool



Auto Airbag Settlement
Settlement Notice Administrator
P.O. Box 3207
Portland, OR 97208-3207
1-888-735-5596 (Toll-Free)

55 responses to “Takata Toyota Airbag Settlement”

  1. Laura Van Cleave says:

    Are car dealerships and insurance companies allowed to give me the VIN# of our former vehicle?

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Generally insurance agents are likely to help you out.

  2. Brenda Carter-Soles says:

    I am the owner of 3 Toyota vehicles and just recently sold a 2004 Toyota Camry. Please contact me for any additional info. needed. I look forward to hearing back from you Re: The Toyota Airbag Settlement. Thank you– Brenda C.

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    Simply use the tool provided to check if your cars are affected by this problem. We are not the class action administrators. We are simply a website that captures the most relevant class action settlements.

  3. Carleen McMurry says:

    Does this law suit include Lexus vehicles because that is a division of Toyota Motor Corporation?

    ADMIN – Hi Carleen,

    There is a tool on their website where you enter the VIN to see if you qualify.

  4. frederick dabbelt says:

    I have 2005 Toyota Tacoma am I in the settlement?
    Thanks Fred Dabbelt

    ADMIN – Hi Fred,

    Use the link provided to enter your VIN and find out.

    • Anthony Castillo says:

      I was in an accident 2016 February 9th. I was going to about 80 miles per hour max 65 mi in the lease. My airbags didn’t deploy when I was in an accident with two other vehicles I hit my face hard enough to knock out at the scene and get I was injured with three slipped disc one of my neck to my lower back I wanted to know what I have to do to get the money I deserve my car was totaled what do I need to do oh and my car was fully paid off the 2008 Toyota Corolla I was sent a recall after the accident 25 days approximately after the fact.

      ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

      Reach out to the class action admin to see if you have any recourse.

  5. Rose Menefee says:

    I have leased three toyotas

    ADMIN – Hi Rose,

    If your Toyotas meet the criteria set forth on class eligibility you should by all means file a claim.

  6. ken evans says:

    i contacted toyota financial for the VIN

  7. Steven A. Scherer says:

    what is the status of my claim ? my confirmation # is BFEX49DM
    thank you
    steven Scherer

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    We are not the class action administrator therefore we are unable to update you. Please contact the admin directly.

  8. Michael L Frazier says:

    I had a car and Toyota and I was in a car accident and the air bag didn’t go off.

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    If you believe this was due to a defect consider hiring lawyer. In this case the settlement relates to bags going off with such force that they can kill or injure you.

    • The Rex Ten says:

      The same thing happened to me. I was in an accident (Toyota Prius) and the air bags didn’t go off. Toyota stated you ‘have’ to get hit in a certain area for them to go off which apparently I wasn’t. I have yet to find a lawyer to go after Toyota. Has anyone else seen this problem with Toyota’s?

      ADMIN – Hi Rex,

      Not me personally but perhaps someone visiting this page.

      • Shiva says:

        SRS (airbag) control units take into account a multitude of sensor data input to decide if airbags must be deployed. Some of these factors include angle of impact, location of impact, force of impact, wheel speed at time of impact, seatbelt usage(or lack thereof) at time of impact, weight of passenger seat occupant. It is usually safe to assume that if your airbag did not go off in a crash, you were wearing your seatbelt and you were not gravely injured from striking your head or chest on the steering wheel, dashboard or windshield that your airbag did not deploy because it was not needed or if deployed may have caused you to sustain additional injuries.

        ADMIN – Hi Shiva,


  9. richard t picciano says:

    The final settlement was approved on Nov1st. When will they mail the checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    This settlement had a variety of remedies. Are you talking about reimbursements for expenses incurred?

  10. Henry A Hwe says:

    Re: confirmation number: TMGQ6418
    Was our claim received?

    ADMIN – Hi Henry,

    I am not the class action administrator but if you received a confirmation number most likely your claim was received.

  11. Annette White says:

    If the decision was finalized in court in October 2017, when should the checks be distributed to those who filed in the lawsuit? A copy of the reply sent to my email as well would be very helpful.

    ADMIN – Hi Anette,

    We don’t know. The class action administrator will be best qualified to answer your question.


    Have any settlements been made yet? Will we be notified when checks will be distributed?

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

    No & no.


    Have there been any checks sent yet? Will we be notified if checks are to be sent?

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

    You are generally not notified that you will get a check. You simply get a check.


    Who is the class action administrator?

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

    As indicated on this page here is the info for the admin

    Auto Airbag Settlement
    Settlement Notice Administrator
    P.O. Box 3207
    Portland, OR 97208-3207
    1-888-735-5596 (Toll-Free)

  15. Robert T Williams says:

    Usually, the lawyers get all the money. You won’t see much out of this; just watch and see.

  16. Chrystyne L. Braaten says:

    I have own two Toyota RA4’s. When I first heard about the Takata Airbag failure & settlement both in the news and on line, it was very confusing to me, so I had the dealer where I bought my Toyota RAV4 at and have it serviced check for me & he said my Toyota was not part of it but I will check again with the vin # checker link above just to make sure.

  17. Richard says:

    I owned a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. It rolled down a mountain in Arizona 197 yards, rolling over 10 times, bouncing off of boulders, trees etc. It came to a stop laying on the driver’s side where I laid for 3 days until some people looking for a place to picnic saw the roof of the car from above on the mountain. A rescue team of 15 people had to use the jaws of life and cut the roof off to get me out. I was helicoptered to a medical center where it was discovered that I broke my neck, was in shock and had PTSD, and had many bodily injuries.

    NOT ONE OF THE 8 AIRBAGS DEPLOYED AS A RESULT. How is that possible?

    Can I be a participant in any class action lawsuit against Toyota?

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    I would contact a class action attorney for a consultation here is a link to one

  18. Paul Martin says:

    I would like to file a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    Use the link provided.

  19. Katrina says:

    i am so unhappy with these greedy corpirations. never again will i purchase a toyota, nor honda, suburu, lexus, & the other vehiles in this so called settlement! what a joke, they knew way ahead thwy were putting men, women, & worst of all our CHILDREN LIVES in danger. pay us, yiu greedy people, & i hope your sales go down especially toyota & honda!!!!!!!!!!#

    ADMIN – Hi Katrina,

    We totally get your frustration. Hopefully car manufacturers are hard at work to earn your trust again.

  20. Vincent Ricardo Samuels says:

    Has an effective date been established for TK Holdings, Inc. and when can claimants begin to receive settlement checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Vincent,

    I don’t think so.

  21. Samantha Shatilla says:

    My car was one of the many affected. I had to take my car in to have parts replaced. BIG PROBLEM

    ADMIN – Hi Samantha,

    Hopefully you filed a claim.

  22. Doris hurd says:

    Checked vin. Could not find a record. I have confirmation number. I am i on the list for a settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Doris,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  23. MARIA says:

    I would like to know is my name on the list for settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    Did you submit a claim?

  24. Veronica Kelly says:

    When Toyota going to distribute out check

    ADMIN – Hi Veronica,

    Not yet.

  25. Herbert BROWN says:

    It has been almost 2 years now. when will toyota distribute the checks .this is a question that we should have no problem getting an answer to from toyota.

    ADMIN – Hi Herbert,

    The checks will be distributed by the class action administrator. Toyota does not have control of the timelines.

  26. Ricky T Borchers says:

    Any Mazda settlement checks been mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Ricky,

    None that I know about.

  27. Stscey says:

    When are checks being issued?

    ADMIN – Hi Stacey,

    The class action administrator has not yet provided an update.

  28. Michael H says:

    When will checks be disburs

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    The class action administrator has not provided updates regarding this matter.

  29. R. Johnson says:

    The FTC was sued last year for allowing manufactures, used car dealerships and others sell vehicles with Open Recalls and vehicles needing repairs. We should file a Class Action against the agency that suppose to keep us safe…. the FTC. It’s hard to sue Toyota because they have a billion dollar industry and consumers are not equipped financially to take the hem on.

    • Carl Goldys says:

      R. Johnson, I am with you on the idea to open a Class Action against the FTC. So many people would not have endured injuries and even death if the FTC set laws making the sale of any vehicle with an open recall illegal until the appropriate repairs have been completed. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the calamity just 1 sale could possibly generate.

  30. Doris hoston says:

    Wonder how many in administrative position got their check? Making interest for them I’m sure…2 years

  31. Stacey says:

    When are checks being distributed?

    ADMIN – Hi Stacey,

    The administrator has not yet provided a timeline.

  32. Jane says:

    When will we get a check for travel expenses we incurred as a result of having to replace airbags.

    ADMIN – Hi Jane,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  33. Nicole says:

    My 2012 scion xb isnt an option but the airbag was recalled. How do I file?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    A recall is different from a lawsuit. Simply take it to the dealership to be fixed.

  34. Melville Huie says:

    When will the checks be disperse out .

    ADMIN – Hi Melville,

    There is no set date but I have heard rumors that it will happen pretty soon.

  35. Mary says:

    I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla purchased new. I was rear-ended on at least 2 separate occasions at a stopped position and my airbags did not deploy. I was injured in both accidents. I received an airbag recall notice, but I have not yet taken it for repair. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Follow the instructions in your recall. Also consider talking to an attorney.

    • says:

      Air bags normally will not deploy if you are rear ended. They are meant to protect you in conjunction with seat belts if involved in a front end or side collision. The advice to seek an attorney makes the most sense since it is the driver(s) that rear ended your vehicles fault for any injuries, not the air bags that are not meant to deploy if rear ended.

  36. Veronica Kelly says:

    I got a 2007 Toyota

  37. Herbert C BROWN says:

    It has been more then 2 years .I am concern about if we will get compensated or not.a lot of people lives has been disrupted.WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG.

    ADMIN – Hi Herbert,

    Appeals and other legal barriers

  38. Cyndi O'Hara says:

    When will checks be disbursed

    ADMIN – Hi Cyndi,

    We don’t have that info.

  39. Karen Williams says:

    I bought my Toyota in 2017

  40. richard clark says:

    I emailed the “class action administrator” because since my submission (which qualified) I only got a reply saying they would contact me if they need any more info like a year ago.

    In the email I sent last week I mentioned I do not have a case or confirmation number or anything.

    So far I have still not received any reply. So what is next? Call?

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Class counsel is the next level of escalation.

  41. Ron Gold says:

    I emailed the “class action administrator” because since my submission (which qualified) I only got a reply saying they would contact me if they need any more info like a year ago.

    In the email I sent last week I mentioned I do not have a case or confirmation number or anything.

    So far I have still not received any reply. So what is next? Call?

    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    The next level is class counsel.

    • Ron Gold says:

      Thank you for the reply.

      When you say the next level is “class council” does that require any action on my part? Being I was never given a confirmation number at this point I have no way to know if I am involved other then my vehicles have qualified and that my email submissions a year ago were received.


      ADMIN – Hi Ron,

      Yes, contact class counsel and explain that you are having a hard time figuring out if you are included in the settlement and you are getting nowhere with the class action admin.

      • Ron Gold says:

        Do you have the contact info for class council?


        ADMIN – Hi Ron,

        On a separate comment I gave you step by step directions on how to find the info. I also provided the info for you just in case your are having a hard time clicking your way through the page.

  42. Ron Gold says:

    My replies are not showing up here and I am getting no responses back when I email the administrator.

    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    Your replies will only show up once I have had a chance to review them.

  43. Ron Gold says:

    I am having trouble finding the contact info for the class counsel so I can check on my status. Can you post the contact info please?


    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    Head to the official settlement page. Click on the link that reads FAQ. Then you can click on the area that reads: Questions about counsel. On that section you will find the following info:

    eter Prieto
    Suntrust International Tower
    One S.E. 3rd Avenue
    Suite 2700
    Miami, Florida 33131
    Tel: (305) 358-2800
    Chair Lead Counsel David Boies
    575 Lexington Avenue
    New York, NY 10022
    Tel: (305) 539-8400
    Co-Lead Counsel for the Economic Loss Track Todd A. Smith
    70 West Madison St.
    Suite 5500
    Chicago, IL 60602
    Tel: (312) 313-0202
    Co-Lead Counsel for the Economic Loss Track
    Roland Tellis
    15910 Ventura Blvd. #1600
    Encino, CA 91436
    Tel: (818) 839-2333
    Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee James E. Cecchi
    5 Becker Farm Road
    Roseland, NJ 07068
    Tel: (973) 994-1700
    Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee Elizabeth J. Cabraser
    275 Battery Street, 29th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    Tel: (415) 956-1000
    Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee

  44. Stacey says:

    Any word on when checks will be issued?

    ADMIN – Hi Stacey,

    Nothing beyond what I have already discussed.

  45. Patsy Carey says:

    I was told the checks are being mailed in December, is that true? Im a Nissian owner.

    ADMIN – Hi Patsy,

    I have not heard anything. Do you mind telling us your source?

  46. Doug Porter says:

    Is it too late to get in on the class action lawsuit?
    is a 1995 Toyota Camry eligible. I was in an accident 2yrs ago only 25mph however the airbag deployed so hard my hand flew up broke the windshield and the airbag struck my head with so much force I was knocked unconscious and suffered a TBI because of it, which has affected me since.

    ADMIN – Hi Doug,

    All the relevant dates are listed on this page

  47. betty webb says:

    I haven’t got any message from you since 2017 please let me know about my claim

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    These claims have not been paid yet.

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