Class Eligibility

The Settlement includes all persons in the United States who received one or more text messages sent by or on behalf of TDJC between July 27, 2017 and July 31, 2017. These people are called the “Settlement Class” or “Settlement Class Members.”

Estimated Amount


This is a Pro Rata settlement. You will receive a share of the pool

Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Seth F. Masson v. Tallahassee Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Case No. 1:17-cv-22967-FAM
District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that TDJC sent text messages to Plaintiff’s wireless telephone number without prior express written consent in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 47 U.S.C. § 227 (“TCPA”) and seeks actual and statutory damages under the TCPA on behalf of the named Plaintiff and a class of all individuals in the United States.

TDJC denies each and every allegation of wrongdoing, liability, and damages that were or could have been asserted in the litigation and that the claims in the litigation would be appropriate for class treatment if the litigation were to proceed through trial.

Settlement Pool





Tallahassee Dodge Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 6006
Portland, OR 97228-6006
1-844-551-1722 (Toll-Free)

11 responses to “Tallahassee Dodge Chrysler Jeep Unwanted Text (TCPA) Class Action Settlement”

  1. Lori & John Courneya says:

    How do I find out if my cell number is part of this settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    If you are a member of the class you are likely to receive a notice. If not, contact the class action administrator and have them check. The key question is: Do you recall receiving a text from this organization?

    • Cordarrell Rudolph says:

      Yes, I received a text from this organization and would like to get a claim amount settlement

      ADMIN – Hi C,

      How about you file a claim?

  2. Mavis Young says:

    I have gotten a text from Chrysler saying that I need to by more protection because my warranty is about to expire

    ADMIN – Hi Mavis,

    This was a text that was attributed specifically to this dealership.

  3. Christine Carrizoza says:

    I have received several messages about renewing my warranty on my Chrysler vehicle from this company, but I no longer have them.
    What do I need to do?

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    If you believe you are a member of the class please consider filing a claim.

  4. Gregg Manos says:

    How do I check if my cell phone was contacted by Chrysler?

    ADMIN – Hi Gregg,

    You could reach out to the class action administrator and ask but generally if the contacted you you are likely to remember.

  5. Yolanda griffin says:

    What’s next after the settlement a has been approved?

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

    There is a window of time for appeals and then distribution.

  6. Yolanda griffin says:

    I filled out the postmark card and sent it back in how do I find out if it was received?

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

    You can call the class action administrator.

  7. Yolanda griffin says:

    Will they send out a check for distribution? Or do you have to go pick it up??

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

    They will send the checks out.

    • Yolanda griffin says:

      Thank you for your response is there a time frame on when they will issue out the checks?

      ADMIN – Hi Yolanda

      Not at the moment.

  8. Dan c says:

    Are they still working on this case?

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    I believe so.

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