Class Eligibility

You are a member of the Settlement class if you reside in the United States and bought Up & Up Flushable Toddler Wipes at any U.S. Target Store from April 18, 2010 through October 31, 2014. The wipes involved in this settlement were under the “Buckeye” product line, which was discontinued on October 31, 2014. The settlement specifically excludes purchasers of Nice-Pak’s “Sigma” formulation and subsequent product formulations of Up & Up Flushable Toddler Wipes.

Estimated Amount

$27 Eligible Class Members who file a valid claim with a proof of purchase may be eligible to receive gift cards or coupons for Up & Up Wipes packs, based on the amount purchased. Eligible Class Members who file a valid claim without a proof of purchase may be eligible to receive a gift card or coupon for a capped amount based on amounts purchased. The cap for the gift cards is no more than 20 units at $1.35 per unit (up to $27). The cap for coupons is 20. If you have proof of purchase for more than 20 units you may receive 20 coupons for the first 20 purchases and a gift card in the amount of $1.35 for each additional purchase.
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Case Summary
The lawsuit claims that certain Up & Up flushable toddler wipes manufactured by Nice- Pak were not flushable. Target and Nice-Pak deny these claims, and the court has not decided who is right or who is wrong. Instead the parties have agreed to settle this case to resolve the matter.
Settlement Pool
Target Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 11486 Birmingham, AL 35202-1486 1-888-878-1989

115 responses to “Target Flushable Wipes Class Action Settlement”

  1. Gay Radulski says:

    I have used this item

    • Christina Snowden says:

      I used them and didn’t realize they were the reason I had to call a plumber after my toliet backed up until they were attached to the plumber’s line coming back out of pipes😣

  2. Gay Radulski says:

    I live on a septic and was told these were flushable.

    ADMIN – Hi Gay,

    Flushable and septic-safe are two very different things.

  3. Doris Moore says:

    I would like to receive a more information
    Regarding this Settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Doris,

    Click on the link provided to review the official page.

  4. Jerome Yontz says:

    These wipes are not flushable.

    ADMIN – Hi Jerome,

    That is the very issue that triggered the lawsuit.

  5. David Rogers says:

    My toilet had to be repaired and replaced after use!

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    I don’t think these wipes damaged toilets. Clogs happened in pipes but no toilet replacements were ever needed.

  6. Jean Rochester says:

    They caused far more septic damage then 27.00.

    ADMIN – Hi Jean,

    Flushable is not the same as septic-safe.

  7. Linda Carson says:

    I am so..upset abt this. We started having issuses with our plumbing backing up. My husband took the cap of in our basement and this wipes were clogged inside. I wish i would of known abt this sooner. The rebate wouldnt even cover the mess we went threw!

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Regardless of what the labels read I would advice that you refrain from discarding anything in your sewage system.

  8. Mark Ambrose says:

    Purchased toddler wipes

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    It sounds like you are a class member. File a claim

  9. Alicia mcknight says:

    I have bought these for years!

    ADMIN – Hi Alicia,

    These are not sold anymore. The Buckeye collection was discontinued.

  10. Dana Bikowski says:

    I’ve been buying them for years I still do

  11. Paula J Patterson says:

    I used them and the toilet kept plugging up. Had to call a plumber.

  12. Donna Coronado says:

    I have used these items

  13. Becky says:

    I heard these exist

  14. Madison Finch says:

    This item caused some septic damage.

    ADMIN – Hi Madison,

    It is always a terrible idea to flush anything into your septic.

  15. Samantha Shatilla says:

    Don’t flush these wipes!

  16. Michael shatilla says:

    Don’t flush

  17. Jillian shatilla says:

    Not good wipes

    ADMIN – Hi Jillian,

    Terrible for your plumbing

  18. Ana Pina says:

    My family and I have used them for years. I have nine children and 11 grand babies that all uses these products.

    ADMIN – Hi Ana,

    That is a ton of wipes. File a claim.

  19. Tiffany Hill says:

    These wipes were horrible!!😩

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

    The wipes were horrible to your plumbing system, not to you.

  20. Sabrina says:

    These wipes are terrible


    They clogged my toliet,not flushable

  22. audra scribner says:

    Don’t use these

  23. cleveland says:

    The Spanish claim form is for only 10 packages, while the English language form is for 20 packages. If there are any lawyers out there this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    ADMIN – Hi Cleveland,

    I can’t even locate the Spanish form.

  24. Cheryl Wright says:

    Not flushable had to put them in plastic bags and despise of them but they cleaned well

  25. Michael tretola says:

    Don’t flush. Caused the bowl to overflow caused tile damage and ceiling downstairs. I had to pay for it all

  26. Pauline Vega says:

    Clogged toilet only once

  27. Sharlon Gee says:

    Not Flushable

  28. Patricia Girven says:

    Definitely not a septic friendly product. Cost to pump out septic tank was $250.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    File your claim.

  29. Sederra Faciane says:

    Clogged toilet

    ADMIN – Hi Sedarra,


  30. Bruce Carlisle says:

    Clogged my piped with my last child using these, how do i join this class?

    ADMIN – Hi Bruce,

    By clicking on the link that reads file a claim.

  31. Dave says:

    I have two seperate room mates,how many claims can go to one address households?Thank you very much,PS to people-never flush anything in a septic tank except for what it was meant for!! I see that you get a lot of not so smart people,lol

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    I don’t see a limit per household but generally speaking adults are not likely to use this type of wipe. This is for little ones.

  32. Amanda says:

    Not the correct settlement website- the one linked is for data breach.

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    Thank you. It is fixed now.

  33. Brian Garnes says:

    It cost a fortune for the repair

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    The life lesson from this is that nothing is flushable.

  34. Wendy Capuano says:

    Do not use these.

  35. Wendy Capuano says:

    Do not use or flush.

  36. sandra says:

    buy for a long time

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    File a claim.

  37. Rochelle McCoy says:

    I used these flushable wipes.

    ADMIN – Hi Rochelle,

    If you are a member of the class consider filing a claim.

  38. Markeyth Baker says:

    Cost over $600 dollars to get my septic tank unclogged. It was a ball of stress and mess..

    ADMIN – Hi Marke,

    Consider filing a claim.

  39. Hannah Manzo says:

    I have used these wipes and would like more info on this lawsuit. Thanks.

  40. Marcella Vance says:

    stopped up both bathrooms toilets

    ADMIN – Hi Marcella,

    If you believe you are a class member consider filing a claim.

  41. Shaquasia says:

    These wipes are horrible can’t flush your toilet. I used these wipes a lot being that I have a niece. But now I have to call someone out to Unclogged.

    ADMIN – Hi Shaquasia,

    These wipes have not been sold for years. I don’t believe this is the reason for your present issues.

  42. Francine S Mullane says:

    I used these wipes

  43. Stacey Doss says:

    Purchased to use . Clogged up line had to pay septic tank people to come out. Everything backed up. They found out why. This product cost me over 1000

    ADMIN – Hi Stacey,

    I don’t think the wipes read septic-safe.

  44. Shawnta h says:

    I let my son use these wipes even after he was potty trained just to be sure he was clean and had to tell him not to flush them.

  45. Cheryl Gibson says:

    I flushed them usually with no problem if one at a time, but more than one – clogs.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    It is generally a bad idea to flush stuff down the toilet aside from human waste.

  46. Debbie Bell says:

    I’ve purchased these wipes for years.

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  47. DarleneTaylor says:

    I was told these wipe was flushable thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Darlene,

    It appears they are not.

  48. Shurnell Hall says:

    I bought wipe that said flushable it cost me too pay plumber to come out

    ADMIN – Hi Shurnell,

    Sounds like you are a class member. File a claim.

  49. Lane S Arnold says:

    Won’t let you proceed without an id number.

    ADMIN – Hi Lane,

    Below the area intended to enter your ID # there is a path that reads as follows:
    Unique ID? No Last Name Match? Create a New Claim?

    It has a blue button. It should allow you to file without an ID

  50. Lana says:

    I have used these!

    ADMIN – Hi Lana,

    File a claim if you are a member of the class.

  51. Patricia Amezcua says:

    Clogged my pipes!!!! Cost me hundreds of dollars.

  52. Brenda Hardy says:

    I purchase these wipes

  53. Jaime Lawson says:

    I purchase these wiles.

  54. kathy l kightlinger says:

    i purchased these wipes

  55. Barb Wadley says:

    These are definitely not to be flushed. Almost cost me trouble.

  56. Rose says:

    I purchased these wipes & clogged my toilet. They are not flushable

    ADMIN – Hi Rose,

    That is at the very heart of this settlement.

  57. Lillian Moran says:

    purchaser wipes destroy my skin

    ADMIN – Hi Lilian,

    These wipes were not known for destroying skin. The issue at hand is whether the wipes were flushable or not.

  58. Jayne L Verdon says:

    Clogged my toilets. Very costly calling plumber

  59. John says:

    These wipes are crappy after using them!

  60. Wendy says:

    It clogged up my toilet. Had to call plumber twice.

  61. Connie Haverty says:

    Got these and had septic problems

  62. ANN C CASTORO says:


    ADMIN – Hi Ann,

    That is not a function of this website. To be included you must file a claim using the link provided.

  63. Anita Cook says:

    I did use them and they weren’t flushable, I had to put them in a plastic bag

  64. Anita Cook says:

    I did use Please add me

    ADMIN – Hi Anita,

    Please submit a claim

  65. Stephanie Taggart says:

    I used them, but I put mine in a plastic doggie bag and place them in the trash.

  66. Keith Eash says:

    I used them. Yhey did not flush down very well so I just threw them in the trash.

    ADMIN – Hi Keith,

    Best idea ever.

  67. Elaine Peck says:

    Had to put in new carpet around the overflowing toilet.

  68. Dawn A. Huling says:

    They don’t flush down after one try…

  69. Evelyn Rivera says:

    I did used this ”flushable” wipes.

    ADMIN – Hi Evelyn,

    Sounds like you are a class member.

  70. Crystal morenoc says:

    I like quality they just cause problems in toilt

  71. Skye DuBose says:

    I used these a lot

  72. Jody Gleason says:

    I used these all the time until I needed to call a plumber

  73. Torrin Perry says:

    I had to call the plumber to unclog the toilet and he found these wipes in the toilet pipes super fluffed up and he said here’s your clog reason ! I didn’t save my store receipt but did my plumber receipt with his phone number for proof so will they pay me back my plumbers cost and the wipes price ?

    ADMIN – Hi Torrin,

    This settlement is not designed to pay for damages. It is designed to reimburse you for the cost of wipes. You are on your own for damages.

  74. Julie H. says:

    Wow people, let’s not loose our heads here. #1 Whoever this Admin is has the patience of a Saint because how many times are you all going to repeat the same obvious statements?? #2 They stopped selling them YEARS ago. Not weeks or months, no they are not still on the market so stop saying things like “I’ve purchased these wipes for years” because its not possible since they were taken off the market years ago. Perhaps you USED to purchase the wipes included in this class action or maybe you never did & you’ve got them confused with the Up & Up Target brand which aren’t any part of this suit. I could go on & on but c’mon people, fill out the form yourself & submit it. These lawyers don’t work for you, you didn’t sign papers & pay a retainer to them to be barking orders for them to fill out your forms like so many of you are. How about a thank you for letting us know about this class action before the deadline passed. I didn’t see one of those. Just complaints about plumbers & fascinating one liners like I bought these & theys doesn’t flush. Don’t any of you own plungers? I think that would have been sufficient to fix the clogging problem. And I promise you NOBODY cares if you bought these so why you’re so compelled to share that en mass is odd to me. Yikes. Get your gift cards & shut down the useless comments for crying out loud.

    ADMIN – Hello Again,

    Did you use the wipes Julie?

  75. Josephine says:

    Where is the form

    ADMIN – Hi Josephine,

    On the link that reads “click here to file”

  76. Linda Richards says:

    Please put my name on the list.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    That is not the way that settlements work. You must file your own claim before the deadline.

  77. Caneeshia says:

    Yes they stopped my bathroom up

  78. Taylor Weber says:

    I did not receive an email or postcard, but I am a class member since i purchased 17 units of these wipes. Requesting more information please. The claim website will not let me submit a form without a unique ID. Please provide me with one, please. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Taylor,

    You should be able to file without an ID. I cannot provide you with one as I am not the class action administrator.

  79. Tkatch says:

    I bought these wish I never did..

  80. glenn tkatch says:

    cant get out., still wish I never used them

  81. glenn tkatch says:

    I bought these wish I never did..This is very hard to get out of this claim

    ADMIN – Hi Glenn,

    Excluding yourself is really simple. Refer to the instructions on the long notice.

  82. francis adams says:

    they cloged my toilet, and septic

  83. Walter Johnson says:

    Wish I had never bought the product

  84. m braman says:

    definatly was the wrong thing to buy, not very flushable.

  85. James Dover says:

    We used them for a elderly family member who had frequent accidents…

  86. lauren valentine says:

    I used these while potty training my 2 year old little girl. Thought i was using the best option considering they are to be considered FLUSHABLE

  87. Diana Walton says:

    My daughter had bought a few of these in bulk, We never really favored them.

  88. Rashawn Heard says:

    I’ve bought them

  89. Sophia Wince says:

    problem with toilet clogging

  90. Shaileen perkins says:

    I have bought several of these and sidnt know they weren’t flushable.

  91. Charlotte Whitehead says:

    Knew plumbing problem was tied to flushable wipes but continually told they were flushable.

  92. Charlotte Whitehead says:

    Made plumber rich.

  93. Denetra A Anderson says:

    I have used this product as well and had to pay a plumber to rod my toilet.

  94. Brenda Calderon says:

    I had used these for years, including the dates april 2010_ oct 2014, i would like more information please

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    If you click on the link to the official page you can obtain as much info as you may wish to have.

  95. Amy Trainor says:

    clogged my toilet twice. no good

  96. Pierre A. says:

    Product only clogged my toilet and had to repair it myself.

  97. erica meadows-logwood says:

    Wipes were tough, did not dissolve in water…would not flush.

  98. Joanne Morris says:

    clogged toilet

    ADMIN – Hi Joanne,

    You are correct. That is the reason there is a settlement.

  99. Brian Leikam says:

    Too bad this won’t cover my root rooter bill…….

  100. Corrine West says:

    They are not flushable

  101. Lolanda jamison says:

    Bought and they stopped up tolier

  102. ANNE M ZALOGA says:

    Bought clogged the toilet

  103. mireya says:

    I buy these like once a month, and occasionally it does clog, I didn’t realize that was the cause

  104. Mireya Pulido says:

    didn’t realize these were the reasons why my toilets were clogged !!!!

  105. Emily Barnett says:

    stopped up the toilet

  106. Emily Barnett says:

    caused toilet to over flow

  107. Amanda Baggerly says:

    plumber help

  108. Tanya williams says:

    stop my toilet up

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    That is correct, sadly the deadline has passed.

  109. Michelle Greene says:

    I brought this wipes for my grandson and they clogged up my toilet my landlord thought I had been putting tampons in there until they saw it was baby wipes

  110. ben says:

    Any word on the pay out?

    ADMIN – Hi Ben,

    I have not seen any updates.

  111. Joyce says:

    Anyone know what’s happening with this?
    The website is not active and I sent an email to the administrator with no response back.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Joyce, Sorry to hear that you haven’t gotten the updates you need. Just to clarify, though: we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please keep trying to contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already succeeded in doing so. Thank you, and best of luck.