Class Eligibility
You are included in the Target data breach class action settlement if you received notice directly about the breach or if:
  • You shopped at a Target store and used your credit or debit card from Nov. 27 through Dec. 18, 2013;
  • You provided your contact information to Target any time before Dec. 18, 2013; or
  • Your bank, credit card company, or other financial institution issued you a new credit or debit card shortly after December 2013; and the letter accompanying the new card said that your old card may have been compromised.
Estimated Amount
Up to $10,000
Proof of Purchase
You will have to document incurred losses. For those not claiming losses no proof of purchase is required as long as they are part of the class
Case Name
In re: Target Corp. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, MDL No. 2522 District Court of Minnesota
Case Summary
This consolidated settlement is aimed at resolving dozens of class action lawsuits (consolidated as In re Target Corp. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation) the lawsuits allege the retailer did not protect customers’ financial data from hackers who stole credit and debit card information from 40 million customers who shopped at Target stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 18, 2013.
Settlement Pool
Target Data Breach Settlement Claims Administrator c/o Rust Consulting P.O. Box 2239, Faribault, MN 55021-1639 Toll-Free: 1-866-680-5931

107 responses to “Target Stores Data Breach Class Action Settlement”

  1. Allen Payne says:

    Stole my credit card and my identity

    • tom walters says:

      the website (here) says CLAIM FORM NOT YET AVAILABLE, but if you put your cursor on the
      submit claim form…It takes you to the claim form site GO AND FILE TODAY

    • Patrica M says:

      Target Data Breach Settlement Claims Administrator c/o Rust Consulting P.O. Box 2239, Faribault, MN 55021-1639 Toll-Free: 1-866-680-593

      Is this legit? I have a police report of people using my card Dec 2, 2013 after using that same card in a Target store in Minneapolis Oct 15 – Oct 20 2013 period. So the breach happened a few times and a lot earlier than the dated published by Target. I also got emails from the CEO of Target at that time about my card being compromised – but my emails were deleted regularly by my employer. I would like to submit a claim


      ADMIN – Hi Patrica,

      To submit a claim click on the orange link above.

      • LUCILLE Douglas says:

        I submitted a claim for the target class action suit. I havent recieved anything since . i moved to another state since then. Will that affect my communication.?

        ADMIN – Hi Lucille,

        Send a change of address to the class action administrator using the address provided above.

    • mulugeta sishagn says:

      I want to add that I purchased an item in the Target store on November 30, 2013.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My identity was compromised.

  3. Elaine Guido says:

    I put a claim in and never heard anything

  4. Jon says:

    That’s bc the website won’t be open to accept claims until July 15th

  5. Aimee Lecerf says:

    I used my debit card to purchase Christmas gifts at Target.

  6. Nancy B says:

    The links above do not lead to the claim form. It keeps saying that it is not available yet. When can I file my claim for this?

    ADMIN-Hi Nancy,
    Right below the link it reads “form is not yet available” Please keep checking. Once the class action administrator has the form posted the link should point you to the form.

  7. Pam Curtis says:

    My identity got stolen mid-2014 due to Target breach!

  8. Caroline says:

    I have people calling me all the time threatening me because of this breech

  9. Dawit Tarekegn says:

    Never heard back from the store

    • tom walters says:

      You will NEVER hear back from the store, its not their responsibility or problem (and from what I noted when talking to them, they DON”T CARE). I’m certain that they are told not to comment or promise anything.

  10. ARLENE FORBES says:


  11. Nadine Caviness says:

    my card was stolen and I had a charge from chicago and my understanding my card was presented. USAA did credit back my account for the charge.

    ADMIN-Hi Nadine,
    If your card number was stolen in association with the Target data breach you can go ahead and claim.

  12. pat selvage says:

    I used my card for Christmas gifts during this time period.

  13. zee says:

    I used my card and found that is was used in buying things and paying for things on line. Never heard anything from target.

  14. Beth says:

    I think we need to fight back by STOP USING CREDIT CARDS!

    These huge institutions are making incredible profits from “the little people ” and things like this happen and they deny, deny, deny, but settle to avoid a trial which would cost them huge punitive damages if convicted.

    How many ppl are using Target debit card/c.c.? Millions! And they settle for $10 million the attorneys get their 33% plus all costs, fees, etc. and what’s going to be left for each person? A buck or two?

    Stop these institutions from using you and go get cash at the bank before you go shopping.

    Drug companies are doing this crap too! They’re in bed with the FDA and put these new drugs out before they’ve done their due diligence to make sure it’s safe. Then without admitting guilt they decide to settle. We have no idea what the long term effects these new drugs will play in our health down the road. I have so much more to say, but this isn’t the platform for it. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam.

  15. Billy R Coldiron says:

    Had items charged to my credit and I made a complaint about it and they said they would take care of it but nothing ever did and my credit card was canceled out due to this charge and also destroyed my credit.

  16. t. brewer says:

    No reply from store

  17. t. brewer says:

    Never heard back from anyone!

  18. t. brewer says:

    Never heard back from store,after several attempts.

  19. A. Vidmar says:

    My card was being used and someone was buying things from my account. I finally got a new debit card after a couple months.

  20. Evelyn says:

    Debit card was replaced due to this breach

  21. J. Volante says:

    Used my card and received letter from my bank that my account was compromised; therefore, they cancelled my debit card and had to re-issue a new one on both of my accounts.

  22. Candice Kretschman says:

    Purchases made during this time. Identity compromised. Bank issued new card.

  23. Judith alamo says:

    I had just shopped at target and used the red target card which is linked to my debit card and not even a week later the news reported that targets computers were hacked into

  24. Ginny DiStaso says:

    Received a letter of the breach, but that was it

    • Thomas says:

      Same here, but the peculiar thing is that I did not have a credit/debit card prior to November 27, 2013.

  25. Lacey Kulczynski says:

    Shopped at target within that time, received an email my card may have been compromised and bank issued a new card.

  26. Christina Guillod says:

    Had to get a new card.

  27. Betsy Kavanaugh says:

    Used my card for Christmas purchases, Had to get new debit card.

  28. joanie says:

    I also received a breach letter from them do i still file.

  29. Tanya Fridal says:

    Several purchases at Target. My debit cards had to be replaced. Huge…. Huge mess.

  30. Jamiee Smith says:

    I have shopped there on numerous occasions and have the bank statements to prove so

  31. christina caputo says:

    I used my Target credit card prior to the breach. I am constantly having to check my credit score and other credit cards that I have incase my identity stolen. Target did not do there part in assisting customers.

  32. Ileana Rodriguez says:

    I have to replaced two of my Debit card due to the breach those days

    • tom walters says:

      I asked for the ‘free’ credit monitoring, and all of a sudden, I started getting a $30 bill monthly on my bank statement for credit monitoring. the local target said (basicly) it was between me and the credit monitoring svc. thank goodness my bank reversed 3 months worth of charges ..thanks wells fargo

  33. Iris Chatman says:

    My identity has been compromised. I used my debit card During that time

  34. Gary Hummell says:

    I shopped at target to do the biggest part of my christmas shopping. Target was very unhelpful in resolving the situation what so ever, They should be ashamed of themself`s for even letting something like this happen, Keep more upkeep / maintance on there server`s.

  35. C.Neal says:

    I purchased both everyday items and Christmas gifts during this time from Target using my debit card. My account has since been closed due to discrepancies from unapproved purchases. I’m also concerned for the fact that I also applied for the red card during this time frame, which required things such as my social security number as well as my drivers license number, etc.

  36. Rocio Lopez Gonzalez says:

    My bank had me change my card after receiving the email from Target that my identity had been compromised.

  37. Jennifer Slagle says:

    Can I file a claim if I received a letter and a new card from bank?

    ADMIN-Hi Jennifer,
    You can file a claim if you incurred losses associated to the breach.

  38. tom walters says:

    Target offered ‘free credit monitoring’ as soon as I signed up, I started getting $30.00 per month in monitoring charges from a ‘garage office’ sounding company (voicemail only , on speaker phone that sounded like person was in a garage)

  39. Ryan B says:

    I’ve used my debit card and never had an issue, so do I still need to file a claim.

  40. Valerie McClard says:

    I did Christmas shopping there and used my credit card. My identity has been compromised and I have been charged for items I did not buy. How do I get a claims form. The site says they are not available yet but time is running out to file?

  41. Robin stone says:

    my debit card was breached at Target on 12/15/14, my birthday. Had to cancel card which left me with no money for Christmas shopping!! No one ever contacted me from target!!

  42. Denise Rogers says:

    I used my card and never heard from Target.

  43. Shirley Prince says:

    i used my debit card to make purchases during that time & I ended up replacing my debit card with another card so that my card would not get compromised

  44. billie jean says:

    rust consulting firm is handling all claims forms a very few persons will be paid compensations from the target breach. lots of people complain about his company to attorney general office. they are liars and thieves. I do not know why the courts still allow him to over see as settlement administrator for settlements for consumers

  45. Kyle Tyson says:

    had to cancel my credit card.

  46. Michele says:

    I was contacted by my bank’s fraud department prior to a transaction happening and therefore it was declined. What kind of documentation will we need? We did cancel our debit cards.

    ADMIN-Hi Michele
    To qualify for this class action settlement you must have incurred real damages. If your bank caught it before you were the victim of fraud you cannot file.

  47. Debralynn Murdock says:

    I was contacted by my banks credit and fraud department that my accounts information was compromised and as a result of the breach I would be receiving new bank cards in the immediate mail to replaced the compromised cards. I noticed several unauthorized purchases from Target online when I checked my account balance.

    ADMIN-Hi Debralynn,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. We hope you qualify for this class action settlement.

  48. Rhonda says:

    My bank cancelled my debit card saying it was compromised and 2weeks later my vehicle was repoed off my job because they said they didnt get their payment from bank

  49. amy says:

    My boyfriend had this happen, and from the looks of the charges had a grand ole time. Even used the card to pay tollway fares on the interstate in Chicago! We noticed a lot of charges in Indiana, even at the Speedway!!!(which we had to cancel our trip to magic mountain so we both were pretty upest about that, but his son was heartbroken. )So thanks to the jerk maxing it out, we had to cancel plans, wasted gas driving, looking stupid being decined, and going home after the awful two hour wait in line to try to obtain tickets!!! He broke his heart, and the poor lil boy already has emotional issues from his mom abandoning him and taking his younger brothers when she left, AND having a new baby ahain almost instantly!
    These people who breeched target are worst than scum. Its affected so many people’s lives. Ill be hunting up every last receipt, fraudulent charge, gas and time wasted when we were unaware and unexpectedly declined…. it all adds up!!! So glad people have the chance to regain some piece of mind, at last!!!

  50. John R. D. Chevalier says:

    i need to set down and put down what take place/how they change something and it true on me I been disapointed with them.

    Thank You’ll

  51. Shanti pena says:

    Hi, I used my target red card during the months of November and December during the months of the breach. Lucky my bank sent me a new debit card, but Target did not send me a new red card. 4 months later, someone used my information with my home phone number and crated a dish network work account. Lucky, I already had dish and they called me to confirm installation. I said no do not install. I was immediately transferred to there Fraud dept. I then placed a fraud alert on my credit. But Target never advised my that my red card or debit card was comprised. But they are the only ones I can think of. Do I still fill out this form??? I did not incur a loss as I was proactive. But I still have to monitor my credit now. Because of this scare.

    ADMIN-Hi Shanti,
    Without having incurred a loss you have nothing to claim.

  52. Delia Arroyo says:

    I used my card during this time frame too, I received a letter from target called my bank immediately but it was too late,They had used my card already. So sad what this world has come to!

  53. Shirleen Gomez says:

    I signed up for a special target card December 2013 using my checking account. About a week later I received a notice from my bank, My card was changed due to the credit card fraud. Target has not since done anything.

  54. Daenette Pohlman says:

    Never got a new card or informed about this . I used my red card thru out this period spending several hundreds!!

  55. Juanita Allen says:

    I have had my life turned upside down due to this breach This whole situation has been a nightmare for me and my family this us so unbelievable. I am getting calls from people almost everyday demanding money for cards and accounts I never opened. It’s sad that people can get your personal information and use it anyway they want, and disrupt your whole life.

  56. Alcola Johnson says:

    I had to replace my credit card due to the breach!

  57. Diem tran says:

    Used my debit/credit card and never heard from target

  58. Sammetra Daniels says:

    Had to replace my debit card because of this breach.

  59. Grant says:

    No reply, my card was comprimised

  60. Heather says:

    I received a letter from Target saying that I may have been compromised, but I don’t recall any specific incident. Would I still qualify?

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    You qualify if you have specific damages that you are able to document.

  61. Denise gravelyn says:

    I purchased around this time and I got two charges on my card for around $3000 not made by me . I had to get a new card issued and go through the fraud process so I wouldn’t be held responsible

  62. Dana says:

    Had to replace my credit card because of this breach

  63. Mary Frazier says:

    I shopped at target during the tirme in question and my card and credit were compromised as a result.

  64. susan cohen says:

    I used my card for gifts.

  65. Richard Smith says:

    Think about this……After receiving notice of this Target Breach I spent time traveling to our bank some distance away, as we live out in the county.

    Gas is not cheap as well as my time to get new credit cards and straighten this out.

    We had to wait for days without a credit card for gas purchases, we were holiday traveling during this mess.

    Are you telling me that I did not incurred any losses!!!!!!!!!!!

    I now appears that most of us are paying, out of our own pocket, for Targets incompetance.

    Truly blatently bizzare.

    Richard S.

  66. Shari strabley-brodt says:

    Always had a balance that was never mind…so I to stop shopping there for 2 months till they found a glitch in there operations system

  67. Chelcee sanchez says:

    Used my credit card on gifts for birthdays and the branch took took more money than what I had spent on items

  68. susan cohen says:

    will not use my debit card there anymore.

  69. Sandra Van Wormer says:

    Living on a very limited ssdo income and I did all of my shopping at Target. Using my debit card from one bank account and my target card attached ro a second bank account. What a mess. Was to afraid to us my cards at all after the news came out.

  70. Linda Stockton says:

    Had to get new credit card and change all my accounts to new number

  71. Sonya Stack says:

    Received letter and got new card

  72. Bernadette C. Sabas says:

    July 26, 2015 . 1:00 pm
    I’m eligible for the settlement because I used my credit card at target store between that date November 28, 2013 at 8:16 pm.

  73. Lyla R says:

    Used my card at Target and received letter from my bank that my account was compromised; therefore, they cancelled my debit card and had to re-issue a new one on both of my accounts. Checks bounced cause account was locked before received notice from bank 2 weeks later… Ugh.

  74. Tmy j. Mrtn says:

    Shopped at target then 2 weeks later my card is denied and I’m out of town with no access to my funds. How embarrassing and inconvenient, had to borrow money to get home.

  75. Manuel Nieves says:

    With a family of 6 , it is very difficult to get what we need. We go to as many places to get the most for our money. Target is one of the places to buy our food and items on sale. It was embarrassing when I tried to make purchases and my card was denied. I called my bank and they told me that my card was one of the ones in which involved with Target’s data breach. So they had no choice but to cancel my card. I was then transferred to the Fraud dept., in which I was issued a new card immediately. My wife had to go to an ATM and get money from her other bank to pay for the items. It is a day that I will never forget and still hunts me today when I have to go to Target. I was so embarrassed and felt victimized. I will never forget how my day was turned upside down because I could not pay bills and purchase the needed items. Sales were lost in which I could have gotten items at lower cost because I had to wait for my new Card.

    ADMIN – Hi Manuel,

    Consider submitting a claim if you are able to document the specific financial impact this breach had on you.

  76. Bijan Arjang says:

    Yes, I did receive a notice from tarqet corp. regard to the target customers ID stolen. So they send me a new member ID card.

  77. Teena Franklin says:

    I had to replace debt card after use in target

    • Kim Kerr says:

      We got hit twice from Target. got new debit cards then shopped again and had to get new cards. Its August can we still be included in this it said July 31 2015 was deadline. Heard about this on Aug 4th.

      Thank you

      ADMIN – Hi Kim,

      The deadline has passed and you will no longer be able to submit a claim.

  78. Tiara Bryant says:

    Made purchases with debit card around Christmas.

  79. Betty Torrejon says:

    I submitted my claim, but I haven’t heard anything from anyone. How do I know if you successfully received my claim?


  80. Gabriel Martindale says:

    I was unable to locate the claim’s.. Can you help? Please advice my recourses.

    ADMIN – Hi Gabriel,

    You have no recourses. The last day for submission has now passed.

  81. Brandon says:

    I have never had a credit card with target and I got one of these sent in the mail but to an old address from a few years ago and I just got it last month. I just want to make sure I don’t have a bogus card out there.

  82. josephine zamora says:

    I have a claim and would like information on how to submit a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Josephine,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed. You may no longer claim.

  83. Malaik'a Houston says:

    I shop here all the time. Omg

  84. Ann Sweet says:

    On 5/18/15 I received an email from. “Target Data Breach Settlement .com with the address : P. O. Box 2239. Faribault MN. 55021-1639. Also containing a claim number.
    However, as it is like extracting blood from a turnip to find the right representative in order to put this case to rest ! Target contacted ME, …………! Why are they hiding now ! They are making it difficult to resolve the problem. Thanks a lot !!!

    ADMIN – Hi Ann,

    I don’t think they are into the business of hiding anything. Part of the reason they may not have a live agent is because that increases the administration costs and consequently reduces the overall pool of the settlement. Be patient, most settlements take years to send checks. For example, those that filed settlements in 2013 are just getting their monies.

  85. Matt davenport says:

    I too shopped at target and my debit card was compromised during Christmas I noticed it right sway and notified the bank the cancelled that card and sent a new one but it took ten business days and it’s hard to shop without my debit card it was more than an I convince I won’t be back to target this year

  86. Brystal says:

    I shopped at Target on Black Friday, & my bank account was cleaned out by the breach on Dec 26th 2013. I am part of the law suit & also gave my testimony in court as part of the class action representatives. That took place in 2014 but have not heard any updates since then. My attorney keeps telling me there has not been any changes in the case.

  87. Joan Boldt says:

    Here it is Mar. 5, 2018 and I cannot figure out for sure if the “settlement” includes people without evidence. 2 in my family shopped at Target, we weren’t compromised (to my knowledge) but still went thru lots of worry and anxiety. Can anyone say for sure this is a done deal and i will not get any settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    There is no compensation for worry and anxiety.

  88. Arafat Hassaneen says:

    Most of the time I shopped at target in Cash and I got a wrong receipt!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Arafat,

    Why would you get the wrong receipt?

  89. Carmelino Cruz says:

    Any updates on the settlement? Never heard anything from target since I got my claim number dated 7/18/2015. The website they provided is no longer working.

    ADMIN – Hi Carmelino,

    None at the moment.

  90. Allenpayne says:

    When will target mail the checks out it’s been over 2 years now ?

    ADMIN – Hi Allen,

    I believe this remains under appeals.

  91. Carolyn Shields says:

    I never got notice of this lawsuit and my debit card was reissued because Social Security said my card may have been compromised because of purchases in November.

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    Once the deadline has passed you no longer have recourse

  92. COLLEEN says:

    I filed a claim & provided paperwork/receipts for the fraudulent charges against my card. but never received a claim number or anything from you guys. Still haven’t. That was years ago.

    ADMIN = Hi Colleen,

    We are not the class action administrators. Refer to the settlement page to get their contact info.

  93. Jim says:

    How do I sign up to be part of this class?

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    You can’t anymore as the deadline has passed.

  94. rita says:

    new updated listed .. check on website listed for details.

  95. Alice says:

    Settlement distribution are scheduled for early April 2019,8th circuit of appeals might have specific dates. (314)244-2400

  96. Jess says:

    How much was each check for? Mine is in the mail today.

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