Class Eligibility

Eligible consumers bought tech support products and services between April 2012 and November 2014 from Advanced Tech Support, which also used the name Inbound Call Experts.

Estimated Amount


There are no details regarding distribution

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Federal Trade Commission, et al. v. Inbound Call Experts LLC, et al.,
Case No. 9:14-cv-81395
District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

According to the FTC’s complaint, the defendants used high-pressure sales pitches to market tech support products and services by falsely claiming that people’s computers were infected with viruses and malware.

Settlement Pool





Analytics Consulting LLC

4 responses to “Advanced Tech Support FTC Enforcement Class Action Settlement”

  1. Charlinza Snell says:

    I would like to file a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Charlinza,

    Use the link provided.

  2. Linda Love says:

    Please send me a mailed claim form, site link is Not Working for 3 days now. Site is unavailable per listing.These creeps hit me 3xs before I found out it was a scam. Been Waiting for the court’s to sickem.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    I can’t do that. I am not the class action administrator. You need to contact the class admin directly.

  3. rick humes says:

    OMG, how do you deal with all these people? Nobody reads the instructions at all. It seems like turning off the comment section would go a long way toward keeping you sane.

    Thanks for the service you provide.

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    It can be challenging at times. These are the same people that are old enough to vote…

  4. Pamela Allain says:

    no claim # but definitely have been abused

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    Abused in what way?

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