Class Eligibility

The Farmers insurance class action settlement includes three types of Classes and Class Members may be eligible for more than one. Class Members include Texas Farmers Insurance policyholders who were covered under the following different Classes:

Rate Class – Includes homeowners who had a Farmers policy between Dec. 28, 2001 and Nov. 10, 2002. The Farmers class action settlement Rate Class also includes Class Members who received a notice at any time after Nov. 14, 2001 that their HO-B policy would not be renewed.

Discount Class – Includes homeowners who had a Farmers policy and according to the defendants’ records, are eligible to receive recalculated discounts on premiums from Nov. 16, 2000 through Dec. 10, 2002.

Credit Usage Notice Class – Includes Farmers homeowners and automobile insurance customers who were provided or should have been provided a Credit Usage Notice from Oct. 1, 1999 through Feb. 28, 2003.

Estimated Amount


Class Members in the Credit Usage Notice Class must submit a Claim Form in order to receive a cash payment of $35. All other classes will receive automatic payment.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

State of Texas v. Farmers Group, Inc
Case No. GV202501
District Court of Travis County Texas

Case Summary

According to the plaintiffs the company used deceptive practices when determining fees, discounts and policy offerings. The State of Texas also alleges that Farmers improperly used credit scores and risk assessments.In addition the company did not provide adequate notices that the information on policyholders’ credit reports may have impacted their premiums or policy placement.

Settlement Pool





Texas Farmers Settlement
P.O. Box 1903
Faribault, MN 55021-1939

13 responses to “Texas Farmers Insurance Homeowners Class Action Settlement”

  1. Tracy Kormendy says:

    I have had my auto, home owners and life insurance thru Farmers since 1998.

  2. J Wild says:

    what if you don’t remember the exact time frame or have record of your old policy number as requested on the claim form? I had both home and auto with farmers at that time.

    ADMIN – Hi J,

    I encourage you to contact Farmers. They keep records.

  3. Fred & Angela Gutierrez says:

    We have been with Farmers Home Owners insurance since we purchased our home in Southlake in Sept. 1994.

  4. Tammy says:

    We had Farmers for our auto and home. The rates kept going higher and higher and the only explanation is that everyone’s insurance is going up, so pay.

  5. bobby clemons says:

    sir I have check that I cannot cash the control number is 0019358521 the check number is 607497 sir I need a replacement check please assist thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    You need to reach out to the class action administrator directly. We cannot assist you with this request.

  6. Don R Quinn says:

    I have had my automobile insurance with Texas Farmers for the last 16 years. I just located this information as i was preparing to make a payment, I would appreciate being informed in reference to this situation!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Don,

    This is no longer relevant as the deadline to file has passed.

  7. chris r says:

    I got a check from farmers but the the check is past the 120 days stated on check. My relative had sat on mail and just rece ntly gave to me. I there any way i can get another check issue or is it to late? if can how?

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    I don’t think you can. Often settlements either have a secondary distribution for unclaimed funds or give the money away to charity.

  8. Jacqueline R Horton says:

    I was in a CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT ON Texas farmers INSURANCE back in March 2016 and still have heard anything about it Jacqueline R Horton #10010435921. I had house and car insurance

    ADMIN – Hi Jaqueline,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  9. Blanca R Silvas says:

    I had Farmers Insurance coverage on my residence and autos since 1994. One of my policy #92375-39-92. Please feel free to contact me to see what further may be required.

    ADMIN – Hi Blanca,

    We are not tasked with contacting anyone regarding this matter. You can reach out to the class action administrator to obtain more details.

    ADMIN – Hi Blanca,

    Please read the instructions provided by clicking on the link that reads file a claim.

  10. Martha Chavez says:

    I have a check with control number 0025257762 and it got rejected by the bank, I have the original, how can I get the money?

    ADMIN – Hi Martha,

    If the check has not expired contact the class action administrator.

  11. Sherri Richardson says:

    This is Sherri Richardson and I ran across a copy of my lawsuit firm that I mailed into Farmers for this lawsuit . I never received my check payment in reference to this case please contact me @ 972-708-4208

    ADMIN – – Hi Sherri,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator.

  12. David says:

    My wife was part of that class action and received NOTHING. Reading over the postings, I think there was a bit of sca*ming went on, on how it was dished out.

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Have you checked with the class action admin?

    • cynthia leal says:

      the phone number listed on the paperwork has been disconnected 1-888-222-0691 as of 11/4/18

      ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

      That means the settlement has been distributed.

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