Class Eligibility

Job applicants who applied for front-of-house positions at company-owned Texas Roadhouse restaurants and were denied employment. Only applicants who were 40 or older at the time of their application for front-of-house positions and applied at some point during the Claims Period from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2014, are eligible to receive a monetary award under the Consent Decree.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

EEOC v. Texas Roadhouse, Inc., Texas Roadhouse Holdings LLC and Texas Roadhouse Management Corp. d/b/a Texas Roadhouse
Case No. 1:11-cv-11732-DJC
United States District Court District of Massachusetts

Case Summary

On March 31, 2017, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts preliminarily approved a settlement of an age discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) against Texas Roadhouse, Inc., Texas Roadhouse Holdings LLC, and Texas Roadhouse Management Corp. (“Texas Roadhouse”). In that lawsuit, EEOC alleged that Texas Roadhouse violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) by refusing to hire applicants 40 years of age and older for front-of-house positions at its restaurants nationwide because of their age.

Settlement Pool



45 days after your postmark date


EEOC v. Texas Roadhouse, Inc. Administrator
P.O. Box 404017
Louisville, KY 40233-4017

79 responses to “Texas Roadhouse Age Discrimination Class Action Settlement”

  1. JEAN ROCHE says:

    I applied at Texas Roadhouse and never got the job. I then worked for Olive Garden, both in Stoughton, MA, area. I am over 40. Please add me and send me an ID thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Jean,

    We don’t add people. If you are a member of the class you need to click on the link provided and follow the instructions to file your claim.

    • Darryl robertson says:

      I applied for employment and I would a claim form sent to my. Email address. Which is (

      ADMIN – Hi Darryl,

      Please refer to the instructions available on the link that reads “click here to file a claim”.

  2. Linda Love says:

    I’d like a claim form they are not readily available unless you have recoeved a claim numbered notice. What can I do to file without a number?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    You can reach out to the admin using this info: You may call the EEOC with questions at: 855-556-1129.
    You may email the Administrator with corrections to your Claim Form at

  3. Phyllis A Love says:

    I applied at Texas Roadhouse in Elk Grove,CA and never got the job back in 2008. I am having difficulty obtaining a copy of the claim form without an ID number. Could you email me a copy?

    ADMIN – Hi Phyllis,

    You need to reach out to the class action administrator. Their contact info is posted above.

  4. Austin says:

    Hi, I applied for front of house position to Texas roadhouse back 2008 and was denied employment.. I was 43 at the time…

    ADMIN – Hi Austin,

    Refer to class eligibility as posted above.

  5. Andrew Hove says:

    I applied at both Carlsbad and Menaffe and would like to join suit

    ADMIN – Hi Andrew,

    Use the link provided to file a claim.

  6. Timothy B Holmes says:

    I applied to Texas Roadhouse here in Manchester NH. I never heard anything back. So I applied again and still heard nothing.

    ADMIN – Hi Timothy,

    If that location is company owned and you are over 40 you are most likely a class member.

  7. Grace says:

    I’d like to know if I’m eligible. I too applied and was not offered a position. Maybe it was discrimination to my age.

    ADMIN – Hi Grace,

    If you meet the following criteria then you are eligible:

    Job applicants who applied for front-of-house positions at company-owned Texas Roadhouse restaurants and were denied employment. Only applicants who were 40 or older at the time of their application for front-of-house positions and applied at some point during the Claims Period from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2014, are eligible to receive a monetary award under the Consent Decree.

  8. Robert Grier says:

    I applied for a position at Texas Road House back in 2008 and never got an answer nor response back . I reapplied again in 2009 still no response.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Were you over 40 at the time and did you apply to a location that is company owned? The requirements for this settlement are as follows:

    Job applicants who applied for front-of-house positions at company-owned Texas Roadhouse restaurants and were denied employment. Only applicants who were 40 or older at the time of their application for front-of-house positions and applied at some point during the Claims Period from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2014, are eligible to receive a monetary award under the Consent Decree.

  9. Laura Brown says:

    I applied in Parker Colorado and was refused employment, I was 50 at the time and have worked restaurants for 25 years. I would like to join the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    If the Parker location is company owned by all means consider filing a claim using the link provided.

  10. Lidia Brower says:

    Have not received a card nor ID# claim card?

    ADMIN – Hi Lidia,

    If you believe you are a class member please reach out to the class action administrator to obtain assistance.

  11. Charles Johnson says:

    I applied in Bensalem, PA and didn’t get hired and I am over 50 now just under 50 at the time

    Hi Charles,

    If the Bensalem location is company-owned and you applied during the qualified period that makes you a class member.

  12. Marilyn Henderson says:

    I indicated the wrong location. It should be Willoughby, Ohio -6095 Commerce.

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

    If you need to make revisions to your submission you need to contact the class action administrator.

  13. Daniel W Jones says:

    I’m sure you received my last meassage but,if not, here is one more. I did fill out a job application for Texas Road House. I got a document in the mail saying I was judged because I am over forty years old. Please get back with me thank you. Dan W Jones

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    We are not the class action administrator, their contact info is posted above.

  14. Cassandra Green says:

    Please send me a claim form

    ADMIN – Hi Cassandra,

    I can’t. You need to use the link provided.

  15. Tammy Renee Manning says:

    Yes I was just making sure I sent my claim in right. If I got a claim number after filing the claim then I’m on the list right. Please let me know haven’t heard anything back yet

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    To obtain confirmation about your claim you need to reach out to the class action administrator directly.

  16. Melissa D. D'Angelo says:

    Just left a message.Please get back to me in regards to my claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    We are not the class action administrators and cannot call you back.

  17. karyn howe says:

    Hi can you emai me the address where I send my claim form> thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Karyn,

    EEOC v. Texas Roadhouse, Inc. Administrator
    P.O. Box 404017
    Louisville, KY 40233-4017

  18. Tracy kirkpatrick says:

    Please sent me an I’d I applied and was over 40

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    There is nothing we can send you. Perhaps you have a question for the class action administrator?

  19. Karyn howe says:

    Hi. I completed my claim and got a confirmation number.(3/14) I just received another claim form in the mail. Do o need to fill it out? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Karyn,

    Contact the class action administrator and let them know you have already filed. This is either an error on their part or you are missing some information on your initial claim.

  20. Wendy Crites says:

    Can you tell me if you received my claim form

    ADMIN – Hi Wendy,

    You need to contact the class action administrator.

  21. Angela D Morgan says:

    I did my on line few months ago, not sure if it was past the 45 days r not, if not to late could I get another form sent to me

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    It is too late.

  22. Maureen Edwards says:

    Hi there, I mailed my claim form back in March but have yet to hear anything about eligibility. They actually found me and sent me the paperwork. I knew nothing of the suit. Does anyone know when they will notify claimants if they will receive any award money?

    ADMIN – Hi Maureen,

    Usually after all appeals have cleared

    • Glennis Alocco says:

      My name my name is glennis alloco and I was wondering if you could get ahold of me about this lawsuit they said I was eligible for some money for it could you contact me at 606-687-1211 or Bonnie Wilson at but collie would be easier thank you actually the email is a Bonnie Wilson 3103 3155 at contact me as soon as possible thank you very much

      ADMIN – HI Glennis,

      I can’t. We are simply a newsletter of settlements and not the class action administrator.

  23. Debra D Mitoraj says:

    I have filed a claim, but I have moved. How can I change my address for this?

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    You reach out to the class action administrator.

  24. Carol bass says:

    I have mailed my form in and haven’t received a claim number or heard anything at all back. Can you tell me if I am considered and on the lawsuit please

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    I can’t. You need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  25. Thomas Fischetti says:

    I applied for a position at Texas Road House back in 2010 and 2011 ,,twice asked for reason I hadn’t hear from them…was told job was filled and it yet they still had hiring sign out….i was 55 yrs old at time….now I know why….and it seems your site is also discriminating against seniors too…as I they didn’t give me a fracking discrimination claim number when they were discriminating against me….

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    We are not associated to the class action administrator. We are simply an informational website. Think about us as the newspaper for class action settlements

  26. Sandy Johnson says:

    I applied in Arnold Mo when I was just turning 40. I had a lot of experience. My friend was hired at 30 years old and I was denied even with more experience than her. They were also hiring a lot of people at the time and there is no reason I should have been denied a job.

    ADMIN – Hi Sandy,

    If you are a class member contact class counsel to secure a pin and file a claim.


    It is now after July 31, 2018 when will we learn if we qualified and if so how much we will receive and when?

    ADMIN – Hi Malissa,

    It usually takes 90 days after the final hearing to begin getting information about payments.

  28. anthonyabney says:

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    The administrator has not yet provided us with an update.

  29. Rrose says:

    I understand this may be a goofy question… but what is the methodology for determining a claimants equitable share of the settlement? Will all certified claimants receive the same amount or are there factors that EEOC rules subject claimants differentiation ‘reward’? and are there legal firms that were outsourced to assist EEOC and are paid a percentage of the final settlement?… if you are not allowed to respond that is fine, i was just curious….
    Thank you..

    ADMIN – Hi Rrose,

    This settlement will most likely be done pro-rata meaning every person with a valid claim will receive an equal share.

  30. Jacqueline Garza says:

    Are there any new updates?

    ADMIN – Hi Jaqueline,

    None at the moment

  31. Amanda A Knowles says:

    My mother sent in the clam form she appled at texas road house with previous restaurant exspence and was not hired but my younger sister who had less experience was hired this was in 2013

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    Hopefully your mother will get paid once the settlement is finalized.

  32. Donna cox says:

    Just got letter stating settlement amount. How long before I will hear about accepting it

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  33. Jacqueline Garza says:

    Received a letter today telling me how much they feel I’m eligible for and some other info. about it taking a little while longer to send me an acceptance document to sign and send back. Anyone else?

    • Chuck Hyma says:

      Sounds like the same letter I received. Something about waiting until responses from those who were denied are reviewed. Anybody have any info on what the deadline is for payments?

    • Joanne Hallmark says:

      Mine said the same but aint recieved the release form but they told me they would be sent out by april 2019

  34. Kristen says:

    We also received our estimate pay out amount, has anyone contacted the class action administrator? Because I will if no one else hasn’t.

    ADMIN – Hi Kristen,

    If you don’t mind my asking, what was your estimate?

    • Chuck Hyma says:

      I received the same thing please let me know what you find out. Looks like they are waiting until they review cases that were denied

    • Kristen says:

      About 4700.00…Has anyone heard when the payout will be? This is great bonus to pay off same small bills.

  35. Barry Maez says:

    @Admin.the estimate i got is $ 4.788.94//somethings not right.the suit was settled for 12 million/on my letter it says.the # of cliaments,far exceeded the 11 million awarded,,11 million ?

    ADMIN – Hi Barry,

    That is actually a pretty large settlement. What they are saying is that far more people than what they had estimated filed and had valid claims.

  36. Chuck says:

    The EEOC called me back today. All Appeals and finalizations will not be done and money will not be disbursed until April 2019.

  37. Nina says:

    I received the card with settlement amount of $2400. I would like to know if the settlement will come before Christmas.

    ADMIN – Hi Nina,

    I would not make my Christmas plans around a settlement fund. Sometimes the process is super fast sometimes it can take years.

  38. Joanne Hallmark says:

    I recieved a letter in the mail stating i would recieve 4800 from the texas roadhouse settlement i was wanting to see about when should i recieve the payment i recieve the letter last week .JH

    ADMIN – Hi Joanne,

    At the moment we don’t have a firm timeline as to when you are likely to receive your payment.

    • Joanne Hallmark says:

      Will i recieve a release form and is it differant than the award letter

      ADMIN – Hi Joanne,

      I would reach out to the administrator to check

  39. Joanne Hallmark says:

    I recieved a letter last week saying i will recieve 4800 was wanting to when will i recieve it

  40. Andrea marlowe says:

    I received a letter stating I was getting 5986 from Texas Roadhouse lawsuit when will I get the money

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    I believe you need to return your letter agreeing to the amount.

  41. Leane says:

    Has anyone received their release letters yet? They say everyone who is eligible and have received their awarded amounts will get one of these letters. They also say there will be a deadline to return and if you don’t make the deadline you don’t get your money….

    ADMIN – Hi Leane,

    Many people have reported receiving their letter.

    • Leane says:

      I see some people reporting they received a letter reporting their awarded amounts but not a letter of release to return to them???

      ADMIN – Hi Leane,

      Have you talked to the class action administrator?

  42. Jacqueline Garza says:

    I received the est. award letter. But haven’t received the letter to accept that they said was coming next. Is there other people still waiting as well?

    ADMIN – Hi Jaqueline,

    I believe there are other people still waiting.

    • Leane says:

      I spoke to an Agent and she explained that the release letters will be sent out shortly after the first of the year. Watch for them as there will be a deadline to return the signed release before your check will be issued!!!

  43. Kim says:

    On another site. They are being told it that we won’t receive any checks until April of 2019. So ridiculous when the final hearing was 3 months ago.

  44. Valerie Tillery says:

    when will they be sending out checks

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    It is my understanding that the checks will be mailed in the next few months

  45. John Allison says:

    My name is John Allison I filed a claim and would like an update please
    My email address is :
    My phone number is : 702-806-5243

    ADMIN – hi John,

    We are unable to provide updates. For updates please reach out to the class action administrator.

  46. Lisa bedwell says:

    If they sorted out who is included or not by 7.2018…..then why dont we have our MOney..

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    That is because settlements have far more complexities than you could ever imagine

  47. julie flatinger says:

    received my award letter but not my release letter… sure would be nice to have the interest they are making off us too

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    With the current interest rates you would not get a whole bunch anyways.

  48. Jacqueline Reumund says:

    From what I saw from others, I sure hope that it’s all going to be paid out evenly. We all got rejected the same, we should get the same. Proof of that would be great.

    ADMIN – Hi Jacqueline,

    The distribution and amounts are set by the judge. The payments may not be equal but fairness was taken into account.

  49. KATHY A says:


    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    My guess is early 2019

  50. Jacqueline Reumund says:

    I want to make sure that everything will be dispersed equally. I have seen people saying that they are getting 2-3 times more than others. We were all discriminated equally. The EEOC has not returned any of my phone calls. Please have someone give us an update.

    ADMIN – Hi Jaqueline,

    I believe the judge decided on how to distribute the monies in the way that he saw it fit based on many other factors.

  51. Vanessa F says:

    I received a letter saying my amount would get slightly over $3100, which seems a lot less than the ones in seeing above. I thought the payments would be provided equally. Everyone getting the same amount. Are there any additional discriminations still going on?

    ADMIN – Hi Vanessa,

    The amounts were not equal, they were proportional. As for other discriminations we are unable to confirm as we have never applied for a job with the defendant.

  52. Donna says:

    I was anxious to know when we would be getting checks as well. I’m not sure why people are complaining about there amounts. If it wasn’t for the first (unknown) person to come forward none of us would be getting anything.

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    I don’t think the checks will arrive on time for Christmas. You can always reach out to the admin.

  53. Wendy Frederick says:

    I received my award letter but nothing stating I had to sign agreements to the amount I was awarded. Nor have I received a waiver.

    And in previous paper work it stated that amount would be determined in October and money awarded by the end of the year.
    Im confused,

    ADMIN – Hi Wendy

    Check with the class action administrator.

    • Bridget says:

      I was originally told the same, that checks would go out in the 11th or 12th month of this year. The last emai I got said the next batch of letters go out early 2019. Hopefully it’s the release.

  54. Jean Witmer says:

    You people are complaining about your amounts. I am getting $547.00 not even close to your amounts. I heard not until April 2019 for checks.

  55. Henry Tice says:

    hi my name is Henry Tice i live at 8 conner drive englwood tnn 37329 is my new address not 119 16th st etowah tn 37331 my phone# is1 423 381 9479 so can call me when you to seed that waver letter i have not got yet thank you for your help Henry Tice

    ADMIN – Hi Henry,

    To submit a change of address you need to reach out to the class action administrators.

  56. Sally Jo Senzel says:

    I received my letter stating how much I should be getting with this classic law suit, that was about 2 months ago. It stated I should be getting another letter to sign and return of the amount I will be getting. Just wondering how long it is going to take for myself to receive that letter.

    ADMIN – Hi Sally,

    Reach out to the class action administrator to obtain an update.

  57. Sally Senzel says:

    I can’t believe people are really getting out of hand about when they are getting there money. I received my letter and getting over 6 grand, but I feel when it comes it comes. No where on my letter stated at the end of the year, just enjoy your everyday tasks and when it comes it comes

  58. Marie Green says:

    I also received my amount I would get but haven’t received any thing else still waiting to see what happens next I am reading here it could be April 2019 seem along time sense it looks like this started in 2017 but I guess it a waiting game

  59. Judy lofthus says:

    Have not yet received payment . Was told in December . Now I try calling and line is busy busy busy . Any word ?

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    Try reaching out to class counsel.

  60. Judy F says:

    The ADMIN keeps saying to reach out to the ADMIN.. but the phone number 855-556-1129 keep ringing and then disconnects.. or says they are not answering phones at this time.

    Is there an email for the ADMIN or the Class Counsel ???

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    In looking at the official settlement page it looks like the class action administrator is KCC. Their main contact information is as follows:

  61. LoriMarmee says:

    There’s a government shutdown folks. No phones are being answered as far as I understand. just have to wait..

  62. Michele says:

    I just pray that the check will arrive soon. This has been going on and promised for a few years. Could really use it right now.

  63. Ms Teri Lee says:

    Attention: The posting of every individual on this site…

    True on the government shut down, True on the posted phone number to call for any information obtaining the law suit against Texas Roadhouse…. the phone is not in service and has not been way before the government shut down.

    People slow down and think…
    Patience is a virtue…
    Also be Thankful for any amount you may receive from this law suit… The amount that people are posting should be confidential among your personal self.

    Please Note: There are various scenario why people are receiving different amounts from other people in this law suit action. If you read the letter sent out in October 2018. It states that the amount may fluctuate until the final decision has been made. The amounts that are being award to each individual is most likely depends on what state you live in, how many times you applied for a front of house position, how far back on a time line when applied, how many claims are received, if the claim has been approved or denied, and the big whammy on the amount received comes on where you fall in the law suit…

    Note: This is my personal opinion and I approve this messages.

    Re: Teri Lee

  64. Dianne Capps says:

    It is my understanding that releases will be sent out in late January or early February UNLESS the government shutdown continues bc there is literally NOBODY working on this department. Payments should be made around April 2019 that may or may not be the amount started in your October 2018 letters depending on the final approval of the payouts. Also many are wondering why the amounts are so different…it depended on how long you remained unemployed as well as how many times you were denied employment and also whether or not you were interviewed and then denied. All of this information was obtained by the EEOC VIA PHONE CALLS. God bless!

  65. valerie A nuti says:

    Hey thanks for all your help guys…Im 55 now working two jobs lol no thanks to texas roadhouse lol thank goodness I didnt depend on that job or this lawsuit settlement but info helpful big thumbs up

  66. Jacqueline Garza says:

    There’s been no update posted in a while. What’s happening? I havent received my release letter. Has anybody else?

    ADMIN – Hi Jaqueline,

    I would contact the class action administrator.

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