Class Eligibility

This settlement includes anyone in the United States who purchased Tincup Whiskey from July 1, 2013 through Sept. 16, 2015.

Estimated Amount

Up to $27

  • $4.50 per bottle of Tincup Whiskey with proof of purchase for up to six bottles
  • $2.25 per bottle of Tincup Whiskey without proof of purchase for up to six bottles
  • $0.75 per each class of whiskey purchased at a restaurant or bar for up to five glasses.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Aliano et al. v. Proximo Spirts, Inc,
Case No. 2014-CH-17429
Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois.

Case Summary

The settlement is aimed at resolving allegations regarding false and deceptive advertising in which the defendant’s whiskey was marketed as made in Colorado when in fact it was made in Indiana .

Proximo Spirits does not admit to any wrongdoing but has agreed to this class action settlement to avoid the cost and risk of going to trial

Settlement Pool





Tincup Whiskey Settlement
c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614
(877) 864-0646

12 responses to “Tincup Whiskey Deceptive Marketing Class Action Settlement”

  1. David B Nygren says:

    I purchased about a dozen bottles in November 2013 for a party.

  2. Corey Byrd says:

    I purchased 8 bottles for new years 2013

  3. Karen Probst says:

    I purchased 2 bottles for my home bar.

  4. Terry says:

    Filled out the online claim form and submitted it. I did not receive back an acknowledgement or claim number after submission and nothing was sent to my email address. Was my claim successfully submitted?

    ADMIN – Hi Terry,

    To check if your claim was successful please contact the class action administrator using the information we provided on this page.

  5. Melissa Ortiz says:

    I bought this stuff for new years really disappointed.

  6. Charles Settles says:

    I purchased 12 bottles….

  7. Ella says:

    I’m a true fan of whiskey and recently purchased two bottles in the past two months.


    I purchased four bottles for my birthday party.

  9. Craven says:

    I only bought this because I thought it was made in Colorado. Now I’ve found out I was deceived & it was made in Indiana I feel unwell. Nobody in Indiana knows how to make whiskey.

  10. Debra taylor says:

    I purchased in december of 2013. 12bottles for a xmas_newyears party.

  11. Jack hermiz says:

    Hello This whiskey is alcohol . Thank you. Cheers ??????????????

  12. Ron says:

    Received a check for $13.50.

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