Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member of the Tom’s of Maine class action settlement if purchased at least one of the Tom’s of Maine products covered in this lawsuit between March 25, 2009 and Sept. 23, 2015.

Covered Products in this Tom’s of Maine class action settlement include:

  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Body Lotion
  • Hand Cream
  • Mouthwash
  • Other personal care products

Note that the products involved in this settlement must have been advertised or labeled as as “natural,” or, in the case of deodorant/antiperspirant, is labeled, advertised or promoted as “naturally dry”.

Estimated Amount

Up to $28

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Allison Gay, et al. v. Tom’s of Maine, Inc,
Case No. 0:14-cv-60604-KMM
United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Case Summary

The settlement’s goal is to resolve allegations of misrepresentation and false advertising in which the manufacturer claimed the products were all natural

Tom’s of Maine does not admit to any wrongdoing but has agreed to this class action settlement to avoid the cost and risk of going to trial

Settlement Pool





Tom’s of Maine Settlement
c/o Dahl Administration
P.O. Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

97 responses to “Tom’s of Maine False Advertising Class Action Settlement”

  1. Yvonne fiedler says:

    I sure did purchase a lot of shampoos/conditioners, lotions. Toothpaste and deodorants

    • William Aylward says:

      I have bought Toms of Maine products with the understanding that they were natural. I paid a premium for these products and I am disappointed by this news. I was a loyal customer and will continue to be,

      • Jim says:

        So you got cheated by a company that lied to you about their products. To punish them for doing so, you’ve decided to stay as their loyal customer.

        And we wonder why corporations have no qualms about deceiving consumers and taking unconscionable liberties with the promises they make. Sheep deserve to be herded.

  2. Amanda Ali says:

    Purchased the products within this brand

  3. Linda says:

    I can’t believe this, I’ve purchased this branch because they claimed not to have chemical products. This is ridiculous.

  4. Kelsey eisele says:

    I have bought the deodorant.

  5. Kelsey says:

    I have bought the deodorant. Multiple times.

  6. Kelsey says:

    I have boight the products in the dates listed above.

  7. Danielle O'Brien says:

    I had been purchasing and using Tom’s deodorant and toothpaste for at least two years until I realized the “all natural” statement about the products was not reliable.

  8. Carrie Randall says:

    I bought all the Products.

  9. stanley ring says:

    bought tooth paste

  10. Mona hall says:

    I have purchased shampoo conditioner and toothpaste alot.

  11. Mona hall says:

    I have purchased alot of the Tom’s shampoo conditioner and lotion and toothpaste

  12. Michelle Riley says:

    I have been purchasing this product for years can’t believe this.

  13. Noele Malone says:

    I have purchased all products

  14. rodney hill says:

    I have in the past used this product alot

  15. Khanh says:

    still purchasing this product as we speak.. omg – cant believe this!

  16. normand doyon says:

    I have used allot of product over several years toothpaste, soap, mouth wash,deodorant, etc.

    Have purchased from this company for 10 or 12 years

  17. shannon Williams says:

    I purchasd the Toothpaste.

  18. Lori says:

    i have used this product for years

  19. Melissa Ortiz says:

    I have bought lots of these products very disappointed with company.

  20. Theresa Rizzardi says:

    I have purchased the toothpaste and deoderant alot. It’s not supposed to have chemicals. So disheartening

  21. wendy P says:

    So sad to learn the “trusted products” I have so frequently purchased have a tainted reputation and misleading claims. Banishing my toothpaste, deodorant, hand and body creams…and OMG — my lip balms…my many, many lip balms that are in every purse, on every desk and nightstand!

  22. ERNEST says:


  23. henry haynes says:

    disappointed customer

  24. henry haynes says:

    I have used these products for the last time

  25. kimberly angst says:

    purchased toothpaste products from company.

  26. Cheryl Wosa says:

    Wow! So much toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner went through our household .. I can’t believe we were deceived like that for the prices paid and then to find out I was lied to. You should be ashamed of yourself Toms!!

  27. Ruby Williams says:

    My family has used Tom’s products for years. My email address is (email removed) Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Ruby,

    Placing a request in the comments will not qualify you for the settlement. Please file a claim.

  28. Ruby Williams says:

    My family has used Tom’s products for years.

  29. Marlene Crum says:

    I bought the hand cream and body lotion

  30. Danny Deneen says:

    I used ToM Lip Balm and Sun Screen religiously ~ …. I feel as forked over as a VW Diesel engine owner.

  31. Amber says:

    I have used its product for last year!

  32. Tasha says:

    My husband has sensitive skin and always purchases Tom’s products because they are supposed to be all natural. He had a few sticks of deo that broke him out…and this is why.

  33. Anneta says:

    I purchase Tom’s products for my grandson, he is autistic. This definitely explains why he had issues with these products breaking out his skin.

  34. Rick in Michigan says:

    I buy nothing but Tom’s deodorant and have done so for many years now. I am amazed to learn that it was a scam. VERY sad — Tom’s should be ashamed!

  35. JAMES IN CT SAYS says:


  36. Gwendolyn House says:

    I have purchased these items in the past.

  37. zandra says:

    I bought several products but not any more.

  38. Patricia Adams says:

    I buy many products such as deodorant and tooth paste

  39. Terri Carr says:

    I only buy Toms deodorant..sad

  40. Rachael Goldstein says:

    I have purchases all they products I love these products I love because thought they safe and good to use. 🙁

  41. Tiffany Johnson Renier says:

    Purchased many products

  42. Amy from CA says:

    I think everyone who says they purchased products and ask for payment in these comments NOT deserve payment but deserve to be sued for annoyance and idiocy. THE CLAIM FORM IS HIGHLIGHTED PEOPLE. Take ONE WHOLE MIN and read the dang info before asking for free money. I give props to those who work on this website and have to screen these ridiculous replies. God Bless you people and give you patience!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    Patience is the name of the game.

  43. Mohammad Rahman says:

    Purchased many products including toothpaste, deodorant and sun screen.

  44. edye says:

    Purchase several Toms products.

  45. sharon kingsley says:

    Who can the consumer really trust? I have been buying Tom’s products because they were suppose to be all natural, well, not anymore!

  46. Charlotte Elder says:

    I purchased deo and toothpaste for myself and my children believing I was making a safer choice for us. Apparently I was misinformed and lied to.

  47. Caroline Walker says:

    I bought 4 deodorants

  48. Elaine Fabiaschi says:

    I have been buying the toothpaste as a healthy alternative to the major brands? Was I wrong then?

    ADMIN – Hi Elaine,

    The class action does not question if Tom’s presents risks to your health. The focus is on disclosure regarding the use of synthetic ingredients.

  49. Joe says:

    We used deodorant for almost 3 years , heard it was not all natural like stated and switched .

  50. Ella says:

    I have been buying the deodorants for a few years.

  51. Lorraine says:

    I have purchased Tom’s deodorants and toothpaste for years thinking I was making a better choice. This is rather disappointing.

  52. Lorraine says:

    I have been purchasing Tom’s toothpaste and deodorant for years. This is rather disappointing!


    I purchased the ,”Tom’s Of Maine”, deodorant the ,”Mountain Spring”, formula. It was packaged as , “natural”. This was a major disappointment , because I’m very sensitive to most of the active ingredients in other deodorants.

  54. Shaun says:

    I’ve been buying Toms of Maine products for my whole family for years. I also have been buying these products for my vegan brother. To hear that the products are not really natural makes me really disappointed.

  55. Marcia says:

    I don’t understand this form. Don’t need receipts, which I didn’t keep, but wants number of products and locations? What do they mean by location? City state? If so I have multiple.
    Due to a severe allergy Toms of Maine has the been the ONLY dental products I have bought in the last 20 years. And in the last 5 started using their deodorant and antiperspirant and soaps as well.
    I am absolutely sure I am eligible for this claim, but I have no idea the exact number I bought of what, where and when. anyone know how I should proceed? I take “this info is true” stuff very seriously.

    I’m very disappointed to hear the news of TOM not using natural ingredients. Or at least not

    previously defining what they mean by natural. (New labels are more specific now.) “natural” was Definitely part of their allure.
    I will continue to keep using their products for the time being, because short of making my own, which I don’t have time for, I have no other options I am aware of.

    ADMIN – Hi Marcia

    Location means the store and city where you purchased your stuff.

  56. Foxx says:

    I bought this for my young daughter,when it be as time for her to start wearing deodorant. Now I find out its not as” friendly” as I thought..totally disappointed

  57. Henry L. Bennett says:

    I purchase my Tom’s deodorant from Wal Mart in McComb, MS. I also purchased this product from Whole Foods Market in Baton Rouge, LA.

  58. colleen says:

    I am outraged. I have bought Toms of Maine with the understanding that I was paying a higher price for higher quality. What a scam.

  59. Ryan Rodney says:

    Deodorant and Toothpaste, CVS, Atlanta

  60. Chris says:

    I used a lot of their deodorants, only the Apricot one worked and the rest of them made me stink. Their toothpaste tasted like chalk, blech.

  61. John Lenci says:

    Over the last several years (5 or more), I have always used Tom’s of Maine deodorant because it says it was “natural.” Yes, it was expensive and I will continue to purchase this product IF it is natural!

  62. Ning Gao says:

    I was told by friend that TOM of Main is a very great brand in either toothpaste or deoderant. I bought both many many times in the past 3 years and it has been my favorite brand in deoderant. The toothpaste is somewhat weird to me because it looks diluted and has interesting texture. I thought it is how it suppose to be.


  63. Jenn Gregory says:

    I purchased 4 Tom of Maine toothpastes and 4 deodorants from CVS.

  64. Sabrina says:

    can’t believe it, I am Tom’s frequent buyer, what else we can trust?

  65. Gopal says:

    I purchased these products quite a bit

  66. Chris Wunsch says:

    “All Natural” is the biggest scam…Large corporations use this term to label their GMO containing foods, as well as other chemical they add to the mix…we need serious reform in Washington….Get rid of Special interests and lobbyists.. This is almost as sad as the notion that Cholesterol causes heart disease…Checkbook science, all for the almighty $$$…

  67. Chris says:

    I used their deoderant labeled as 24 hour protection -stunk like a bejesus after 5 hours without even sweating. It burned my underarms and peeled the skin. Horrible stuff

  68. janice litchfield says:

    disappointed at not being “all natural”

  69. Raj says:

    Not working as labelled..


    that’s is all I have been using WHAT not natural

  71. Molly Grimm-Leasure says:

    Toothpaste Adult and Toddler, Mouthwash and deodorant.

  72. Vicki Allen says:

    I have purchased Tom’s toothpaste several times in the last several years. In fact using some right now that I purchased last year and just found it

  73. Vance Colvig says:

    Have been using Tom’s toothpaste for well over 15 years. Time to find an alternative. Tom’s gets no more of my money. I put this in the same catagory with my recently purchased Volkswagon diesel Passat. Out and out fraud!

  74. xin xi says:

    I have purchased toms adult and kids toothpaste

  75. Donna Weiss says:

    I purchased toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash

  76. Sulema says:

    Purchased deodorant and toothpaste.

  77. Sandi O says:

    This is very upsetting- I’ve bought Tom’s toothpaste for the paste 10 years religiously. Too bad – won’t be a customer any longer.

  78. Hern says:

    I used to think Toms was great but most of them have fluoride in them and it’s hard for some people to tell which are which. I’ve bought lots of toothpaste over the years though, sometimes accidentally getting stuck with the kind I didn’t want.

  79. Barbara R says:

    Well, after all these years of believing, I guess I will go back to baking soda.

  80. Lawrence Cohen Jr. says:

    I purchased Tom’s Tooth Paste, Tom’s Deodorant, surprised to know problems exist.

  81. Mary Stoker says:

    I purchased some toothpaste and some lotion and it made me broke out and I want my money back please spend about $ 40.00

  82. Nova Rupertus says:

    Purchased many Toms products

  83. Donna Melton says:

    Had itch and rash so bought Tom’s “natural” deodarant to help. Now, I understand why it didn’t.

  84. Patricia Stephens says:

    I have bought Tom’s soaps and toothpaste for the past year because it claimed to be natural. Will no longer buy their products.

  85. Julia McMonigal says:

    I have purchased deodorant and toothpaste in hopes of making a more natural, healthy, and cruelty-free choice. I have indeed done further research to find unfavorable ingredients.

  86. Latanya Lavan says:

    Yes I bought this many times and have it at home

  87. Barbara Streckenbach says:

    I have bought Toms of Maine for years…..toothpastes/lotions/lip balms/deoderant…how sad about their product

  88. Sara Kamenski says:

    I have used a few Tom’s products through out the years and I believe the falsely advertise how “natural” they are. Very disappointed.

  89. Sylvia McElroy says:

    What a scam, have bought Tom’s for years believing it a better product.

  90. Rosalie Forth says:

    Brought the product thinking it was all natrual and to my surprise had an allergic reaction to the deodorant and had to go to the doctor, I have toothpaste, bath soap and deodorant at home. Not very happy.what a scam.

  91. Donna Bareford says:

    I have been buying Tom’s deodorant and tooth paste for years, because the label convinced me it was Free of Aluminum, Fluoride, & SLS.

  92. L.Virginia Reel says:

    I have been using Tom’s Deodorant for YEARS, Thinking It was safe. Label says NO Aluminum.
    I am looking at it right now…also says natural.

    ADMIN – Hi L,

    It sounds like you are a member of the class.

  93. Larisa Blank says:

    I have been buying Tom’s toothpaste for me and my husband for so many years from Whole Food store, that label shows “Free from Fluoride”. Fluoride is danger for thyroid.
    What should I do now?

    ADMIN – HI Larisa,

    If you believe a product is hazardous to your health the first step is to stop using the product. This settlement has nothing to do with fluoride content but given the fact that you are a Tom’s products user you still qualify. I encourage you to file by clicking on the link and completing an online claim form.

  94. Susan Wright says:

    I have been using the toothpaste and dental floss. Now I am fighting an infection in my mouth. This makes it so unfair of what I thought I was buying

  95. Charles in Michigan says:

    Hmm For years I purchased these products because they were being advertised as natural. I was purchasing the deodorant since the 1990s. There was a time before Colgate-Palmolive bought them out in 2006 that the deodorant was made with natural lichen. Like most companies that buy out smaller ones they adulterate the product. I also paid a higher price for them expecting a better product, however, will NOT be purchasing them again. I notice they still sell them at the higher price. This is outright consumer fraud. You cannot advertise or imply something as being natural and non-toxic only to be lying about it. Colgate-Palmolive should go down for a lot more than $4 million. Is it too late to get in on this settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    Yes, the deadline for this settlement was a very long time ago. You no longer have recourse.

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