Class Eligibility

Purchasers of unlimited data cell phone plans under the brands Straight Talk, Net10, Simple Mobile or Telcel America between the dates of July 24, 2009 and December 31, 2014 who had their data usage “throttled” (slowed), “suspended” (cut off), or had all of your services terminated by TracFone prior to the expiration of your service plan.

Estimated Amount

Proof of Purchase
Cell Number
Case Name
Hansell v. TracFone Wireless, Inc. et al., Gandhi v. TracFone Wireless, Inc,Blaqmoor v. TracFone Wireless, Inc, Browning v. TracFone Wireless, Inc., et al, Case Numbers. 13-cv-03440, 13-cv-05296, 13-cv-05295 and 14-cv-01347 District Court for the Northern District of California
Case Summary
According to the class action TracFone falsely advertised its wireless mobile phone plans as providing “unlimited” data while actually maintaining monthly data usage limits that were not disclosed to customers. It also alleged that TracFone regularly throttled, suspended, and in certain cases terminated customers’ data plans pursuant to the secret limits.
Settlement Pool
Prepaid Phone Refund Settlement Administrator PO Box 2011 Chanhassen, MN 55317-2011 (855) 312-3327

89 responses to “TracFone Prepaid Cell Phone Class Action Settlement”

  1. Robert Pruitt says:

    i had a straight talk phone from 2009 till 2014



  3. Allen Payne says:

    My phone has already reached it’s limit of 3 g they slowed down my phone and I only been 15 days on my 30 day plan already you can’t use you tube or even see pictures on face book or get on the web straight talk needs to be sued over this

  4. amy howell says:

    I’ve had nothing but trouble since I’ve had straighttalk! Unlimited data should be just that instead its saying I’ve already used my data!

  5. Lauren Ween says:

    I too had a straight talk device three times between 2009 and 2013. I never lasted longer then a month on the plan due to the service I received. Not only was the signal horrible in a main city, but the data was incredible slow and at one point completely useless. I contacted straight talk via telephone and they told me I’d have to wait until next month for the data speeds to increase again if I decided to stay with them as a provider.

  6. Ian says:

    you can also address problems with BBB.

  7. michele says:

    I have had straight talk for years now and I have had a large variety of problems with them. from being slow to not working at all. the customer service sucks, and I have even got hung up on. I have had calls not come in and texts take hours to go through, and because of that it had caused my boyfriend and I to get into a fight cause he thought I was ignoring him. I also have had a problem with my internet working the last week or two. I pay 45 dollars a month to have unlimited service. I feel ripped off.

  8. Ann Marie Dooling says:

    I have trac phone from family dollar

  9. Crystal ZIMMERMAN says:

    It takes.forever texts to go thru,also internet is so slow,cant use half the time. But they make sure they account every month so they get paid,but they dont care that internet sucks,or texts don’t go thru,they get paid no matter what!!$$$

  10. A kibler says:

    Nothing but trouble

  11. Bobby Jo Bush says:

    Hi previously had straight talk and changed service because I had the worse service ever. Got tired of dropping every call I got.

  12. Sofia Farias says:

    My internet became slow towards the mid to end of paid month.

  13. Annie Allen says:

    I have had straight talk for 3 + years and counting. Had one instance where i got charged twice on my account and was told there was nothing that they could do for me.

  14. Mary Enderica says:

    I have Tracefone and have had service stopped. I need my Tracfone to contact my doctors.

  15. janice carter says:

    I’ve experienced slug time. They don’t tell you this when they tell you you’re going to have unlimited data.

  16. tammy thompson says:

    I have bought so many phones from straight talk. none of them has worked like they were suppose to. my phone I have will not send pics, text can take up to 1-2 days to send but sometimes even fails to send after that long. I can not access web most of the time. and when I do get on web, it goes to a blank white page. it says my memory if full when I try to send pics when there is not much on my phone at all. haven’t even used half of my memory. I cant even make phone calls, it cuts me off everytime even when I have full bars. I feel like the almost $50 a month is a big rip off. only phone I have at home with a sick mother and 4 kids, one with special needs, and I cant use my phone. in the past I have had trouble adding minutes plan. it would say added but when I go to use phone it would say my plan had expired. have to call customer service and talk to someone you can barely understand, get cut off a lot, and have to be on the phone forever before the issue is solved. my phone is very slow, doesn’t do what it is suppose to do, so they are just getting money from me every month for service I can barely use. I am going to check on some other type of affordable service that I can actually use

  17. Meghann Stubbs says:

    Had a straight talk phone and the Internet always was done or so slow it never worked…mine was straight talk

  18. Bill says:

    Even my phone was slow. When someone called me, they sounded faint and seemed to be talking in slow motion like “hooooooow aaaare youuuuuuuuuuuu”.

  19. Trent Harris says:

    man straight talk was straight bull my phone will not connect to internet and when it did it buffed all the time they advertised $50 plan unlimited but after a while I ran out of minutes straight talk was just that straight talk

  20. shana says:

    I had i for about 8 months and was NEVER able to use my data I only could when I was connected to wifi I went through tech support several times and they couldn’t determine why

  21. Tom W says:

    Oh yeah, I’ve had Straight Talk since close to their release. Always had throttled speeds and mobile network disabled.

  22. daniel b says:

    i do not remember my number so how can i prove i have sight talk back in 2012 2013

    Hi Daniel,
    Without a phone number we are afraid you are most likely out of luck. Why don’t you call the Class Action Administrator to see if they have an alternate means of locating the number associated with your account.

  23. sue dieringer says:

    The only cell phones I have ever owned, first TracFone, before Straight Talk was available before 2009, and then Straight Talk, and I am on my second Straight talk phone. The first one just died one day. I am not sure if my current number is the only number I have had, I am pretty sure my current number is… not the original number I had with Straight Talk. I tried to ask people if they had a different number for me listed, but everyone came up with my current number. How would I find out my first straight talk number more than 2 years ago, or is that on record with my name?

    Do I fill out a claim form? When can I expect to hear if I am accepted in this settlement, or do I have to pursue this myself and follow-up on my claim, etc.
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Sue,
    Go ahead and fill out a form with your present number. Also check on old documents or applications you might have on file for your old number. Another way to find out is by asking friends to see if they still have your old number recorded somewhere.

    • sue dieringer says:

      It seems that everyone I’ve tried only has my current number. I will continue to look for some record of my first number.
      Thanks for your help.
      Sue Dieringer

  24. Gretchen J says:

    I bought one last spring (2014) and can’t find the receipt bought it from Walmmart. Soon thereafter it stopped working and I just have not taken it back since. I do not know why it stopped working.

    Will take it back to Walmart to see what they say.

  25. Deborah Fink says:

    I did receive a slow down from usage and Wifi problems with dropped calls or no service.

  26. Monica Abenilla says:

    They cancelled my trac phone before the expiration of my plan. Crappy company

  27. becky says:

    I have purchased straight talk

  28. Antoinette says:

    I purchased straight talk, I have not received internet in a year or more.

  29. Jacqueline Blais says:

    this has happened to me a lot recently to be more specific. were do i go to file a claim on this?

    Hi Jacqueline
    Scroll up and use the link that points you to the claim form.

  30. mrs.burnett says:


    ADMIN-Hi Mrs. Burnett,
    The page appears to be working. Please try again.

  31. teresa hall says:

    Ive had straight talk sence 7/2014to 2015

  32. Bar'bara Bethea says:

    Life happens, like so many others I’ve had the service for so long changed numbers and questioned why my service slowed down. I know I’ve had the service since 2011 but I never thought I would have to keep up with all the different numbers I’ve had with this company.

  33. Judy Farris says:

    I have straight talk. The phone service is fair but a lot of drop calls. My internet is a joke. If you try to use it freezes or just do not pick up. My husband and I have had approx 1 1/2 years.

  34. Jodi Pete says:

    Have Net10 and services goes out Quite often. Was on very important call was lost! Very disappointed and angry.

  35. Janette Morris says:

    I use this plan and I don’t like it I am looking to change

  36. jamie b says:

    Every time I click the website it says unavailable. For a month now its been saying that??

    ADMIN-Hi Jamie,
    It is working on my side.

  37. Angela smith says:

    drop calls a lot

  38. Kittie Colon says:

    My daughter had a Trac Phone and it did not work.

  39. Michelle Silcox says:

    I bought my niece a phone and it slowed down horribly slow way before it was suppose to.

  40. Mavis Chappell says:

    I purchased a Tracfone for my daughter which started to give us problems. At first they didn’t want to send a new now, but finally did after I insisted. The new phone doesn’t work much better.

  41. Barbara Good says:

    I had one and could never get it to load any thing from the internet. Called and complained and said it was nothing they could do.

  42. Angela Dean says:

    I also had one it didn’t work at all. could never get it to load. I’m very upset that they recives my money but did’t give good service.

  43. Lorraine Easterling says:

    Mine was just acting like a slug from the start.Just waiting for downloads was frustrating and when an app. would appear I’d be looking at it and it would doink out. Not pleased…

  44. martha moore says:

    purchased trac phone in april.still not working right. when downloads finish,they go blank

  45. Laurel Yost says:

    The tracfone I have is very slow, and will open the web when it feels like it. Very often text messages are undeliverable. I have to try 2 & 3 times to get them to send.

  46. norma hogan says:

    I have had a straight talk phone since 2011 and slow and a lot of dropped calls. …

  47. Velda hawkins says:

    Purchased phone last spring had poor reception and had trouble using my bonus points

  48. amanda leatherwood says:

    i’ve purchase trac phone from family dollar for nine of my nieces and nephews for their first cell phone. Some of them say they got bad reception and some said incoming texting was bad. Also some said it drop calls alot.

  49. amanda leatherwood says:

    i need cash back for poor trac phone

  50. Lakieter Barnes says:

    I purchased two trac phones for my kids as a christmas gift and they had very poor service

  51. Detrice Williams says:

    I had a trac phone and the actual service was terrible. I was unable to hear anything no matter where I went. I was told I would receive a 3.00 credit on each bill if I let them automatically take the funds off of my debit card. For some reason I never saw the 3.00 credit. The data slows down when you actually know you have not used your data.

  52. Liz Lyons says:

    I have had nothing but poor teception + terrible, non english speaking representatives from day one.

  53. Constance Redo says:

    I had a trac phone for over three years. the service was terrible the sound was terrible as well as the connection.
    The whole track phone deal sucked.

  54. Kyle Tyson says:

    Horrible service

  55. Darlene Dulude says:

    I have had & continue to use & pay for Tracfones. I currently have a family plan with three phones & am pleased with the service & low cost.

  56. Darlene Dulude says:

    Have had several tracfones throughout the years. ( past ten ) I am currently paying for three phones with a family plan & am very pleased with this.

  57. s.b says:

    I lo ve straight talk Mt race one no surprising bills. everything is fine but certain occasions the instructions are horrible still trying to save my number guess I’ll stay with at n t

  58. Freddie Sanders says:


    I’ve had several of the services since 2009 but can’t recall any of the phone #’s. Is there a way you may be able to provide the phone #’s to me?

    Awaiting your reply,
    Thank you,

    Freddie Sanders

    ADMIN-Hi Freddie,

    We cannot provide you information. Contact the class action administrator to see if they know of a way for you to get prior numbers.

    • daryl leckt says:

      Freddie if your using a StraightTalk / Trakfone you might find your unable to do anything online from the Refund Admin. site.

  59. Tracy Huffman says:

    I had two trac phones, ended up tossing both of them and getting a different brand.

  60. Carol Allen says:

    Bought 3 for me and my 2 sons they were now with a major provider.

  61. daryl leckt says:

    TrakFone sent me a text informing me of lawsuit. Following provided link to Refund Admin Webpage I was presented with an option to have claim form mailed via USPS or click link to fill out form online. Was I surprised that (my LG L38C that came bundled with StraightTalk Unlimited $45 Prepaid

  62. daryl leckt says:

    Service Plan) displayed an Unsecured Error Messege that would not allow me complete the form? Not at all. My currently throttled Service doesn’t seem Unlimited to me. Am I surprised that under settings my LG L38C says I haven’t used 1 G of total data? Not at all.The service doesn’t seem unlimited to me

  63. monique milton says:

    i had straight talk for 3 years 404-621-XXXX until jan 2015

  64. Allen Payne says:

    Today is 6/23/2015 and you still can file a claim I thought it ended on 6/19/2015. ?

  65. says:

    Just called because the 23rd was suppose to be the day the courts held the fairness trial and they told me it’s gonna be a couple more months something fishy is definitely going down.There more than likely not going to approve from the looks of it.smh

  66. MaxTape says:

    Just called because the 23rd was suppose to be the day the courts held the fairness trial and they told me it’s gonna be a couple more months something fishy is definitely going down.There more than likely not going to approve from the looks of it.smh

  67. Paige says:

    Can I still file a claim? I noticed my straight talk was cutting the Internet off but had no clue there was a class action on it. Can I still do so? The file claim is saying its down.

    ADMIN – Hi Paige,

    You cannot file a claim past deadline. We are really sorry.

  68. Stephanie sweet says:

    I had straight talk and always got the unlimited plans. The internet was awful. Got dropped calls a lot. And my phone would freeze sometimes too.

  69. kevin Johnson says:

    I had straight talk unlimited for 2 years and data and text would go out every month about a week before service was up

  70. LaNeil Wilkins says:

    It got to a point where I knew exactly when I used too much data. It would go from playing videos and games with hardly no buffering or skips. To videos won’t load, surfing became a so bad that u didn’t wanta use the Internet till u renewed your plan.

  71. Brandi Gonzalez says:

    I have had straight talk unlimited since 2011 too now and it sucks they always slow my internet down 10 days after I put mins on my phone and its not right the only reason I haven’t changed phone services is bcuz there cheap and I didn’t have the money and when I would call them they were really rude straight talk is the worse service I have ever had

  72. Randall Raging says:

    I filed online still waiting on word. Have had straight talk since Dec. 2013 and it has got worse, my wife hashad service since sept 2012 and we both are dealing with slow speeds to the point going a whole month with slower than dial up speeds even after talking to techs. Now they selling GSM ” Sunrise ” phones that Kill switch 2 weeks after being payed for. Somethings gotta give!

  73. Georgina Torres says:

    I have had net10 service since Dec.20 2014. And had nothing but issues withe the phone dropping calls textes not comming in not being able to recieve. Calls data go out and dating slowing down at the 6days before your service goes out look it unlimited service thay never say it slows down or goes completly off on you. Unlimited means unlimited so why wojls it slow down or completly turn data off. And customer sdervices hangs up on me and completly rude to me my phone even locked on me and had people calling me and myphone turning off and on. And me not being able to dial. But it this way that phone service is all bad. And its not worth paying 45 dollars. Thank you for nothing net 10

  74. Allen Payne says:

    No settlements yet ?

  75. Tammy young says:

    I had verizon but my data went too fast so i went back to straight talk and its been a month n for some reason i cant get them to help me fix my connection so i paid $45 for my card for nothing i am online going thru my neighbors internet i even paid them fir a sim card that was bad so they sent me another sim card just to not have good connection come to find out its the tower they said the sim card thru t mobile is in my area well its not so now i need another sim card thru at&t in order to get n stay online i got my $45 plan on my phone on jan 5th n today is the 17th n got online with my data place a whole 35 mins total now i need to bowwor a phkne just to get another sim that will work in my area

  76. anthony bouchard says:

    I hadnt heard or recieved any mail about any lawsuits or refunds until now. Not fair they didnt advertise it. I’ve had straight talk since 2009

  77. Jamie russell says:

    I HAD SIMPLE MOBILE SINCE 2009 2198710 2197410 I HAD STRAIGHT TALK 39234913929477

  78. Aaron Jones says:

    I had an unlimited net10 phone for a few years from 2010 to 2012 or 2013. I was upset about the cheaper one not getting Internet (small crosses, fine print)and found out only after buying and activating the unlimited cards that should have been designated to the model types, even the box labeled Internet (Big Fraud). So I bought the more expensive model and was still disappointed by the slowness and need to activate another card/ reload soon messages. To get some kind of compensation would be nice.

    ADMIN – Hi Aaron,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed. In fact people are already receiving their checks.

  79. Tamalynn Dixon says:

    claim #62140007
    I recieved no check in march 2016.
    Why not?

    ADMIN – Hi Tamalynn,

    We don’t know. We are not the class action administrator. Their contact information is posted above.

  80. William Dixon Sr says:

    Sent me a check in June 2017 $4.27
    Where is my check that everyone else got last year
    You claim got one in march 2016
    I DID NOT!!!!
    CLAIM # 62360765
    I keep waiting.
    No one anwers # you gave
    Bill Dixon

    HOT SPRINGS, AR 71901
    I’ve been at the same address for 17 yrs.
    Will some please answer me.

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Dixon,

    I am happy to answer but please keep in mind I am not the class action administrator. Class action checks are frequently stolen in the mail so it does not surprise you never received yours. In the future I encourage you to follow us on Facebook that way you know exactly when the checks are issued and you can contact the admin of the settlement if you do not receive yours in a timely fashion.

    Sorry you are feeling frustrated.

  81. Debbra Thatcher says:

    I opened a letter by mistake that was addressed to my home and I need to find the person that was to get check. claim #3380742. Brittan Jones. Please if you can help let me know. Thank You

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Debbra. Sorry, but there’s been a misunderstanding.  Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. If you want to find the intended recipient of the check listed under your mailing address, please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.