Class Eligibility

Purchasers of Truvia Sweeteners advertised and labeled as natural From July 1, 2008 through July 24, 2014, The products include:

  • Truvia Natural Sweetener in packet
  • Spoonable jar and baking blend forms

Estimated Amount

Up to $45 cash or $90 vouchers Those claiming 10-19 products are likely to qualify for the greater amount. Please note that the settlement may be reduced or increased pro rata

Proof of Purchase

Not required for up to 50 or 20 purchases depending on the brand.

Case Name

Howerton, et al. v. Cargill Inc,
Case No. 14-cv-00218-LEK-BMK
(District Court for the District of Hawaii)

Case Summary

This settlement resolves two lawsuits alleging that Cargill Inc labeled and advertised Truvia products natural”, when they in fact contained highly processed ingredients or ingredients originating from genetically modified crops furthermore Truvia products were inaccurate or misleading and violated the consumer protection and breach of warranty laws of several states. Cargill does not admit wrongdoing but has agreed to settle to avoid the expense and uncertainty of prolongued litigation

Settlement Pool





Truvia Settlement Administrator
c/o Dahl Administration
P.O. Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

161 responses to “Truvia Sweetener Class Action Settlement”

  1. Sergio reis says:

    Unsatisfied with the lies in which have been told to me, leading me to believe that trivia was the natural alternative to other artificial sweeteners.

  2. Jessica Olszewski says:

    Dissapoiinted at Truvia’a false advertising. I was a huge fan and bought large amounts of this product for home and work.

  3. Sharon bush says:

    I have bought truvia sweetener every month for the last 3 years.

    I encourage you to file your Truvia class action settlement claim. Click on the link that points you to the claim form. If you have receipts include them, if you don’t you may still file up to the maximum indicated in the notice.

  4. Yuri Um says:

    I have bought many boxes of this product at Walmart and Target. I purchased it believing it was All Natural as stated on the box.

  5. Bethy says:

    Truvia is a substitute for pesticides. Google it!!!

  6. Tabatha Livingston says:

    I can’t believe I cooked with it for diabetics in our familys, so upset with them….

  7. John S. says:

    I have used Truvia in almost everything I drink, eat, and cook/bake with. I had no idea all these additives were in there. Definitely will do more research from now on! Thanks for having this site.

  8. kathy b says:

    I can’t believe I baked with this for my whole
    family. I too should have done more research

  9. Maddie says:

    There is barely ANY stevia in Truvia, do NOT be fooled. Go to your local all-natural hippie food shop or Whole Foods and you can get pure powdered Stevia extract. It’s so incredibly potent that one little herb-shaker-bottle will last you months.

    • Letha says:

      When family members were dumping spoonfuls of Truvia into their iced tea, I knew something was wrong! I started using stevia back in 1991 and a pinch goes loooong way!

  10. Claudette says:

    I had no idea. This was the most popular brand and I switched from Splenda to it. Recently started buying PureVia. Now I have to wonder abt this one as well.

  11. elaine johnson says:

    I use it in everything!! Cant believe they can lie like that. I have been using since it first came out on the market!!!

  12. Yvette says:

    I used Trulia for anything.. I brought it for my Mom, because she it a diabetic. Now I hear it is a substitute for pesticide.. Wow

  13. Syb Verkleir says:

    Bummer. Started using this when it first came out.

    Am confused, tho. What is the Voucher for/how does it work?

  14. ashley says:

    This is extremely disappointing. I use it all the time.

  15. Sandy Humphrey says:

    Glad I don’t buy it anymore!

  16. Diego says:

    Very disappointed, I should have done more research, I have bought several bags of this stuff

  17. Londa Tuttle says:

    I won’t buy these pesticides in disguise ever again.

  18. Ariel zeigler says:

    Have been buying truvia products for three years, tell my clients to use it as a sugar/ sugar substitute alternative…am extremely dissatisfied to find this out as I have been a advocate of their product for so long

  19. kim Johnson says:

    As a diabetic I thought this was the perfect product to use as a substitute

  20. gillian says:

    i purchesed a huge box of this!

  21. Barbara McCormick says:

    I have purchased and used this priduct

  22. AutoFill Michael shirocky says:

    I have a huge box can’t believe the disappointment

  23. Kenny Bruno says:

    It’s really sad how the FDA allows this to seep through clearly knowing what has to be in all these products, right?

  24. robert dorf says:

    ive been buying truvia from Costco for years only to find out ive been fooled

  25. Darnell Warren says:

    Purchased product regularly during this time. At least 30 time’s-

  26. Andrea says:

    Its a little irresponsible to advocate for a product when you have not read the ingredients.

    What is the voucher?

    The voucher is a coupon that will allow you to purchase more Truvia at your supermarket or local store.

  27. Hayley Serketich says:

    I bought this product in large quantities and used it to sweeten my coffee and when baking believing the product to be natural. Very upset I spent money due to the false advertisement.

  28. Linda sullivan says:

    I was led to believe this was a natural sugar substitute. I had been using it for baking and such until I realized this stuff is not a natural substitute. Yikes!!!

  29. ood Frantz says:

    I was very disappointed when I found out Truvia was not a natural sweetener product! I have been trying to find a natural sweetener for years!

  30. Gayle says:

    Bought to use in bakery in which we sell to people that can not have sugar.

    The class action addresses false advertising related to calling the product natural. It is still an artificial sweetener and many bakeries use it for people that can’t have sugar.

  31. Rosemary Hays says:

    I bought 2 large packages of Truvia thinking it was natural and better than Splenda.

  32. Michael L. Dixon says:

    I purchased some Truvia to see if it was better than splenda, it didn’t!

  33. Chris Multhauf says:

    I was disappointed to find out that Truvia is not a natural sweetener

  34. Jennifer says:

    My sister swears by this product. My only concern how do you prove you purchased it???

    You don’t need to provide evidence of purchase to file a claim. Just indicate that you in fact purchased the product and sign your claim.

  35. Eileen says:

    I bought it for a long time. I am truly disappointed.

  36. says:

    I purchased this product.


  37. says:

    I puchased this product.

  38. Valerie thomas says:


  39. Tiffany Wicker says:

    Very disappointed in this product

  40. Ann Leonard says:

    i purchased for my husband for his diabetes

  41. Tristan says:


  42. Adam Cogossi says:

    Have been using for 2 years under the assumption it was all natural

  43. Peter Cozeolino says:

    Have been using for a while under the assumption it was all natural.
    Very disappointed.

  44. Kristal Newmark says:

    thought it was supposed to be all natural

  45. mary mcmillan says:

    As a diabetic I try splender then got this product and thought I could use it as a substitute because it was all natural

  46. Betty George says:

    I was shock when I heard this. I been using this for a while and thought it was all natural smh

  47. Pat says:

    I purchases for my home and to have at my desk at work. I should have researched the product

  48. Donn says:

    i am so feed up with companies pretending / lying to me the consumer.

  49. elizadoo says:

    The ingredients list say Stevia, Erithrytol, and “Natural Flavors”. The first two ingredients i understand, but what exactly is the third ingredient?

  50. LaShonda Bufford says:

    I thought the product was going to be helpful to my use but the product seem to be a waste of money I want my money and I want it now

  51. Paula good says:

    I live on truvia because I have prediabetic diagnosis. What the H r we supposed to think when I thought this was pure!?!!??

    • Paula good says:

      I buy the 300 count boxes at Costco…every couple months…geepers!!

      Hi Paula,
      Costco will be able to provide you with proof of purchase at the customer service desk.

  52. Monica says:

    When I was during my intern my supervisor suggested I try trivia so I brought some. At first they were alright them the taste got the best of me.

  53. Judy Cook says:

    pre-diabetic diagnosis,Used for a year,sorry to know I was using a that is not All natural!

  54. Seth Chandler says:

    Used to buy in bulk for the office supplies.

  55. Ray Normandeau says:

    Wife was using four packs a day but stopped as she didn’t like taste.
    Shame on them for being mis-leading

  56. Justin Li says:

    Have been using this for a while now, I believe it was good for you but its not all natural.

  57. Jennifer says:

    I have been using Truvia every morning in my coffee for the past year. I even use it to bake with.

  58. Kim says:

    I guess you can’t take in everything they say and believe it is true!

  59. leslie french says:

    Truvia is not all natural? What a shame how totally misleading! I have purchased at least 20 times in the box

  60. Lisa Halleck says:

    I switched from sweet n low because I beleived this product was all natural and even allowed my children to use it on their cereal. Very Disheartening…

  61. Kenn Harvey says:

    I have been buying this stuff for years – I thought it was healthier than sugar. It usually takes a box (240ct.) a month for my coffee. I don’t think I’ll be buying it again after seeing this stuff.

  62. karen Rec says:

    I used this alternative to sugar for years. BEeieved that it was all natural. Sorry for using it. I,m Not useing more.

  63. Monica says:


  64. Carol says:

    I have boxes of Truvia. I didn’t know this about this product. Why the lies?

  65. alberta says:

    as a diabetic I thought this product was great, never again lies, lies. and more lies

  66. Michele Alston says:

    I’ve purchased this product because I was led to believe that it was much healthier than sugar.

  67. Sharon Fore says:

    I purchased this product, because it said it was more natural and healthier than regular sugar or other sweeteners.

  68. Jessica Franco says:

    I purchased this to try and be a bit healthier and this is what i get. wonderful

  69. Gloria brodus says:

    Product was not they said it was. Still have lots left.

  70. Barbara Rayner says:

    I am very upset about this. I have been using Truvia ever since it came out thinking that I was eating clean. Who can we trust?

  71. Christian says:

    I’m done.
    These lies…

  72. kim says:

    December 6,2014 at 10:47 pm
    I thought this was all natural and it would taste good but it taste nasty, and we do not but this anymore. We are done with the lies.

  73. Kathy says:

    I had my suspicions but did not research fully, my fault. I JUST heard about this suit, but the filing deadline has passed, too bad because I bought many of the huge boxes of Truvia from Costco thinking I was helping my body. 🙁

  74. FRANK says:


    Truvia sweetener was not marketed as a sweetener for dogs and the class action settlement does not allege health hazards. You may want to consider filing for Wagging Train instead assuming your dog in fact consumed these treats and became ill as a result of it.

  75. Nancy Baker says:

    Did not know there was an end date to the claim. Just found out there is a suit. Purchased Purevia for health reasons.

  76. Unika Banks says:

    Truvia does not have the desirable taste they claim on the commercials. Severely displeased.

  77. Celine Benet says:

    I have used truvia under the assumption that it was a natural product for quite some time. I have advertised it to others as such also and convinced several people to use it instead of sweeteners like equal and splenda. It is disappointing to see that it is not what it stated to be.

  78. Destiny goss says:

    i bought trivia in the past and currently have a case from Cosco in my kitchen had no idea it was not natural .

  79. Destiny goss says:

    Purchased many times all I used to sweeten my coffee

  80. Michelle dodd says:

    It’s sad when you are missed lead about a product that ain’t what it’s label to be I am very disappointed

  81. Melissa Gammon says:

    I’m upset with the lies that they have told, leading me to believe that trivia was the natural alternative to other artificial sweeteners. I’ve been using Truvia off and on for quite some time. I’m diabetic and I must take these matters seriously.

  82. Sharon Grace says:

    I tried using trivia for a long time, but the longer i used it, it seems as if it was getting sweeter and sweeter. i love tea, but if i had to continue to use trivia i think that i will give up tea.

  83. nancy king says:

    used for over 2 years i am a diabetic and believed it was safe

  84. Kisha Garbutt says:

    I purchased this Truvia for my elderly mother. My mother loves to make her own strawberry tea. I wanted her to use something that was healthier for her. So I started purchasing Truvia from then on. I hated for my mother to use all white sugar.

  85. LaRicca Mathews says:

    im diabetic i thought it was safe

  86. Rosemary leone says:

    OMG I’ve been using Truvia for years. This is the first I’m hearing about. I gain a lot of weight ? I’m wondering if this had anything to do with that??

  87. Orlena Williams says:

    Wow. I thought this was a SAFE alternative to EQUAL which we were being told was NOT safe!?!?!? HELLO? Dang! I am a diabetic! What am I suppose to do? I just found this website? Now what?

    Dear Orlena,
    This class action is not related to a safety issue. It has to do with the disclosures on the packaging. Feel free to contact the class action administrator to ask additional questions.

  88. Maggie Bosch says:

    I was sold on Truvia for awhile. I thought it was natural product. No more!

  89. Jerry sanchez says:

    I purchased several boxes from Wal-mart.

  90. Petra Ramirez says:

    I was always under the impression that truvia a natural product

  91. Raya Kiperman says:

    Has anyone received their checks yet?

    • vegasdrummer says:

      This is copy of email from Administrator
      Thank you for your email. There was a Final Approval Hearing on October 27th, 2014. The Judge approved the Settlement Agreement, however, no Settlement Agreement Final Approval Order has been issued yet. No claims can be paid until after the Settlement Agreement Final Approval Order has been issued and potential appeals resolved. There should be more information available in about a month’s time if you would like to check back.

      Best Regards,

      Settlement Administrator

  92. Evelyn Corbin says:

    I’ve purchased truvia packets for my coffee & big bags for baking thinking they were all natural. I didn’t much care for the taste but all yhe same thought it was better for you

  93. Jeannie conejo says:

    So much for all natural ..disappointed! !!

  94. Hannah says:

    This stuff gave me diarrhea. I will apply for the rebate.

  95. Camilla says:

    I applied back on 10/10/14, but did not realize that a comment was necessary?? I am very disappointed in the fact that we have been mislead. Due to my many food allergies and intolerance to sugar and sugar substitutes, I thought this would be a good product for me. i should have done more research!

    No comment needed but we appreciate your input.

  96. Allen Payne says:

    When will this settlement get approved for the cash pay outs

  97. michael head says:

    I was misled into believing it was all natural

  98. Brittany Anderson says:

    I purchased this product the sweetener and for cooking believing it will help keep my diabetes sugar low thinking it was all natural. I see now these companies will mislead to sell a products.

  99. tammera perez says:

    I’m very disappointed to hear of the false advertising for this product. I have been purchasING this till this day.

  100. Gerri dale says:

    It’s very upsetting to learn that the foods you buy and trust are not what they are claiming to be but it’s sad for the consumers who put their health on the line when trusting these companies. I have diabetes and trusted your product for cooking and baking it’s very upsetting that it was all just a bunch of lies to make a few bucks from the poor bastards that don’t know any better huh? You should all be very ashamed of yourselves. And be held accountable for this huge disgrace.


    Gerri dale

  101. Allen Payne says:

    It’s been 4 months and no settlement yet why ?

  102. David says:

    This a copy of an email from SA: sent to me on 3-3 2015
    Dear David,

    There was a Final Approval Hearing on October 27th, 2014. The Judge approved the Settlement Agreement, however, no Settlement Agreement Final Approval Order has been issued yet. No claims can be paid until after the Settlement Agreement Final Approval Order has been issued and potential appeals resolved. There should be more information available in about a month’s time if you would like to check back.

    Best Regards,

    Settlement Administrator

  103. Michelle Maxwell says:

    I have been using trivia forever because I am a diabetic. I didn’t even know the misrepresentation was going on but now after using truvia for years I switch to another sweetener

  104. Michelle Maxwell says:

    I have been using truvia ever since it came out which has been I don’t know how many years. I am diabetic and am always looking for a safe sugar substitute. I use to use splenda til they claimed it caused a lot of problems It’s really a shame that we can not depend on the powers that be to protect us from harmful things and the lies companies put on products for the almighty dollar

  105. Allen Payne says:

    David that was sent on3-3 15 It now 4-15 -15 most settlements are over in 60 days or less after the final approval ?

  106. tallulah davis says:

    I have been buyin it now I have stop it was a disappointing

  107. Allen Payne says:

    This claim ended 12-5-2014. And no settlements is it under appeal ?

  108. Margaret Johnson says:

    My friend just told me she got her settlement check today … $47

  109. K Hooks says:

    Got a Truvia check in the mail today for 47.27 from settlement administrator. Quite surprised.

  110. William M says:

    Today I got a check for $47.27 dated 5/1/15.

  111. M Ford says:

    Received a check today for $31.71 (Missouri)

  112. cynthia grant says:

    disappointed false advertisement not a natural product

  113. Shelby says:

    Haven’t received anything here in Riverside ca

  114. Allen Payne says:

    Haven’t received nothing in Illinois either

  115. Vincent says:

    Got a settlement check for $15.76 and the bank returned it, won’t cash the check. Bogus sweetener bogus check.

    ADMIN-Hi Vincent

    Contact the administrator they will give you a new check.

    • Tammy says:

      My check was returned too. What do I do? It overdrew my account. Thanks.

      ADMIN – Hi Tammy,
      Contact the class action administrator using the information provided above.

  116. Vincent says:

    Also I stopped all sweetners, diet drinks and feel so much better. If I really need sweet I use natural honey or maple syrup. As for drinks no sweetners. What a difference. I lost weight feel great and overall health is fine.

  117. shelby says:

    Still nothing and no response to my email

  118. Lela says:

    We have received a refund of $47.27 in G and others have in Mich & Fla. Checks should be coming….

  119. Allen Payne says:

    This lawsuit is bogus in Illinois nobody received nothing

  120. Andrea Bowen says:

    I filed a claim why have I not received my check yet? Please let me know settlement administrator.

    ADMIN- Hi Andrea,

    We are not the class action admin. Scroll up to get the info for the class action admin.

  121. Allen Payne says:

    We sent them many of e mails but nobody responds to them something is crooked about this settlement and everyone is getting the run around ?

  122. steve says:


  123. Allen Payne says:

    Your write Steve I think the people that posted they got settlements works for this company it’s bogus

  124. Ron says:

    I received a check for $47.27 a couple of weeks ago. My credit union cashed the check. I have no connections with anyone.

  125. Allen Payne says:

    We’ll they only paid a very few people to make it look good your just one of the lucky ones Ron this settlement is still bulshit

    • Ron says:

      I understand. I signed up for another class action suite and it settled but I did not receive anything, or even a denial.

  126. James L says:

    I signed up..i don’t remember getting a check. how do I find out if they send a check to me?

  127. Lauren S says:

    Sad to hear this product really isn’t all natural

  128. Allen Payne says:

    This case was bull shit they didn’t pay all the people that filed a claim there lawyers kept all the money bunch of cheap rip off asses fuck there case that’s my opinion

  129. Holly says:

    Got $150 in vouchers!

  130. heather grantt says:

    Wow, this is what we are drinking and eating

  131. Sarah says:

    Still no check

  132. Ammon Halpin says:

    Bought this product because I believed it was natural.

  133. Nique says:

    I didn’t get my check what happened

  134. Becky says:

    I thought this was a healthy substitute for sugar. I guess I was wrong.

  135. Me says:

    I got my check. From reading some of the comments on here I can only imagine how many people didn’t fill out the form properly.

  136. Melissa Jackson says:

    Ive been purchasing tis brand for years on the premises it was all natural

  137. Katherine Bilello says:

    this is very upsetting I have been using it for years I will not buy any more i thought it was all natural

  138. Teres Brennan says:

    OMG!! I have purchased Truvia thinking it was a Natural alternative to sugar. Glad i saw this, i was considering buying this product again but will not be purchasing it ever.

  139. Sandy says:

    I did not get get my check I am very upset. I spent alot money on this product. And it’s not all natural

  140. Kim Collins says:

    I brought a large box i am a diabetic i thought this the best substitute for me.


    I used truvia in the past

  142. Barbara Tovar says:

    WOW! how gullible have we become? We now have to research everything we eat due to lies by big corporations.

  143. Kathleen says:

    OMG! If feel like such o dope. I believed Truvia was “all natural”. DUH.

  144. Sandy Peterson says:

    I purchase a small box per month

  145. Abigail Tacker says:

    Fooled once again

  146. Bethany says:


    ADMIN – Hi Bethany,

    Your check probably bounced because it was too old. The Truvia case was paid many months ago.

  147. cheryl says:

    Checks are required to be honored for 6 months from the date of issuance. The check sent to me that also BOUNCED was within that time frame!

    Bad idea.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    Contact the class action administrator to secure a replacement. The information is available on the main page for the settlement.

    • April Ratani says:

      The email contact information on the site is no longer valid.

      ADMIN – Hi April,

      We are sorry about that. Consider reaching out to class counsel. By know I think you are very limited in terms of legal recourse.

      • Suzy J says:

        I agree that there were no checks sent out to me either. I tried to contact the legal counsel, and the phone does not connect, I tried to email the council and it bounced back; and I tried to log into the webpage to inquire more about it as to who to contact and of course That page cannot be located. It seems kind of odd waiting all these months for something to come and not be delivered. I personally think that someone should be monitoring the administrator for this case

        ADMIN – Hi Suzy,

        This is a very old case the coupons and checks were distributed a long, long time ago. Your escalation should have taken place then

  148. Denise S says:

    I never even received a check. I guess I should be grateful since they seem to all be made of rubber 🙁

  149. Lynnette says:

    My check for 12.00 was deposited on 12/16/16. My bank sent me a copy of the check TODAY informing me I will be charged a 15.00 return fee. Are you kidding???? The check was dated 9/9/16 on a Wells Fargo Bank account. Any advice.

    ADMIN – Hi Lynette,

    It is imposible for a bank to send you a return fee for a deposit you made in 16 Go speak to the bank manager.

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