Class Eligibility

All persons who were placed into the custody of the Union County Correctional Facility as a result of a non-indictable matter and were strip searched in the absence of reasonable suspicion upon their entry into Union County Correctional Facility pursuant to the policy, custom and practice of the County of Union. The class period commences on, May 1, 2006 and extends until June 30, 2008.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Takacs/Allen v. Union County,
Civil Action No. 08-CV-711
District Court for the District of New Jersey, Newark Vicinage,

Case Summary

the lawsuit claims that individuals admitted to the Union County Correctional Facility between May 1, 2006, and June 30, 2008, who were charged with non-indictable offenses were illegally strip searched.

The Court did not decide in favor of Plaintiff and the Settlement Class Members or Defendants. Instead both parts agreed to a settlement

Settlement Pool





Union County Settlement
Claims Administrator
c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.
P.O. Box 170500
Milwaukee, WI 53217
1 (866) 778-9623

19 responses to “Union County New Jersey Correctional Facility Strip Search Class Action Settlement”

  1. Daniel Owusu says:

    Already summited my claim form last year September 2016. When can we get the settlement payment?

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    Most class actions can take a year or more to be paid out.

    • Stacey Riley (Berman( says:

      I submitted my claim form soon as I received it in the main. I was incarcerated at the Union County Jail numerous times during the time period of which the lawsuit covers and i have called to confirm that my involvement in the lawsuit was received by you so what i am wondering is how is it decided who gets their check issued first? Is there some sort of process because I know for a fact that many people have already received checks in my area. Also, like i stated i was there numerous times so do i get $300.00 for each time or is it a one time deal? One last question, at the time of which the lawsuit is concerning i would of been arrested, charged, and in the system at the jail under my maiden name (Berman) which is no longer my legal last name, will that cause any type of problems or delay my check from being processed and swnt out to me?

      Thank you, Stacey Riley

      ADMIN – Hi Stacey,

      All of your questions should be directed to the class action administrator.

    • Antwon Grays says:

      I was prosessed in union county #4times from 2006/2008
      And was paid 300 for only 1 time I was prosessed I sent a letter with all the data and case numbers on my original claim how do I get my funds for the 3 times I was illegally prosessed on the settlement letter it reads 300$ for each time you was prosessed with in that time frame

      ADMIN – Hi Antwon,

      Reach out to the class action admin.

  2. Richard Hernandez says:

    When will the check be issued.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Here is the number you need to contact to ask about distribution 1 (866) 778-9623

  3. James Wilson says:

    When do we get the money, soon hope

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    We don’t have updates on this settlement yet.

  4. charles e pollard says:

    hello, my name is Charles pollard, just curious as to when payments will begin….

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    No new info at the moment but you can call 1 (866) 778-9623

  5. Daniel brown says:

    When is the check coming.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    We don’t have updates regarding this settlement.

  6. Norman johnson says:

    Why are the checks not sent out yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Norman,

    The checks are usually sent when the administrator has all the needed documentation to release the funds.

  7. Norman johnson says:

    When will the checks be mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Norman,

    We don’t know but you can contact the admin to check

  8. Daymon Raiford says:

    i sent in 2 claim forms and did not get any check yet do you know if any checks was sent out?

    ADMIN – Hi Daymon,

    I don’t think checks have been set yet.

  9. Ernest Carter says:

    Waiting on check. Sent in two claim forms, when will there be an check sent?

    ADMIN – Hi Ernest,

    I don’t have any updates on this settlement yet.

  10. JOHN KOTWICK says:


  11. Shayla says:

    I just want to know when will the checks be mailed out

    ADMIN – Hi Shayla,

    We don’t have updated info on this settlement.

  12. Omar Olivera says:

    Just got the info about the action being it to late for me to claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Omar,

    Yes you are too late. The deadline was 02/09/17

  13. Jesus Suarez says:

    Got a part of my settlement and sent out the w-9 form to get the rest. How much longer after sending out the w-9 form to get the rest of my funds?

    ADMIN – Hi Jesus,

    I have no clue. You need to email the admin to find out.

  14. Jaime pagan says:

    Got a part of my settlement and sent out the w-9 form to get the rest. How much longer after sending out the w-9 form to get the rest of my funds?

    ADMIN – Hi Jaime,

    I can’t answer that question. You need to reach out to the class action admin.

  15. Juan Javier Berdecia Rivas says:

    To it may concern,I Juan Javier Berdecia Rivas am writing in regards of my claim for illegal search my address is 158 Front st.Elizabeth,N.J.07206 & phone number is (908)-414-1011
    Thank you & God Bless..

    ADMIN – Hi Juan Javier,

    We are unable to assist you. To submit questions about your case you need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  16. Nathaniel Ray says:

    How can I apply for the settlement my social is 141633179 and I was incarcerated at least 3 times in the time frame. Thank you in advance

    ADMIN – Hi Nathaniel,

    You may no longer apply. The deadline has passed.

  17. jerome b. brown says:

    Hi Admin:

    I received my first check when will I get the second check I filled out the W-9 for sent back every since September 11, 2017 and still have not received the second check yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Jerome,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator.

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