Class Eligibility

You may be in the Settlement Class if, on June 11, August 19, or September 9, 2014, Venture Data placed a call to your cellular telephone line, using the Pro-T-S or CFMC dialer, and as part of a Public Opinion Strategies survey.

Estimated Amount


The amount you receive will depend on the number of qualified claims

Proof of Purchase

Tel #

Case Name

Diana Mey v. Venture Data LLC and Public Opinion Strategies LLC,
Case No. 5:14-cv-00123,
District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia

Case Summary

The plaintiff alleges that the defendant made calls to Plaintiff and class members’ cell phones in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Settlement Pool





Venture Data Settlement
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 185
Claysburg, PA 16625

22 responses to “Venture Data Public Opinion Survey Class Action Settlement”

  1. Jackie Earl says:

    I still get these types of calls on my cell but company names never comes up?

    ADMIN – Hi Jackie,

    You are the victim of spoofing, that is far more complex to tackle since they use random numbers to dial from.

    • A. Bradley says:

      I have been receiving massive amounts of calls on my cell all that come up as either a local area code unnamed caller or as scam likely and every time I pick up its the same thing of it starts ringing as if I’m calling someone then a on hold music for a quick second or two then to a automated recording saying that because of MY recent stay I was entered into and won a sweepstakes for a multi day and night stay “now these all are coming from and referring to as either Hilton and/or Marriott it goes back and forth between the two” at said hotel and to press certain number to claim. now when you do so it will either ring get picked up with hearing background “noise and talking” for a brief second and then hung up on/disconnected or all the same things but instead of being hung up on there will actually be someone there asking for your info but if you don’t just give it to them and ask anything before hand even simply who they are or what company or anything you once again will be just hung up on. now if you try calling back it tells you its not in service or not a real number. this has been happening for almost 2 months on a daily basis and multi-multi multiple times daily some more than others and have been multi times with multi calls at said time that have been between 11:30pm-5:00am est. and a add on to if someone is actually there and asking for info if you say to add to the do not call list guess what happens…… you get hung on. I’m tired of this ive had this number going on 2 years and never have had these issues nor do I sign up or anything to have calls in the first place. I am recently majorly disabled and have had surgery on my neck with more to come in neck and back so not knowing all the numbers my doctors and lawyer will be calling from as it changes depending on what extension they had used at that time so I’m told by them at least and answering them is a very important thing in my case I have to keep straining myself by constantly having to now get my phone because of this harassment which is hard and does cause a good amount of pain after the first couple times which gets worse as it goes due to being very limited on my movements. what can be done and what do I need to do? this is complicating every part of me healing and causing me additional issues

      ADMIN – Hi A,

      Submit a complaint with the FTC. There is not much that can be done when they use spoofing to hide their phone #

  2. Becky says:

    * I remember getting opinion survey calls, but it was on a cellphone i no longer have.
    * Does that matter?
    * Do i have to have the same phone number?
    * Can they check back & see if i am on the list of people called?
    * And i’ve had so many phones, i’m not even sure if i could remember the phone number off the top of my head. I know i’d remember it if i heard it, LOL!~

    ADMIN -Hi Becky,

    You have to recall the phone number and have evidence that it belonged to you.

  3. David says:

    Like you I still receive these calls daily. Anywhere from one to six plus times daily. Normally I get no response when I say hello, or I get a robot. Either way, I ask them to quit calling, so they call twice as often. When I talk to someone they curse me for asking what they want. So I get the bright idea to call back to talk to manager.”The number you have dialed is disconnected or no longer in service.” Maybe even ” this isn’t a working number”. This is just some of what I deal with. My wife is just as bad.

  4. Amanda Morris says:

    I get calls on a regular basis. Add me

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    I can’t add you. You must file your own claim using the link provided.

    • dave troble says:

      These replies kill me. Some people are such idiots. Add me… what a joke. If they don’t understand what this is about and how to proceed correctly, then it is likely they don’t understand if they have a valid claim. Maybe you should post on the site that you are providing Inormation only and that each person needs to file their own individual claim and that you can’t just “add them”. Lol.

      ADMIN – Hi Dave,

      Tried that… Does not work.

  5. Donna Connelly says:

    These companies never give their Legal name they have on their Tax records they barely let their number show up so how do you really know if you did get a call from these people? No one really knows for sure. There has to be a way to find out if one did indeed get calls from a company.

  6. dave troble says:

    Only idiots say “add me”. Solaughing in her face.

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    Cut them a break 😉

  7. P says:

    What does Claimant Identification mean?

    ADMIN – Hi P,

    It is an ID number your received in the mail.

  8. DarleneTaylor says:

    Hello I still get type of calls thank u.

    ADMIN – Hi Darlene,

    I don’t think these calls will ever stop.

  9. Krista Battrick says:

    I read on another site that if you are unsure if you are in the settlement pool to go to the administrators website and read the FAQ section. I clicked on the settlement website link but there wasn’t a FAQ section. I know I received calls like this but I just want to make sure I am filing a legal claim. Do you know where I can find the FAQ. Section?

    ADMIN – Hi Krista,

    You can find the FAQ within the notice.

  10. Kitterz says:

    Is there a list of phone numbers they called from so I might be able to double check through my records to see if they’ve called me? I couldn’t find the list of numbers they used to call people with.

    ADMIN – Hi Kitterz,

    Not for this settlement but you can always call the class action administrator.

    • Patricia Sarkoi says:

      I sent an Inquiry but you haven’t responded I would like to get an answer of amt.and when I would receive it?

      ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

      Please think about us as a newspaper that publishes class actions. For specific inquiries you must contact the class action administrator.

  11. Patricia Sarkoi says:

    When will I receive my claim,as my Claim ID# (966491

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    We don’t have information on particular claims. You must contact the class action administrator directly.

  12. Sara says:

    Got something coming in the mail today from this… Hoping it’s a check.

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    Please keep us updated.

  13. Fran says:

    I received a check today for $198.51. THAT was a surprise. It looks real too.

  14. Lois Perdue says:

    I received my check today and it does not have a date on it. The bank will not cash the check without a date on it. The Bank manager said it was the second check of the day from this claim with no date. How do I go about getting another check?

    Thank you,

    Lois Perdue

    ADMIN – Hi Lois,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  15. diana walls says:

    I did receive a settlement but it has no date on it so I can’t get it cashed. What the heck

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  16. diana walls says:

    I received a check but no date so I can’t get it cashed .

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    Contact the class action administrator.

    • Diana Walls says:

      How do i get another check to replace the one I received which is $198.51 . Therrs not a fate on it so i cant cash it . Please help .

      ADMIN – Hi Diana,

      You need to contact the class action administrator.

  17. Angie Ziegler says:


    I received a Check with no date and no phone number. My bank will not cash it with out them. I was reading the comments on others. U say contact class action administrator. Do you have that information to pass along?? I did call the number listed as contact at the top. Is that the number we need to call??

    ADMIN – Hi Angie,

    Yes, that is the # to call. If that does not work let me know.

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