Class Eligibility

The Verizon class action settlement is open to two different types of Class Members:

TCPA Class Members include: all U.S. residents who received one (or more) telephone calls to their cellphones from a representative of Collecto in its capacity as a third-party vendor engaged by Verizon to collect pre-writeoff debts since June 14, 2008.

IPA Class Members include: all California residents who received a call on their cellphones from Collecto in its capacity as a third-party vendor engaged by Verizon to collect Pre-Writeoff Debts, where the call was answered by the recipient between Sept. 10, 2010 to the present date.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Lofton v. Verizon Wireless (VAW) LLC,
Case No. 13-cv-05665
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations that Verizon using a third-party debt collector to place robocalls on their behalf engaged in violations of federal and state laws.

Settlement Pool





Verizon Settlement Administrator
c/o A.B. DATA, LTD.
P.O. Box 170500
Milwaukee, WI 53217

17 responses to “Verizon TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Ronald j Frazier says:

    Will I be included

  2. Scott Evans says:

    The calls I’ve received are very annoying. I know I owe money and I am trying to pay. There should be laws to how many times a day collectors call and what they are allowed and not allowed to say. Obviously there are.

  3. Steve green says:

    I want all the crazy calls to stop. Every day I get 15 to 25 calls on my cell phone
    Thank you Steve green

  4. Tammy Green says:

    My do they think calling a cell phone helps.
    It just makes me made and I have to keep praying for the wast of call
    Thank you
    Tammy Green

  5. Ann Lefkowitz says:

    I had an awful time with this company. They out and out lied and told me I said things I didn’t. It was regarding cell phones(3 I believe). It may still me on my credit report an a non payment, I would love to get something from them,.

  6. Shawn K Johnson says:

    I would like to know when I should expect to receive my refund

    ADMIN – Hi Shawn,

    Refunds are normally not issued until after the deadline and when the judge approves the final terms of the settlement.

  7. tiffany says:

    Why is the link to make a claim broken?

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

    The problem must be on your side. I checked the link and it appears to be working.

  8. Arthur L. Lloyd says:

    I received a postcard for this & I do not nor have I ever lived in California nor have I ever been there. Can someone please contact me in reference to this.

    ADMIN – Hi Arthur,

    I can’t I am not the class action administrator. Generally if there is a mistake made and you don’t feel you a re a member of the class just ignore the notification.

  9. Philip Elgin says:

    I’ve tried fileing a claim with ur web site an keeps giving a error message this is crazy

    ADMIN – Hi Phillip,

    Website is not mine. You can contact the class action admin to escalate at

  10. clarice says:

    I am currently getting abandon calls from Verizon wireless on my landline is this legal?

    ADMIN – Hi Clarice,

    This is a customer service issue not necessarily a legal issue.

  11. clarice says:

    How does one go about filling a class action.

    ADMIN – Hi Clarice,

    Here is the link

  12. stephanie reynolds says:

    I got phone call ever day about a bill night and day and after 7 pm at night.

  13. Lloyd says:

    Got calls in the evening (after 8:00PM) saying bill was do, need to pay immediately & my due date was ALWAYS at least two weeks away.

  14. Dan says:

    I went through the hell of this for months! Had to call Verizon about this, they pretty much blamed on on foreigners that aren’t in the USA?! How would they have access to my or others info if Verizon wasn’t at fault?!

  15. Ian Dircks says:

    I am a user that can’t believe that they let this happen.

  16. Rick says:

    I can’t remember my old verizon phone numbers. I have also moved a few times since ending my account. How do I proceed?

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    You may contact the class action admin to see if they can run a query by name and provide you with your past numbers.

  17. clarice says:

    They are still doing this. They also are making dropped calls several times daily.

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