Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member of the Verizon class action settlement if you are a member of the FSP Settlement Class and/or the In-Network Settlement Class (defined below).

FSP Settlement Class: Includes all U.S. residents who were Verizon Wireless customers and who, between May 11, 2002 and May 10, 2006, were subscribed to a Family SharePlan covering two or more persons with different per-minute rates for minutes used after the shared plan allowance was exhausted (“after-allowance minutes”) and who were assessed charges for after-allowance minutes at a rate higher than the rate associated with the phone used to make or receive the calls after the allowance minutes were exhausted, calculated on a real-time basis.

In-Network Settlement Class: Includes all U.S. residents who were Verizon Wireless customers and who, between May 11, 2002 and May 10, 2006, were subscribed to a Family SharePlan that offered free “In-Network” or “In-Family” calling, and who were charged for “In-Network” or “In-Family” calling.

Estimated Amount

Equal Share of a 36.7 million settlement fund divided by qualified claims minus administrative costs and settlement costs

Proof of Purchase

affected mobile phone number

Case Name

Demmick, et al. v. Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless,
Case No. 2:06-cv-02163-JLL-MF
District Court for the District of New Jersey

Case Summary

According to the plaintiffs Verizon Wireless improperly billed some of its Family SharePlan customers from May 11, 2002 to May 10, 2006

Settlement Pool





Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 43329

Providence, RI 02940-3329

108 responses to “Verizon Wireless Shared Plan Settlement”

  1. Tia Morgan says:

    i have had verizon for a year then switched my number got changed but i did have verizon and my bill was very high

    • Kenneth Hampton says:

      How can we tell if a check sent is truly a valid check? Is there something on it like a claim number or ID number that would let us know if it is valid? What bank would the check be generated from?

      ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

      Post the heading of your check on our Facebook page and we will help you discern origination.

    • Candace comstock says:

      I had Verizon from 2005 till 2008 how come I wasent notified

      ADMIN – Hi Candace,

      We don’t know. Perhaps you were not part of the class.

      • Jacqueline Evette Ausbrooks says:

        I myself have been a customer with Verizon every since 1999 and has never been notified of any such, and I’ve had bills I’ve had to pay $300 a month. How come I wasn’t notified of Any Lawsuit Settlements?

        ADMIN – Hi Jacqueline,

        While administrators do send notices to class members the best way to stay in the loop is to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

  2. donna lowe says:

    Have tried to do online n bothways ask what I want to do like claim online or download. Nothing ever shows up after click dot

  3. George Lofland says:

    I feel I have overpaid for my service over the years

    • robert says:

      how do I prove that the oarl contract was not consummated or better said not completed an they contunited to billl until I canceled

      ADMIN – Hi Robert,

      Unfortunately we do not provide legal advice.

  4. Pamela Lynch says:

    It happened regularly

  5. Stephanie Rivera says:

    I feel that Verizon has so many loopholes and sometimes can’t trust them.

  6. Paramanan Harrideo says:

    I had Verizon for more than 6 Years and I was also overcharged a lot of money.

  7. Gloria Buchanan says:


  8. michelle says:

    This is ridiculous!!!! Is this for real?? It won’t let you finish claim!!

  9. Jeffery Hersh says:

    this is supposedly the best cell phone company and im paying them for service like i used to got from sprint.

  10. E. V. Marshall says:

    I had a family plan for years, and still do. I paid a lot of money To Verizon and was stuck in two year contracts.

  11. Maria Ferreira says:

    I had verizon for many years but all times my bill are so high l live near to border line to Mexico and my phone most time are in roming.
    I called verizon to let know the problem but never heard me.
    so I have to paid overcharge and roming.

  12. Linda Willadsen says:

    my bill is high and everything is on a contract even if I did not want it at the time. When I came in to see if my bill could go down the represenative said the prices changed 6 mos ago and then gave me the lower rate.
    that is said that the company cannot even tell you that prices changed.

  13. Jack Binney says:

    Verizon Wireless is extremely slow and lacks features and the availability of most internet providers. over the top of this they charge ridiculous amounts of money for their mediocre service.

  14. Dawn says:

    Been with Verizon and they over charge big time. Their warranty is a joke.

  15. Julie Gardner says:

    Have had Veizon for years always felt we were overcharged.

  16. Roberta Ball says:

    I have been sent bills for phones that were never activated or deactivated. The phones were stolen I made a police report. And Verizon is trying to dupp me out of 2000.38.

    • Crystal Granite says:

      Call customer service and if they will not resolve the issue then ask to speak to CEO Lowell McAdams. He will get it resolved. His number can be found by doing a Google search for CEO Lowell McAdams phone number.

  17. Roberta Ball says:

    They have ripped me off.

  18. stefanie clinton says:

    I agree with a few of the comments made here.
    Their warranty is a joke,
    They can’t be trusted with all the overcharges they add on to your bill
    and when one Rep. tells you one thing and then you talk to a different Rep.
    another time they tell you something totally different and you don’t know which one is right or wrong.
    I think the phone plans they have are totally ridiculously over charged,
    (for what I pay every month my plan should be unlimited everything….NOt….)

  19. Johnny Wilson says:

    I have been a Verizon wireless customer for a while and I have 4 lines on that plan

  20. Bette Shapiro says:

    Have been a Verizon subscriber since th early 2000’s 2001 pr 2002. We had three separate phone numbers. Yes, the bills did seem high at the time.

  21. Paula bowling says:

    I have had verizion since 2002 or 2003 not sure been with them forever

  22. Paula bowling says:

    I have had verizion since 2002 or 2003

  23. Sam K says:

    My family and I have been with Verizon since they were Airtouch, a pager company that began back in the 90’s. A complicated series of acquisitions by Vodafone Group PLC of Britain created the company Verizon. That was almost 20 years ago. I’ve never felt cheated and have always had excellent service. As I understand the settlement, each of 275,000,000 phones will receive an equal share of 36.7 million dollars. I did the math and each unit will receive a little over 13 cents credit or cash. As far as I am concerned, Verizon is still the top wireless company on the planet. The name derived from the Latin word veritas, which means truth, and horizon which means looking forward.

    • Dana Y says:

      I agree I’ve been with verizon since 2010 not nearly as long as you but after being royally reamed by sprint and Cingular my humble opinion is verizon is the most outstanding in service quality and like they say you get what you pay for and lets be honest cellphones ought to expensive considering they once were something physicians used in actual matters of life and death I love my verizon and I’m willing to pay for the quality and care

    • Kam S says:

      A group of your peers has decided Verizon was less then truthful and has awarded me $6.77 for overcharging me a lot more i’m sure!

  24. Jerry G. says:

    i switched to Verizon years ago, and like so many other people, received crazy high bills. When you try to contact them, it IS difficult to get them to “hear” you — very impersonal. Some of those crazy high bills came without explanation as well.

  25. marina says:

    Have had Verizon for years, prices very high and yes over paid.

  26. Marner Campbell says:

    Too many problems when I had my wireless with them!

  27. Autumn berg says:

    We have had Verizon for years and years. Bills always have been extremely high.

  28. Theresa Gaines says:

    How do we submit a claim?

    Hi Theresa,
    Click on this link to submit a claim

  29. Ann Marie Dooling says:

    I have been a Verizon Wireless Customer since 2004.

  30. Aaron Hawkins says:

    I owned a Verizon phone since 2005

  31. Cristina del castillo says:

    I have been a loyal customer with verizon for10 years w 5 lines.

  32. richard otero says:

    my girlfriend has been a Verizon for 24 yrs her daughter was born 3 years prior to that year and she still has Verizon and I was witness of the mess she had to go through omg I did not hear the end of it so I divorced her

  33. Stephanie Smith says:

    My bf and our kids had Verizon for 6 months. Every single month there was an argument with the customer service people b/c the bill was always $600+ dollars and pretty much the only people we talked to was each other.

  34. Dennis Lee says:

    I have been with Verizon more than 15 years, I felt that I have overpaid, I have 500 minutes service, hardly used
    over 200 minutes, please offer us a new plan to reduced our high bill, thank you.

  35. Dennis Lee says:

    I have been with Verizon more than 15 years, my bill is very high for my service, please set me a plan for less what I paid, thank you.

    Hi Dennis,
    We do not set up plans for Verizon or any other carrier. To find a better plan you must contact the provider directly.

  36. Virginia says:

    I had Verizon over 10 years with multiple lines with a high bill also when I dropped the other 2 lines and just had one use to pay over so bill wouldn’t be that much the next and left Verizon in 2013 with a credit of about $60.00

  37. Hassen says:

    I have been with Verizon since 2003, they have been overcharging me for years, please fix this problem.

  38. Mellisa Willard says:

    I have been a with Verizon since 1995 and I have been over charged for way to many years please help me thank you

  39. Lindsey says:


  40. Antonio Hale says:

    I had a Verizon account and my bill stayed high, so i switched my service to a different carrier and now I have a charge off on my credit from Verizon.

  41. michael head says:

    I been a subscriber for as long as i can remember and they are still diing this

  42. michael head says:

    Ive been a subscriber for as long as i can rember there still doung the same thing

  43. VICTOR says:

    I been with verizon for long time they charges people so much money.And want us to pay for arenas and stadium with I’re money,but dont want to give us a discount it’s about time

  44. K says:

    I had verizon back in 2000…I have the old verizon number written down but I for the life of me don’t remember what was on my bill…

  45. Amanda E Beitia says:

    Had family share plan since 2003.

  46. anna mason says:

    Always over charging

  47. Veleka Royal says:

    A representative to me to back up to cloud I did and went over 25gb…. She didn’t mention I would be charged and was charged 150 ish dollars. Now I am having a problem with overage again we are on the family base program. I set my daughter usage to be 2.5 and somehow she was able to go over 9gb which added up to be 75.00. But I also have had the family shared plan since 2004. I am now on the phone trying to get this matter taking care of and now been on the phone for 1.10 sec and she still haven’t come up with a conclusion.

    Hi Veleka,
    This settlement has nothing to do with customer service. But we do encourage you to submit yours should you qualify

  48. Allen Payne says:

    I still have verizon under contract that’s where they get you trapped my bill is always high

  49. darrell frowner says:

    I never got a dime

  50. darrell frowner says:

    I never got any money I been with them 13 years

  51. Sherry cockerham says:

    We have been with them since around 97. I know we have been overcharged. But how do you fight the system?

  52. Misty Milhoan says:

    I had verizon for years, however my bill was never the amount it was supposed be. Every month I was charged extra.

  53. Allen Payne says:

    Verizon with all there secret hidden charges in there contracts is horrible the fine print you can’t read I had them for at least 10 years with different numbers but can’t remember them all there service is good but expensive

  54. Anita Abbett says:

    day late and a dollar short as always

  55. Stefanie says:

    Been with verizon wireless since 2004 had not 1 but 2 family plan with them and now I hear about this class action to see the notification late Feb 2015. Now can’t apply for the action because they only gave customers a 7week application period. Are you kidding me!?!? Great way to screw over the customer not once but twice

  56. C.Neal says:

    That phone number was so long ago, I couldn’t possibly remember it but I did have Verizon during this time with a family plan that was shared with my best friends.

  57. J.C. says:

    Verizon knows who their loyal customers and these customers should be compensated first for any wrongdoings Verizon had placed upon them. Customers should not be burdened to prove that they were with them during this”time period” of lawsuit to share in this settlement. I hope this is not the case..

  58. Allen Payne says:

    No settlement yet ?

  59. Lester Capps says:

    I just read about this and have had a family share plane and been with Verizon since 1999 but was never notified of any of this ?

  60. Emmie Hardine says:

    I just got my letter Friday about the law suite.about Verizon wireless.I been with them since 2013

  61. Emmie Hardine says:

    since 1989.sorry about the mistake

  62. Veronica Wilson says:

    I was a Verizon customer from 1996-2012. Received the letter and submitted info but didn’t here anything more

  63. Sherrice Tuggle says:

    When are we going to get paid out?

    ADMIN – Hi Sherrice,

    In some instances it takes years. To get additional information contact the class action administrator.



    ADMIN – Hi Cassandra,

    You may no longer submit a claim. The class action has expired.

  65. Joyce Loudermilk says:

    Is it to late to file a claim I just got a postcard last week?

    ADMIN – Hi Joyce,

    You are terribly late for this one. You probably received the card in association to another class action. Please check the case name.

  66. Shirley Robinson says:

    I received Verizon wireless services in the past and my billing payment was high that I wasn’t finically able to continue my services.I responded to the law suit and haven’t heard anything from it to this day

  67. Shirley Robinson says:

    I hope to hear from Verizon soon on this law suit.They have all my information that I responded back to them.

  68. Renee ferneding says:

    I never got anything regarding lawsuit. Been with Verizon for 9 years how can I get in this. We got 2 new phones in the last year and were quoted amount bill would go up and each time it was about 30 more a month than quoted. Each time was told they forgot to add in a 25 dollar charge. I am so feed up with this. I’m ready to leave Verizon. No one will help.

  69. Cherie wolverton says:

    I was with Verizon for several years, then in Nov.2014 upgraded my phone and the night mere began , I told Verizon that I was Disabled and on a fixed income, we worked a plan that might work, then my bill in Dec. was over half my income, I went from calling them everyday to several times a week , every month, they changed my plan, I didn’t ask for, they charged my line access fee way over what they told me, the wouldn’t stop taking money out of my bank and I had to get my bank involved to stop them. Now they sent me a bill for over $1000.00 I can’t pay this, now it turned into collections, during all of this, I was having panic attracts everyday, and even when I was on the phone with them. I physically and emotionally can’t do this. I still don’t know what to do to end all this, and don’t feel I have to pay them a dime, they took enough of my money to pay that $1000.00
    I just can’t do this anymore.

  70. JoAnne says:

    I have has Verizon way before 2002 and still have it..where do I sign up for the class action suit?

  71. William Jallick says:

    I think the way this is gandled is bogus. Verizon as does Sprint has ALL ACUSTOMER bills and should be required to go back and review all infractions and then send each person their compensation if wrong doings/ false charges occured.

  72. Nancy Martinez says:

    I have been with Verizon for a very long time and I do agree with alot of comments. I am sure I have been over charged as I am ALWAYS calling about my fees. Where can I fill out a form?

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    If you believe you are a member of the class please file by clicking on the orange link that leads to the claim form.

  73. Patrick Carney says:

    Verizon has told us that there are no additional charges for upgrades and we were charged
    they told us we had a free phone upgrade for a phone from a line we were not using, they extended
    the contract on the phone we weren’t using for 2 years, we were told no additional charges for the upgrade and
    claim that the extended contract is not an additional charge, what is it?

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    If you need details about your Verizon relationship we encourage you to contact Verizon.

  74. Debbie Thompson says:

    Have been with verizon for a long time very high charges

  75. Donald Wydeen says:

    Been with Verizon 15 plus years billed for services not rendered. Very high charges after I attempted to get the bills reduced.poor service. Cannot get anyone in the stores via phone address my problems I am glad they caught .

  76. Nita Anderson says:

    I am a 20+ year customer of Verizon. I never received a letter or notice of any kind regarding this suit. I have a family share plan. Three lines on that account. Why was I not notified?

    ADMIN – Hi Nita,

    We are an informational website and not in charge of providing notifications. Notifications come via the class action administrator.

  77. Detroy R. Giles says:

    We’ve always felt we were overcharged. I was only two blocks away from the number I called (in the state of Michigan) and we were charged a huge roaming fee of thirty some dollars for a one minute call. That’s insane! Called Verizon a few minutes ago and I just found out we’re being charged $5.00 a month for texting weather we use it or not. We’ve never used texting and never knew the company charged us for the past 18 years. This is not fair!!!

    Yes, we want to be a part of the law suit.

    ADMIN – Hi Detroy,

    We surely hope you submitted a claim. Leaving a comment does not help.

  78. Tris says:

    I feel I have overpaid for my service over the years

  79. wanda grace says:

    Have been with this provider for many years; have called and complained about the charges. The reason I stay with them is because I do travel a lot and never have a problem with service. However they are ripping us off!

  80. joanne branger says:

    Am submitting registration for class action suit due Dec 31 2015

    ADMIN – Hi Joanne,

    Leaving a comment does not constitute submission.

  81. joanne branger says:

    My correct time is 10.55 CST on Dec 31 2015

  82. Willie usher says:

    Verizon has been my provider for many many years. I thought the bill sometimes seemed off.

    I want to be included in this law suit.

    ADMIN – Hi Willie,

    Please submit a claim if you believe you qualify.

  83. Willie usher says:

    I want to be included in this law suit

    ADMIN – Hi Willie,

    If you want to be included you will need to submit a claim.

  84. Jackie Barnes says:

    Received a check in my son’s name, he is now deceased so how can I cash it? Can you guys reissue and put it in his trust for his daughter how is only 11?

    ADMIN – Hi Jackie,

    If you are the executor you should be able to cash it.

  85. Kaye S. Simmons says:

    Received a check in my husband’s name (James Simmons). He passed away on January 17, 2014. The estate has now been closed so I cannot cash the check. Can I return this check and you issue a new one in my name.

    ADMIN – Hi Kaye,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  86. Heather M says:

    What if check was issued in my maiden name? Can it be reissued in my married name?

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    Your bank or cashing facility can cash it if you present evidence of your prior name.

  87. Connie W says:

    I just heard about this I’m no long a Verizon customer because my bill kept going higher each month I can prove my phone number and I have a claim number

    ADMIN – Hi Connie,

    The deadline has passed you no longer have legal recourse.

  88. Roger S. says:

    I received a post card from verizon with my pin number on it and 680 free minutes local and long distance calling. Unfortunately, the card got thrown out with 550 minutes left. Who can I contact to retrieve my pin number?

    ADMIN – Hi Roger,

    This was a monetary settlement. No free minutes were awarded in association with this settlement. I have no idea where you card came from and I am unable to help you.

  89. Janett Peace says:

    I am part of this class action suit.
    I have not received a check yet. It says checks for non-customers were sent February 2017. How do I get information on where my check is?

    ADMIN – Hi Janett,

    You contact the class action administrator.

  90. Joseph supino says:

    I never received my check yet my name is Josephine and answer me know

    ADMIN – Hi Josephine,

    To find out specific details about a claim you must contact the class action administrator directly.

  91. Denise Odom says:

    I received a settlement check but forgot about it. Today, cleaning out my purse, found the check but it expired on May 30, 2017. I tried calling​ the number listed on the check but it’s only automated info. Who do I contact for a re-issue?

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    Usually once the check has expired they will not reissue. You can try emailing the admin but in my experience they will not help.

  92. Louise Hansen says:

    When can I expect to receive my portion of the documented settlement pool? When I submitted my claim in this class action lawsuit i was a Verizon wireless customers for 23 years. Approximately eight months ago I ended my cellular service with Verizon Wireless. Is there a date when checks from this class action lawsuit will be disbursed? Thank you in advance for your time with my question. Truly, Claimant

    ADMIN – hi Louise,

    The checks were mailed in February.

  93. Rick & Dawn Ely says:

    I checked and I never received nay settlement check in February or March and I definitely filed a claim. Who can I follow up with for this? 828.266.3441

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    You can follow up with the class action administrator.

  94. Willard B Thomas (Brad) says:

    I am Willard B Thomas from 1630 Grant Road Bennettsville SC 29512 my wife or I accidentally threw the check out could you please issue another one thank you very much is my phone number is 843-544-5144

    ADMIN – Hi Brad,

    We are not the class action administrators. You need to contact them directly. Their contact info is posted above.

  95. Maria Picun says:

    My claim # is 600969101 and not received any funds. Please explain!! It’s been way to long with no correspondence from you!!

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    We wish we could explain but we are not the class action administrator. In order to receive information about specific claims you need to contact the administrator directly.

  96. JoanneTramontano-Hill says:

    Got my check today… what a joke! Overpaid thousands of dollars and received $2.87

  97. Sherry says:

    Really?? $2.87? What a joke.

  98. Alam O says:

    I got the last check of the settlement but not the first one, how can I claim it?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Sorry, Alam O, but there’s been a misunderstanding.  Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue moving forward, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  99. John Schultz says:

    Wow, I wish I was notified about this. I fought with Verizon many times over this issue. If you had 2 lines with a 1500-min. plan, the primary line would be charged 15 cents per min. and the secondary, 25 cents. You could could use the secondary line for 1 min. and the entire coverage would be charged at 25 cents per minute regardless of which line it was. I specifically remember 1 bill that was $1,200 and another for $900. I got robbed for thousands of dollars over this fraud.

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