Class Eligibility

The Settlement Class includes the following persons:

The “Ohio Settlement Class” (for the Poteat lawsuit): All consumers who completed a Buy-One-Get-One-Free Transaction at a Visionworks store located in Ohio from June 25, 2012, through September 15, 2016.

The “Illinois Settlement Class” (for the Lenart lawsuit): All consumers who completed a Buy-One-Get-One-Free transaction at a Visionworks store located in Illinois from June 8, 2013, through September 15, 2016.

For purposes of the Settlement Class, a BOGO Transaction means a transaction in which a consumer purchased two pairs of eyeglasses from Visionworks under a “Buy One, Get One Free” promotion for which the consumer paid the list price for one complete pair of eyeglasses (frames and lenses) from a Visionworks store either (a) in Ohio from June 25, 2012, through September 15, 2016, or (b) in Illinois from June 8, 2013, through September 15, 2016. Only consumers who paid money to Visionworks (in the form of cash, check, money order, credit card, debit card, or like instrument) are considered to have engaged in a BOGO Transaction.

Excluded from the Settlement Class are: (a) all persons who would otherwise qualify for membership in the Settlement Class but for the fact that such person previously has released all claims as to Visionworks or received a full refund or store credit from Visionworks for all “Buy One, Get One Free” transactions within the period covered by the Settlement Class; (b) Visionworks’ officers, directors, and employees; (c) Visionworks’ attorneys; (d) Plaintiffs’ attorneys; and (e) any judge or mediator who has presided over either mediation or disposition of this case and the members of his or her immediate family.

Estimated Amount


Class Members can submit a claim form for a cash payment of up to $100.00 for each “Buy One, Get One Free” purchase of eyeglasses that they completed from a Visionworks store in Ohio between June 25, 2012, and September 15, 2016, or in Illinois between June 8, 2013, and September 15, 2016. If a Class Member paid less than $100.00 in the transaction, then that person may receive a payment up to the amount he or she actually paid. Only consumers who paid money to Visionworks (in the form of cash, credit, debit, check, money order, or the like) are eligible to receive a payment, and only one claim may be submitted per “Buy One, Get One Free” transaction. You do not get two claims due to the fact that you received two pairs of eyeglasses as part of the “Buy One, Get One Free” transaction, and consumers who received only a free pair of eyeglasses are not eligible for payment.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Poteat v. Visionworks of America Inc.,
Case No. 1:15-cv-02306
District Court for the Northern District of Ohio

Case Summary

The settlement resolves allegations that VisionWorks violated Ohio law by raising the price of their eyeglasses when featuring a buy one get one free promotion.

Ohio Administrative Code § 109:4-3-04 (the “Code”) regulates the use of the word “free” in the retail sector. The Code has three provisions central to this case: It shall be a deceptive act or practice in connection with a consumer transaction for a supplier to use the word “free” … except in conformity of this rule. It is the express intent of this rule to prohibit the practice of advertising or offering goods or services as “free” when in fact the cost of the “free” offer is passed on to the consumer by raising the regular (base) price of the goods or services that must be purchased in connection with the “free” offer. In the absence of such a base price a “free” offer is in reality a single price for combination of goods or services offered, and the fiction that any portion of the offer is “free” is inherently deceptive. “Regular price” means the price at which the goods or services are openly and actively sold by a supplier to the public on a continuing basis for a substantial period of time.

Settlement Pool





Visionworks Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 43456
Providence, RI 02940-6697

27 responses to “Visionworks BOGO Class Action Settlement”

  1. brandi jo trawick says:

    what about Indiana ?

    ADMIN – Hi Brandy,

    Indiana is not included.

  2. dawn says:

    I lived in Illinois at the time, however I now live in California. Am I able to still participate?

    ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

    Yes, but you may need to prove that you lived in Illinois.

  3. Monica Caldwell says:

    I would like to participate in this lawsuit as well. I live in Texas.

    ADMIN – Hi Monica,

    Did you purchase your glasses in the states included in this settlement?

  4. Miriam alaniz says:

    What about Nevada

    ADMIN – Hi Miriam,

    Nevada is not included in this settlement.

  5. Felicia George says:

    I live in Ohio and I have purchased several of these BOGO deals over the years for me and my child and I did not get a claim number or a code so how can I submit electronic claim? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Felicia,

    There is a path to file without a #

  6. vicki says:

    link to file claim does not work.

    ADMIN – Hi Vicki,

    Please refer to the deadline to this class action. Once the deadline has passed the links no longer work.

  7. Jose sifuentes says:

    I sent in my forms that i received in the mail some time ago,i have not received any money yet,i was wondering what happened so far, i paid twice to vision works.

    ADMIN – Hi Jose,

    The deadline for this settlement has just passed it will be a while for the case to come to a full resolution. Please be patient.

  8. Lily says:

    I also sent in the form I received in the mail some time ago (i paid twice). When are the payments due to be mailed
    out-this summer?

    ADMIN – Hi Lily,

    The deadline was in May. It may be a few months before this is paid out.

  9. Brenda Blonski says:

    I spoke to someone at my visionworks store and was told I would need receipts to submit to corporate in order to receive my settlement. Is this true?

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    The class action administrator may ask you for additional info but that is their prerogative. Per the terms of the settlement those who submitted prior to deadline had the option to submit without further proof.

  10. Marytherese Stevenson says:

    I sent my reply back but inserted it into an envelope to make sure it got to the destination. How will I know if it has been accepted and a refund will be coming to me?

    ADMIN – Hi Marytherese,

    Write to the class action administrator.

  11. Nancy Johnson says:

    Is it too late to receive my rebate. I filled out the card I was sent on February 28, 2017.

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    If you filed in a timely fashion you are likely to be a valid class member. The settlement was granted final approval on August 8th so it will be paid sometime soon.

  12. Verna Thomas says:

    I mailed my request for the rebate class action on Feb 22,2017 should I have received something back acknowledging receipt. If not when should I expect the refund?

    ADMIN – Hi Verna,

    This settlement received final approval at the beginning of the month. I suspect they will be paying out soon.

  13. Verna Thomas says:

    If my name and email address are still showing does that mean you didn’t receive it.

    ADMIN – Hi Verna,

    What are you talking about? Where is your name showing?

  14. Lily says:

    Hi I still have not received a payment yet. If they started mailing them August 8 how long does it take to mail
    them all out to people?

    ADMIN – Hi Lily,

    It has been too long. Reach out to the admin to check on the status of your check.

  15. Kevin Dorbin says:

    Have settlement checks been mailed.
    My old e-mail address was;

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    I don’t think the checks have been mailed but you can check with the admin by calling (866) 664-9035

  16. Felicia King says:

    My name Felicia when will settlement checks go out

    ADMIN – Hi Felicia,

    You can call class counsel at 888-570-3609

  17. Jennifer Radtke says:

    I was wondering when we can expect our refund from this class action suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    The final approval was granted on August 8th. We can safely assume the class action admin is currently validating all submissions.

  18. DB says:

    Have refunds been mailed yet? Still waiting…….

    ADMIN – Hi DB,

    The settlement was granted final approval on 8/8/17, You may want to contact the admin at to ask about distribution.

  19. Abby says:

    I called the number you gave to the people above and I got no answer went to voice mail. So I was wondering if the settlement checks have been mailed out yet? I sent the paperwork in the mail back In march and have heard nothing.

    ADMIN – Hi Abby,

    I do not have any updates on this case.

  20. Irma Villarreal says:

    Hello I placed my claim also and have not received anything .

    ADMIN – Hi Irma,

    I don’t think the checks have been issued yet.

  21. tricia moore says:

    It is now Novemeber when will the checks be issued to us?

    ADMIN – Hi Tricia,

    You can read more about the status of this case here:

    • tricia moore says:

      this does not tell me when or if checks are to be issued? it was finalized in August we are not in November how long does it take to mail out the checks for the claimant?

      ADMIN – Hi Tricia,

      If there are appeals it will be a while before it is paid.

  22. Rosanne says:

    I just got my check yesterday. I live in Ohio. Check dated 11/7/17.

  23. rosanne says:

    I just got my check in the mail yesterday. I live in Ohio and the check was dated 11/7/17.

  24. Maurice Hamilton says:

    I filed my claim on 02/22/2017 I have my received a check Maurice Hamilton Medina,Oh.

    ADMIN – Hi Maurice,

    This settlement was paid out many months ago and you no longer have legal recourse for escalation.

  25. William Laase says:

    If it possible to get a reissued check if the original one was not cashed before the VOID date?

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    Not really. Generally the funds are redistributed to all claimants or given to charity.

  26. Sylvia Angell says:

    I received check nbr 112139 but it was torn on the bottom and not cashable. I wrote the visionworks settlement administrator and sent the check back asking for a replacement check. As of today I have not heard anything from them nor received a replacement check. What can be done to correct this?

    ADMIN – Hi Sylvia,

    Follow up with the class action administrator and then with class counsel.

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