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In re: Volkswagen Timing Chain Product Liability Litigation,
Case No. 2:16-cv-02765,
U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey

Case Summary

A lawsuit called In Re Volkswagen Timing Chain Product Liability Litigation, Civil Action No. 16-2765 (JLL)(JAD) (“the Action”), was filed against Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (“VWGoA”), Volkswagen AG (“VWAG”), and Audi AG (“Audi AG”) (collectively, “Defendants”). Plaintiffs filed the Action as a putative class action against Defendants, claiming timing chain or timing chain tensioner defects in Settlement Class Vehicles.

Defendants have and continue to dispute all of Plaintiffs’ claims. Defendants maintain that the Settlement Class Vehicles are not defective, that no applicable warranties were breached nor applicable statutes violated, that the Settlement Class Vehicles were properly designed, manufactured, distributed, marketed, advertised, warranted, and sold, and that Defendants have not engaged in any wrongdoing.

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Volkswagen Timing Chain Settlement
Claim Administrator – Epiq
P.O. Box 3656
Portland, OR 97208-3656

11 responses to “Volkswagen Timing Chain Class Action Settlement”

  1. Aesha says:

    Vw passat 2012
    Need fix..

    ADMIN – Hi Aesha,

    If you are a member of the class by all means file a claim.

  2. Melissa Cutrara says:

    Am I still qualified as a member if I no longer have my VW? The timing chain went out, ruined my motor, and the car was junked.

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    If you have documents to prove it the answer is yes.

  3. John K says:

    Too bad you didn’t expand this to BMW… my 1999 740i will need a new timing chain because they used a faulty plastic guide… likely the same issue.

  4. Sierra says:

    I have a 2011 tiguan and the motor is shot and I already stuck 3,000 into it. How can I findout if the timing chain caused these issues and is the reason I have to get a new motor?

    ADMIN – Hi Sierra,

    You could ask the shop dealing with it.

  5. Chris says:

    I received the VW Timing Chain Settlement information packet and claim form. I had to replace the timing chain and tensioner on my 2012 GTI when it had 57,021 miles on it, at a cost to me of $1,979.23. But on the TimingChainLitigation website tells me I have to use its VIN Lookup tool. When I do so, is says my VIN cannot be found and I don’t qualify. I’ve triple checked to make sure I’ve entered it correctly. What should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    You should reach out to the class action administrator.

  6. katherine Rosado says:

    I have had my 2011 VW Tiguan parked for 3 months – I have had electrical problems from the get go (purchased in January 2018 and still owe $4K. Car shuts down by itself on the highway, the RPMs go crazy. The car literally is at 40 MPH on the highway WITHOUT my foot on the gas petal. Is this the timing chain. I was quoted by an authorized vw mechanic $4K in repairs and had 24 error codes. How can I get in on this.

    ADMIN – Hi Katherine,

    We are not mechanics thus we are unable to make a diagnostic based on your description. It is best to obtain a diagnostic from your mechanic and they will be able to tell you if this is a timing chain issue. But keep in mind electrical issues have nothing to do with the timing chain. The chain conveys motion to the crankshaft to open and close valves.


    I owned a vw for a number of years

    ADMIN – Hi Samerahh,

    If you meet the requirements for the class go ahead and file a claim.

  8. Linda L Shipton says:

    I mailed my claim from in back in September. How do I know my claim from was received. Do we get any kind of confirmation it was received?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    You can check with the class action administrator.

  9. Tyreik Johnson says:

    Good Morning,

    on the final hearing for 12/12/2018. And if it was approved, how long for the checks to be mailed.


    ADMIN – Hi Tyreik,

    In most cases unless something comes up we see checks within 3 to 4 months.

  10. rhonda farrell says:

    I sent my reciepts and other requested documents in Sept. 2018 prior to the deadline. How long before I get a response about this class action law suit for the Passat VW Timing Chain Replacement?

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    Reach out to the class action administrator to obtain an update.

  11. Stephen G Tacia says:

    my father gave me a 2008 vw passat turbo before he died of a fatal car crash then not even 6 months after the timing chain went out and ruined my motor qualifies correct

    ADMIN – Hi Stephen,

    Did you use the tool provided to see if your car is included?

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