Class Eligibility

All purchasers of Wacoal iPants products after January 2011. Products included are:

  • Cupless Camisole (Style No. 802171)
  • Legging (Style No. 804171)
  • Mid-Thigh Shaper (Style No. 804271)
  • Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper (Style No. 805171)
  • Brief (Style No. 808171)
  • Long Leg Shaper (Style No. 809171

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase

Not Required

Case Name

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission in the Matter of Wacoal America, Inc., ,
Docket No. C-132 30095.

Case Summary

This class action alleges that Wacoal America Inc. claimed that their caffeinated “shapewear” undergarments were able to slim and reshape the body of its customers. the lawsuit alleges that Wacoal’s claim that its iPant products are able to reduce cellulite and reduce a person’s thigh measurements are false and unsubstantiated.

Settlement Pool





FTC v Wacoal
P.O. Box 2222
Faribault, MN 55021-1622

48 responses to “Wacoal iPants Caffeinated Undergarments Class Action Settlement”

  1. Allen Payne says:

    These products never shaped me up

  2. De. joned says:

    Didnt shape or tone just held together.. smh

  3. Tracey Freitas says:

    These products never shaped me up

  4. Deborah Fink says:

    Never shaped me up.

  5. Tyrone Green says:

    Never shaped me up;These products never shaped me up

  6. Johnnay LeeAnn Green says:

    I was no satisfied with the product. i had to work out at the gym to get it done.

  7. Jaquana Woods says:

    i spent some cash on these products. when will they be decide the settlement

  8. JANET JAMES says:


  9. Rita Khan says:

    never shaped me and so expensive.

  10. Patricia Stone says:

    I purchased several products! I was so dissatisfied with these items I purchased. Never shaped me up.

  11. Carol says:

    They never did shape me up either…just kind of held it in…and for the price you would think they would work

  12. mike head says:

    I bought the leggings for wife she said they did t make any difference at all

  13. katie says:

    they never shaped me up i stilled looked the same

  14. david houle says:

    i was so mad they did not do what they said they would do

  15. Melissa Cutrara says:

    Complete waste of money! I’ll stick with my spanks, at least I can tell some difference with them.

  16. cheri Williams says:

    Terrible… never shaped me up!!

  17. Janet Jacsen says:

    I lost my man because of this product. He used to call me blubber thighs … Very humiliating.

  18. Magdaleen Hill Hill says:

    They did not shape me up

  19. Rosann tarr says:

    Did not shape me up

  20. JOHN says:


  21. Thisa Tyson says:

    Never shaped me up and I spent a lot of money on several different products….Dissatissfied!!

  22. Tim jacobs says:

    This product did nof do what it promised

  23. Julie says:

    Never shaped me up. It didn’t work for me!

  24. Margaret Hulberg says:

    Wasted good money on an expensive item that did nothing! Disgusted with myself for believing the claims of the product.

  25. Karen Cortinas says:

    Didn’t live up to their claim!! Didn’t do much at all!

  26. Karen Cortinas says:

    Didn’t do what it claimed to be!!!!

  27. darla schau says:

    did nothing for me 3 of them waste of money

  28. kim nelson says:

    spent a lot of money trying to chose the right one for me they made false claims for their greed!

  29. Noelle Malone says:

    it didn’t deliver

  30. Judith alamo says:

    It did shape me up

  31. Claire Walton says:

    It really never lived up to its promises ! It certainly did not shape me up !

  32. Jamiee Smith says:

    My undergarments did not help with reshaping nor did it reduce any cellulite on my bottom half

  33. Bonnie Rawlings says:

    very expensive and absolutely did no shaping.

  34. april says:

    I cannot fill out for online keep getting error messege after putting in password…..what am I doing wrong

    ADMIN-Hi April

    Try another browser.

  35. Lorraine Easterling says:

    I thought with the higher price of the product but I seen no difference in my shape.

  36. Marta Gray says:

    Not as advertised..

  37. Christy Milan says:

    Bought many of these like everyone else. Very disappointed and kept thinking I had the wrong size or style. Very frustrating! Now I can’t even fill out rebate form. You have to do a password with special characters and it only will take 8 letters and nothing more!!! Even the rebate is a joke!!! Hope to mail it in and get something back.

  38. Kay Osborne says:

    Should be sued for false advertisement not what they said it was

  39. Ashley Wong says:

    Bought lots of these, they’re just regular camis and leggings to me. No shaping whatsoever.

  40. lenore katz says:

    I tried to look better, they did not work. I feel bad.

  41. Loleta Mcknight says:

    A total waste of my hard earn money.

  42. Margaret Barroso says:

    I bought the high-waist long leg shaper, this product did not work as stated. The fabric was not constructed well enough to shape or tone anything.

  43. Tiffiny Waller-Miller says:

    I purchased the high waist leg shaper and it folded down the material was not the right kind to shape or tone falsely advertised for sure!! Not happy with this purchase at all

  44. Naomi Agner says:

    My experience with Wacoal bras is nothing but excellent. The Wacoal ipant shaper for $85 was the exact opposite! I was advised to buy a “snug” fit so that I could wear after they began their work. All that accomplished was to make it difficult to breathe if I sat or ate with them on. I guess that could firm you but it is not what I was promised. Plus the sales associate at Macy’s was horrified that she had lied to a good customer, not her fault but she was verbally abused by other customers!!

  45. care bear says:

    What is the problem they keep say in checks will be mailed out by the end of summer that’s bull shit it’s fall now and there still saying the same Shit get it together people don’t have money to waste…..

  46. quune says:

    every body’s getting $25.00 checks are mailed , Whoopi do thank you rust

  47. care bear says:

    I got a 59 check today Waco I pants took long enough

  48. Ron says:

    $59 received in AZ

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