Class Eligibility

You are a class member of the Waggin’ Train class action settlement if you purchased or obtained, or if your pets used or consumed, Waggin’ Train or Canyon Creek Ranch dog treat products imported from China or containing any ingredient imported from China. These are the eligible products:

Waggin’ Train Products

  • Chicken Bites
  • Chick’n Biscuits
  • Cowboy Steaks
  • Drumettes
  • Healthy Promise
  • Chicken Jerky Bites
  • Duck Jerky Bites
  • Chicken Jerky Links
  • Chicken Jerky Sticks
  • Duck Jerky Sticks
  • Kabobs
  • Big Blast
  • Chicken Wrapped Big Blast
  • Duck Wrapped Big Blast
  • Prime Cutlets
  • Supreme Green
  • Supreme Clean
  • Western Grill
  • Yam Good
  • Ham it Up
  • Country Ham
  • Jerky Tenders
  • Wholesome Chicken Jerky Tenders
  • Freshies Supreme Green
  • Bananzas
  • Bananas Wrapped with Chicken
  • Yam Good Wholesome Yams Wrapped with Duck
  • Freshies Supreme Clean
  • Wrapples
  • Apples Wrapped with Chicken
  • Happy Trails to Chew
  • I Yam What I Yam
  • Yam Good-Wholesome Yams Wrapped with Chicken
  • Jerky Bites
  • Healthy Promise Shine On
  • Shine On
  • Healthy Promise Walk Tall
  • Walk Tall
  • Lassos
  • Cartwheels
  • Fiddlestix
  • Chicken Stix
  • Healthy Promise Chew Well
  • Chew Well
  • Western Style Chicken Bites
  • Country Style Drumettes
  • Wholesome Duck Jerky Tenders
  • Ham’n Biscuits
  • Ham’n Biscuits Recipe
  • PBJ
  • Country Crunch
  • Jerky Sticks
  • Crispy Puffs
  • Chicken Crispy Puffs
  • Cheese & Chicken
  • Twisters

Canyon Creek Ranch Products

  • Big Blast
  • Duck Wrapped Big Blast
  • Chicken Stix
  • Rawhide Wheels Stuffed with Chicken
  • Chicken Chips
  • Chicken Poppers
  • Poppers
  • Chicken Wrapped Rawhide
  • Chicken and Bananas
  • Chicken Breast Tender Snack
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Duck Tenders
  • Chicken and Veggies
  • Chicken and Veggies Bites
  • Drumettes
  • Kabob’s
  • Western Grill
  • Chicken Yam Good
  • Duck Yam Good
  • Onward-Glide
  • Glide
  • Onward-Glow
  • Glow
  • Onward-Heart & Eyes
  • Heart & Eyes
  • Turkey Jerky Strips
  • Chicken Kabobs
  • Homestyle Ham
  • Cheese & Chicken
  • Yam Good
  • Banana & Chicken Wraps
  • Apple & Chicken Wraps
  • Wrapovers-Apple & Chicken
  • Wrapovers-Banana & Chicken
  • Wrapovers-Cheese & Chicken
  • Yams
  • Franks
  • Cowboy Steaks
  • Trail Mix for Dogs
  • Ringers
  • Apple Bites Wrapped with Chicken
  • Banana Bites Wrapped with Chicken
  • Yams Wrapped with Duck Fillet
  • Western Chicken Chips
  • Chicken and Veggie Bites Recipe
  • Trail Chews
  • Western Style Kabobs
  • Big Blast Slims

Estimated Amount

Class members who submit documentation may qualify for up to 100% reimbursement of veterinary expenses and other expenses associated to the death or illness of their pet in connection with consuming the aforementioned treats Class members that don’t provide documentation may receive up to $300 in damages for their claim The total amount available for product reimbursement is $700,000, and the total amount available for healthy screenings is $100,000. Reimbursement of claims may be subject to certain pro rata reductions and other limitations described on this website.
Proof of Purchase
Not Required
Case Name
Adkins, et al. v. Nestle Purina PetCare Company, et al., Matin v. Nestle Purina PetCare Company, et al. and Gandara v. Nestle Purina PetCare Company, et al., Case No. 1:12-cv-02871, Case No. 1:13-cv-01512 and Case No. 1:13-cv-04159 respectively District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Case Summary
The settlement resolves allegations that certain dog treats contained ingredients from China with the potential of making the dogs sick or killing them
Settlement Pool
Dog Treat Products Settlement Claims Administrator P.O. Box 4178 Portland, OR 97208-4178 Phone: 1-866-329-9963 Fax: 1-844-892-7212

303 responses to “Waggin’ Train, Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Treat Settlement”

  1. Sheila Sazera says:

    One of my dogs did die and I used to give her the drumett treats. Her liver was three times the size it should have been.

    • lisa says:

      one dog died, had no idea it may be this, new dog eats them all the time and always has diarrhea , they still sell these at Walmart I believe, thanks for letting us know…

  2. Barbara Bowman says:

    The treats made my puppy sick for days at a time.

  3. Marquita Simpson says:

    23 cotton top rd, Covington ,tn 38019
    My dogs became very sick and had to be treated..

  4. Gloria brodus says:

    This profit made dog have diariah and upset stomach for two weeks.

  5. Gloria brodus says:

    This product made my dog have diaries ands vomiting for two weeks.

  6. Teresa Pennington says:

    12659 co.rd. 73 montevello, AL 35115

  7. Teresa Pennington says:

    they become sick throwing up and diarrhea

  8. neco smith says:

    My dog passed away do to consuming these treats

  9. neco smith says:

    My puppy died after eating these products that I thought were good for her

  10. Terry Harris says:

    Our dog died from liver and kidney damage after eating Waggin Trail…..

    Hi Terry
    Very sad to hear. We encourage you to file a claim.

  11. Breaunna Couts says:

    My puppy became very sick, vomiting and had diarrhea for days after eating Waggin Tails chicken biscuits.

  12. michael amacher says:

    my dog got sick and had the runs

  13. Chandra Roots says:

    December 4,2014 My dog little got sick and had the runs from eating the dog treats and became very ill and would not eat any thing else and he really sick and die.

  14. kristen shelley says:

    My dog vomited and had diarrhea.

  15. Thomas McNamara says:

    My dog was began throwing up and getting diarrhea all over the house. I took him to the vet, and eventually, we came to the conclusion that it must have been these treats.

  16. Kyle Bell says:

    My dog became very sick, vomiting and had diarrhea for days

  17. Joseph Lopez says:

    My two puppies became very ill after consuming some of the listed products.

  18. George Munroe says:

    What is the email address to email the PDF?


  19. Lidia Venegas says:

    My dog had diarrhea for a couple of days and was dehydrated, and would not eat for days would give him water with a syringe to keep him hydrated and started him off spoon feeding him plain oatmeal.

  20. cody plott says:

    My dog got the runs and got very sick from eating waggin train chicken and biscuits

  21. suheil sedran says:

    My dog get sike

  22. >.> says:

    pet reimbursment?? fair market value?? wtf..

    Keep in mind the document was written by legal professionals. Here is a link that provides some insight about animals as property.

  23. Stella Duru says:

    This product must be responsible for my dog’s death from diarrhea.

  24. dana nelson says:

    My puppy died from the cowboy steaks made her very sick

  25. FRANK says:

    I WANT A CASH SETTLEMENT$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Powell says:

      You have to fill out the form. This website is only showing you where you can get the form. They do not sell products or make dog treats.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m sorry but no amount of money will ever recover the loss my my dog. My pets are like many others feel- like my kids- like family members. Inspite of what others people may think, including business people of big profit treat manufacturers, they mean more to me than any amount of money. I hope no one ever buys their treats again and their business fails. Then something will hurt them and their family as they’ve made many others hurt All for their “greed”. The Love of money is the root of all evil. These innocent animals depend on us to care for them and we did our best , we trusted a company that claimed to be good and have our best interest at heart, when all along all they had interest in was their cheap budget and making money off of us.

      Hi Nancy
      Even if the money won’t replace your beloved pet we encourage you to file and receive the settlement you are entitled to receive.

  26. John Bowie says:

    This profit made dog have diariah and upset stomach for two weeks.

  27. Lorenzo Campbelll says:

    My dog ate these treats and developed diahrea started vomiting and developed stones in his intestinal tract. He required two operations to remove the stones costing 3500.00 each before I realized what was going on.

    • donna says:

      My poor lil shih tzu got
      13 stones in her bladder. Scared the hell out of me. She’s fine now thank god. I no longer give her dog treats. I buy her human beef jerky and beef slim jims. Never will give her crap made for “dogs” crap isn’t fit for a grinder to be eating much less an animal

  28. ebony hallmon says:

    My dog was vomiting for 2 days

  29. debra hearn says:

    Dog ate food x 2 days. Developed vomiting and diarrhea. x 3 days.

  30. Hugh MacKenzie says:

    Our dog ate the treats, and ultimately we poisoned her to death. When we took her to the vet, he asked if any of the dog could have gotten into anti-freeze, because that was the only cause he could think would cause the wholesale organ failure. She didn’t get into antifreeze; she ate the dog food tainted with the additives from China.

    We spent $3000 trying to save her, to no avail.

    I still feel the guilt of having inadvertently poisoning her with these products.

    • Laurie sigelman says:

      Same thing they asked did she get into antifreeze we spent $8000 at a critical care center she still died

  31. Celine Benet says:

    I have two dogs and both of them got sick after eating the chicken bites. My older dog got much more sick than the other and when the vet examined him, she said his liver and stomach were swollen. I stopped giving them the treats and they got better about 10 days later. I do not recommend this product at all, and would not try any other of their products.

  32. Kiyiana Lyles says:

    My dog ate these and was sick. We took her to the vet and we were so nervous. Our vet bill was $415.00. We are thankful she was ok and we acted quickly and took her to the vet. Please email me the link for the class action suit. Thank you!

    Hi Kiyiana, you can find the link for this claim in orange font on this page. or just click here to head to the claim form directly

  33. Cheryl Williams says:

    My dog China had kidney problems & seizers and died a few years back.
    Now I have Mandi & Sissi Shih tzus and I learned about a year ago NOT to buy anything made in China.

  34. Steve C says:

    This claim form is a load of BS. I know this is out of the control of Class Action Rebates but shame on the maker of this product for making such a long and complicated claim form. So, you put out a bad product and then expect people to spend hours filing out this information. My dog was very sick from these treats. Thank God that he didn’t pass away. There should be a simpler form. I can understand if someone lost a pet and/or had a huge medical expense that needs the proper forms filled out. But for those of us that had pets that got ill and had the pain and suffering of watching our “best friends” in writhing pain, it is like pouring salt into the open wound to make us fill out this “book” length claim form. Make a shorter form and be a bit more compassionate.

  35. Koe says:

    What are the dates of purchase parameters?

    ADMIN: No date parameters as long as the products you purchased for your dog were made in China.

  36. willie mae ashford says:

    My dog had the runs and throwup.

  37. Christy Correa says:

    My dog Petee died from consuming these products.

  38. linda lewis says:

    i purchased the turkey jerky sticks several times and didn;t realize they were dangerous.. she died before I realized what was going on. A friend told me that they were from china. I didn’t really think someone would sell them in a store if they were possibly life threatening.

  39. rita williams says:

    I purchased some of these chicken n duck jerky treats had couple of my dogs had vomiting did nt know what it was from luckly I gave them pepto for up set stomach and they got ok ? Would I still file a claim since my dog luckly is ok now???

    Hi Rita
    Yes, you may file to get a refund for the cost of the treats up to the maximum allowed by the settlement.

  40. Jessica Derrick says:

    I fed my dog the Chicken Wrapped Big Blast treats, and within a couple days of introducing this into his diet, he became sick. Vomitting and diarhhea. We took him to the vet, and the vet informed us that we were not the first to bring in a dog after using these products, with them being sick. This is uncalled for. This company should definitely have to pay for the pain and suffering of both animal and owner.

  41. Gia G. says:

    At the time I was using these treats I only had my first two puppies. I was giving them the wag and train chicken based treats/jerky. Right away my oldest had horrible and uncontrollable diarrhea, and my youngest vomited for a day straight until my vet at the time gave her a shot to stop it. Shortly after my youngest started vomiting, my oldest began as well. Immediately I took them off of everything and started from scratch. Now they are fine but it took a few weeks before they could process food correctly.

  42. judy says:

    My dogs was getting sick

  43. alfred says:

    my dog (shadow) wouldn’t eat it and the others either dog didn’t like itMy cousin dog got sick

  44. Gloria says:

    I’ve been so careful after loosing one of my dogs, I used to buy him the duck jerky, he started having liver problems and died after months of trying to make him better, I now make my dogs fresh treat with fresh ingredients.

  45. Seymore Butts says:

    My dog ate these treats and then proceeded to vomit and have diarreah. Then he ate the vomit and diarreah and got sick again. Then he ate the vomit and diarreah and got sick again. Then he ate the vomit and diarreah and got sick again. Then he died and had diarreah. And then there was great rejoicing…. Yayyyyyy.

  46. willie mae ashford says:

    My dog chillie had the runs

  47. Lisa Robinson says:

    My Dog Fanny liked the jerkey bites, when she ate them she became extremely sick. had to stop

  48. Dani Campos says:

    I had to take my dog to the vet because he started throwing up everywhere and had bloody stool. I spent so much money on the vet.

  49. shontai johnson says:

    2 of my dogs got diarhia and the other just threw up everytime i would give her a treat

  50. Gabi Albrecht says:

    My Sammy got sick with diarhia and and depending on the treat itself would also throw up.

  51. Deborah Roland of Bakersfield says:

    I have been purchasing wagon train products for over ten years ….for some strange reason my 250lbs. Rockweller , poor Regulator earned them doggie treats … I found out about the settlement , it has been some time since Our lost family member been resting….my mind and heart is at ease… Now that I know that wagon train products caused our heartache…unfortunately I do not have proof of purchase or proof of death because we buried Regulator in the back yard….Someone should pay for damages… Pets our also family

  52. Audra Burgess says:

    I’m truly blessed that my poodle Angel (male) has a strong immune system …He threw up had diareah on numerous occasions … I am in total agreement …damages has been done…Scary huh?????????

  53. alessandro difede says:

    waggan train made my dog sick

  54. Joni says:

    Does anyone know how far back in time these treats were made in China? Our pet died a few years ago from the same symptoms. We fed the treats but didn’t make a connection of the illness & death to the treats until now.

  55. Brenda Powell says:

    I had three dogs one my she lite didn’t make it. My two other got really sick.

  56. pam says:

    Oh my, my little dog would have upset stomach and be sick it was terrible thank god I stopped giving them …wagon train treats no more !

  57. alton says:

    It made my dogs have the runs,votmiting

  58. Oster,jeremy says:

    Lost my dog due to this product

  59. Oster,jeremy says:

    I have lost two dogs due to the product.

  60. Monica says:

    My beloved Best Friend “Pogo” died because of these treats. He acquired cancer. The cancer was rapid, happened with in a year of feeding him these treats from Waggin Train Treats. I will never recover from is sudden death, I’m still devastated from his death to this very day.

  61. jamie diano says:

    My dog was throwing up and had the runs. Poor thing didn’t sleep with me like she did ever night.

  62. some people... says:

    I lost 99 dogs to this after explosive diahheria! some even got in my eye!!! give me my money!!!

  63. Joyce Adams says:

    I gave my dog cowboy steaks and chicken tenders had a lot of dierra

  64. michele sakalas says:

    My dogs liver began having problems and her health has declined since eating the chicken jerky. Hurt my baby, answer to me

  65. DOROTHY HART says:

    Made my little dog very sick.

  66. constance murphy says:

    I lost four of my beloved pets thanks to this china invention every dog i gave those treats to died at first i thought it was parvo until i saw the story on the news.

  67. Ellen Cox says:

    we have 3 dogs a chiuahua, doxie,and a german shepherd mix .the waggin train chicken jerky bites, and the drumettes both made our dogs sick ,vomiting and diarrhea, every time that ate them. the chiuahua got kidney issues and we took him to vet he put him on meds .although he recovered fine we trashed the treats .our dogs are precious to us . now I make my own treats for them.

  68. Taylor Mull says:

    Our dog became ill after eating several different varieties affected.

  69. Sherry Townsend says:

    I lost 2 of my dogs Tare and Mister.

  70. Spencer G Hedrick says:

    My puppy was sick after eating these treats. It was definitely related.

  71. Allen Payne says:

    My dogs got very sick off these treats

  72. pamela keller says:

    mine too became ill

  73. chris aquino says:

    our beloved dog/family member penny peabody died after eating your jerky treats im sorry but how do you put a price on a companion and friend.

  74. Amy says:

    My dog got very sick for days

  75. Virginia Reidl says:

    Our dog had diarrhea and vomiting for about a week after ingesting these treats.

  76. jay goffee says:

    we lost our pet too. couldnt you be a little more carefull? we all gave you our money expecting a quality product, and this is what you give to us? shame. i hope you tread more carefully in the future.

  77. Judy Johnson says:

    I have three dogs. Luckily, 2 out of the 3 didn’t like the drumsticks. The youngest dog was throwing up with runny bowel movements. I never made the connection that it could have been the treats. My dog is fine, but those days with runny stool and vomiting are something I could certainly have done without. Now I feel guilty for giving her the treats.

  78. S Oro says:

    Our dog almost died, had to take him to the vet and got better with a strong dose of antibiotics and another for diarrhea.

  79. Gloria Buchanan says:

    I will not buy any more made in china treats

  80. Gloria Buchanan says:

    I will no longer buy made in china treats they are killing our pets!

  81. PeggyAnn Doak says:

    I bought some of the jerky treats for my Rottwieller. in four months time she died of renal failure. I have looked for a suit against Purina esp as my loss was phenomenally painful and I had just moved to a new town and was very sick with a heart condition waiting upon surgery. I hated Purina for this and have not bought anything they make or anything ediable or China since. that was 2009

  82. Evangeline Pagan says:

    Our beloved pet Pudge died he was pitbull/bull we lost him my mom is 89 and still misses him I feel bad knowing I gave him this food and treats.

  83. Evangeline Pagan says:

    The family dog died

  84. novia ross says:

    My dog became very sick, she lost her wiliness to eat and had to be taking to the vet several times.

  85. Winston M. says:

    Our Dalmation was eating these, then began having seizures. Trip to emergency vet, and many trips to his regular vet. We stopped buying them, but damage was already done. Left him with seizures. I wonder if these bad ones are still being shipped out of China and sold in the U.S. ? Anyone know if this is still happening? I hope they were shutdown.

  86. m johnson says:

    my little angel became ” Wrinkle” got very sick with the runs after eating the snacks for a bit, then a week later He Passed Away.

  87. toni rodriguez says:

    We lost our dog 3 years ago…Found the treats at family dollar..with shots up to date and on a budget I bought the drum stick treats.noticed some issues after first week but stopped for a day . Didn’t think the treats did it so I bought a second bag…I buried my dog a week later…my cat bulma got into the bag and ate what was left..we buried her four days later…never bought the product again..ended up adopting 4 dogs and a cat…no made in China products=no sick pets..can’t put a price of a fact of something I bought killed my children s pet

  88. regina says:

    I purchased the turkey jerky, and my dog ate them, begin vomiting , then he had diarrhea, for a long time and died.I was so hurt and I am still upset about it . I miss ,my mickey so much. Can I file a claim for my loss?

    Download the claim form and review the requirements. You can at least claim for your expenses associated with the purchasing of these treats.

  89. sandy says:

    I just had my older dog put to sleep, just last week. He had not felt well soon after giving him a jerky treat. I had no idea it was the treats.

  90. Sheilawebb says:

    My dog got sick and I has to take him to the doctor for three weeks. He lost weight.

  91. sherri garner says:

    I lost my entire litter of top of the line Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups whelped on January 1, 2014. thier dam, Tomnee Sofia Loren was spayed at that time y my ve in Nrw York. I fed a vsriety of your products to all my dogs. I have e eods.

  92. vii dii says:

    My dog almost went blind in the dark. She isn’t 100%. I reported this to the Food & Drug (Pet Food) twice for different items. She has lost quite allot of hair and lately has strange spots on her flanks where the hair never grew back in. Purebred Doberman, 3 year old female. Sad because I am Senior and disabled; she is my constant companion and I depend on her to hear for me. This is sad.

  93. Linda Strande says:

    My dog suffered a horrible death after eating this terrible brand of food/treats. I am still at a loss for words.

  94. Ann Vernon says:

    Even Dog foods and treats should be regulated by the FDA. My dog vomited.

  95. steven hannah says:

    we have malamutes and lost our Shiloh in 2013 from we believe duck/chicken treats..wagon train and canyon creek ranch (kidney failure). we fed her handfuls of these products for years and I truly believe these products killed her:( we did everything medically we could to save her. FDA should be ashamed for allowing these companies to continue selling these products when they know how harmful it is to our dogs and cats. we stopped feeding CHINA made products to our dogs (4 legged children) when Shiloh died 🙁 fyi, we bought these products at petsmart, petco ,sams club and Costco .

  96. Laurie Sigloch says:

    Our golden loved the chicken jerky strips we usually purchased at Petco and Costco – he always had diarrhea. Never again will I give these or any other China made dog treats/food to our pup. Thanks for informing us before he got too sick.

  97. Derrick Bolton says:

    No Amount Of Money Can Bring MINE AND MY KIDS Pet (Blu) Back……Truly At A Lost Of Words

  98. Amie hamer says:

    My dog became I’ll after eating these treats. Vomitimg, and having diharriea she became extremely dehydrated for several weeks. She died I believe as a result of these treats. It is heartbreaking.

  99. Kisha Garbutt says:

    I bought my dog Ben the yams, PBJ, THE chicken kabobs and the cowboy steaks. Ben got extremely sick.
    Our family thought he had cancer for awhile. He was throwing up every where and running bowels.

  100. Stephanie Wallace says:

    II bought some of these (duck/chicken) for my two Miniature Pinschers Max & Ruby I thought they would enjoy a treat before best time & while training. They made my fur babies sick with diarrhea and vomiting. I took them to our vet’s office & they said that they seemed to have been poisoned, but they were never alone it took my babies 2weeks to recover.

  101. Jeannie Tombrello says:

    My Boston terrier died! Her liver was three times the size it should have been.Vet was giving her pill to help her liver heal.

  102. CArl Micahel says:

    My dog, (junior ) was givin these dog treats waggin whatevers and he immmediately started acting sick. acting funny, and being weak, and i just feel like i dont know my dog anymore and he just hasnt been the same anymore, i miss my dog.

  103. Tisha Parris says:

    waggon trains made my dog sick to the point of dehydration and had to be goven fluids at vet.

  104. Cindy Yorba says:

    The product also made my Dog have diarrhea and vomit

  105. rudy says:

    my dog had the S**** everywhere. lots of Diarrhea. He was whining a lot like something was bothering him.

  106. Jaclyn says:

    My dog vomited from this, and died.

  107. jen reinert says:

    My dog got sick every time she ate these.

  108. Lisa Atwood says:

    I bought these treats for my dog and she was sick for weeks

  109. Matt P Tonning III says:

    I fed Lady (Terrier) the yams, PBJ, THE chicken kabobs and the cowboy steaks. Ben got extremely sick.
    Our family thought he had cancer for awhile. He was throwing up every where and running bowels.

  110. Stephanie Smith says:

    My dog, Max, had kidney and liver failure. We had to put him down. I still keep his dog license tag in my jewelry box. Finally bought another dog from the humane society, we thought Daisy had cancer cb she was sick all day. Had to put her down too. I thought by giving the dogs “healthy” snacks and food they would live longer. After two dogs so sick and having to be put to sleep in a short period of time I thought I was just had bad luck with animals.

  111. marie wilson says:

    My dear sweet Shylo dog got really really sick. When I took her to the vet, she insisted on doing numerous testing, come to find out after 5 continuous days of extreme testing and $1500.00 later (at Christmas time) my baby contracted a parasite that created her liver to become 5 times larger than it should have been from feeding her duck and chicken jerky treats as well as HEALTHY PROMISE. (ya real healthy, maybe the manufacturer should try feeding it to their pets, and lets see what happens). Unfortunately we had to have her put down. When I asked the vet if my shylo was in pain, she said i’m not sure about pain, HOWEVER. I’m SURE SHE’S REAL UNCOMFORTABLE and has been for quite some time. What a horrible thing to endure. YES I would love to receive some kind of compensation for all the medical bills, BUT, HOW DO YOU PUT A $ AMOUNT ON ONE OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!! I miss her dearly

  112. Erica says:

    Wow I used to buy my dog all sorts of these treats before he died & never made the connection with them & the diarrhea. I’m so mad at myself.

  113. Cherokee Tuttle says:

    My 1 1/2 year old boxer became ill from the treats almost immediately after digesting them but I was un aware of this because she would wonder off to have privacy while not feeling well. Because of this I was unable to see the signs to soon enough to help her and soon after she died from Dysentery after a bacteria from the contaminated treats caused her to be ill. I am very upset over this matter because she was not only a $650 papered show dog with an excellent blood line that we traveled a long distance to purchase, but she was also my childrens pet and a beloved family member. I just wish I could turn back time and put those damn treats back on the shelf!!! RIP LUCY…..Woof!

  114. Harvey says:

    we have been buying and feeding our two golden retriever pups these products since we purchased them. both of them became very ill with vomiting and diarrhea,. we thought the seller sold us sick puppies. The remainder of the litter was healthy as can be. we found both of them dead weeks later. we want our babies back!

  115. ronnie clemons says:

    has a litter of am staff puppies that became sice after consumming these treats i thought it was parvo all lived thru the first attack but then when they became healthy again i feed them the remander of the treats and they began to vomit and have diahareaha and all died within 2 weeks.

    these guys should be nailed to the wall. they injured/killed alot of family members.

  116. M. Nelson says:

    Its hard to talk about still. Beau loved his snacks and food, never did we dream
    that feeding our pet would be the cause of his death.
    Sending my regards to all the other pet owners who suffered with their
    pets and pets…..Chasing bunnies over clouds now…..

  117. clemmie holmes says:

    I buy wagging train an beef treats an one got sick an die an the other got. Well an I always buy that dog food an treats for about 23years

  118. christy vazanko says:

    my dog got very sick from eatting chicken stiks from canyon creek products amoung other thing vommiting throwng up and took days for him to be normal again

  119. Thomas Burman says:

    stopped by walmart to buy my buddy’s dog some treats and it got sick.

  120. kelley moore says:

    in october 2014 My dog ate treats regulary. My dog died with a bad liver. My dog turned yellow and died.

  121. kelley moore says:

    They said my dog had leptosporosis my dog was the hospital for 1 week and died. he was moaning, he turned yellow and his liver gave out. Im devastated.

  122. LUISA PFAU says:

    my dog used to get sick to his stomach and have chronic diarrhea . we changed his food several times but never his treats. he was only 5. i have no idea if these products ( purchased several of them ) contributed to his death…he passed away at home and was cremated directly ( no autopsy )… this was 6yrs ago.

    recently i purchased a new treat for my present dog a treat from petsmart… dental cleaning treat by authority. and he became ill for almost 3 weeks… vomiting. IM NEVER BUYING THAT AGAIN EITHER

  123. Robbin Morales says:

    I had a Doberman Pincher Who got cancer and died when I took her to the vet they told me it was caused by the treats I was giving her.Was so heart broken and so taking back by this that a treat that I was giving my dog could kill her.

  124. Marcos Mena says:

    My kid was heart broken when lucky passed away

  125. Patricia says:

    My mother had three dogs to die from eating this dog food/treats. She believed that they were poisoned sadly she did not take them to the vet. Therefore, she has no proof it was the dog food.

  126. Zackry Cephas says:

    I had these treats for about 2 months. At first, my dog didn’t care for them, but when his food ran out i started giving him the treats. A few days later, I came home from work to find my dog laid out. I had no idea until now what it could have been.

  127. Hassen says:

    My dog wasn’t feeling very good, but I thought he would get better over time, however he got more and more sick tell it was to late. I lost my best friend because of your god damn product, you think money can heal losing a lost friend!!!

  128. Latasha wheeler says:

    My dogs were popping everywhere ad throwing up for days.

  129. Ebiere Sofiyea says:

    The Drummettes treats made My dog vomit she was in critical condition.

  130. Dawn Beauvais says:

    My dog was sick for days with the runs and vomiting it took me a while to figure out the connection. Thank God my baby didn’t die as others have … They need to pay up. no amount of money brings back all these beloved pets that lost their lives!

  131. pace says:

    i wonder would these cause lumps in the breast area, our dog eats these all the time.

  132. Destiny goss says:

    My dog almost died 6 months ago liver started shutting down had to rush her to vet she hasn’t been 100% since.
    She is an older dog it was hard for her to bounce back.



  134. JoAnn Vance says:

    Thank God, I learned about these treats and there dangers before my dog became violently ill. 3 days my poor dog was ill.

  135. Richard Waltz says:

    I had a doberman too, I gave her these treats almost everyday. I drive over the road and my wife never said anything about her being sick all of the time. I saw her fall over in the backyard on a saturday afternoon, and rushed her to emergency animal hospital, but she died sunday night.
    shame …shame for killing my my “Zap”.

  136. Tracy Starkey says:

    My poor golden retriever was sick for days! She didn’t want to eat or drink! It was horrible!

  137. david houle says:

    my poor dog was so sick from the food for weeks

  138. jul says:

    What dates of purchase of these products are eligible for the Waggin’ Train class action settlement?

    Hi Jul,
    This settlement does not have date restrictions

  139. Louis Balaban says:

    My poor babies! One was sick for a whole week!

  140. Kellie My says:

    So, I have 2 dogs that passed – due to these treats.
    My mother also lost 2 dogs from the chicken jerky treats.

    This was over 1.5 year span. I am submitting claims for both myself and my mother. However, I cannot locate the vet bills and we have since moved. If I submit a copy of my credit card statement, is that good enough??? I don’t even think the vet is still working, as we have been going to him for over 30+ years. I believe he retired.
    Please respond to my question.

    Thank you

    Hi Kellie,
    Per the settlement to recover the maximum amount you can from the Settlement Fund, attach proof of your veterinary expenses and treatments, such as veterinarian bills, veterinarian records, cancelled checks, receipts, credit card receipts or statements, or a statement from your veterinarian.

    Thanks for your question

  141. Maggie Johnson says:

    I gave my dog the chicken Jerkey sticks and he became very ill, he would not eat and became very lathargic. I discontinued giving him the treats and about a week or so he started to feel better.

  142. Jerry morton says:

    My dog became very ill she was vomiting and lifeless for a week I took her to the vet he said she had infection in her gut gave her necessary medicige. He commented treats were suppose to. Be off the market. Ihad purchased them from a clearance shelf in Walmart.she had eaten them for years. That is the Wagon train jerkey treats. She died a few days after I took her to the vet. I miss her so much. .

  143. bridgette roberson says:

    I gave my dog the waggin treats and he became sick he was laying in one spot all day for about 3 weeks he didn’t want to go for walks he was just lazy

  144. Shannon Nielsen says:

    My poor baby dogs. I gave my dogs the chicken Jerkey sticks and they both became very sick.They were extremely lethargic.Once I found out what was causing the illness and after a couple of days I could see that they were feeling a lot better.

  145. George Humphrey says:

    After feeding my dog wagon train jerkey treats,my dog became ill and was sick for about a week.

  146. Tonia Wood says:

    On the form there are tree questions. Mark this one if your pet never got sick but went to vet, mark this one if your pet got sick and went to vet, and mark this if your pet died and went to vet.
    What do you mark if you didn’t take them to the vet?

    Hi Tonia,
    If you did not take them to the vet you can only be reimbursed for the monies you spend buying treats based on the pro rata distribution set by the judge.

  147. Tonia Wood says:

    Do you have to fill out a form for each pet separately?

  148. HARI POUDEL says:

    My dog puked and died after eating this waggin treats ! never forget that day

  149. Mizar Perez says:

    I have four dogs, they all got diareah and trew up once gave treats.

  150. jeanetta daniel says:

    My Toy Poodle ,Babe died a horrible death she would bark when she wanted to to go out, but she stated wetting in the house without barking to go out. I had been feeding her that chicken,veggie bites then I switched to chicken jerky bites then she started throwing up, two days later on my birthday September 15, Babe died. I was so hurt I was going to take her to get groomed wih ribbons on her ears. Today is March 2015, don’t seem like she’s been gone six months.

  151. jeanetta daniel says:

    I wish I had my Babe back for my Bithday this year!

  152. Gobinda says:

    RIP Pouncer ! and will this company be able to compensate my loving dog ?

  153. Mary says:

    Does this have to be filed by the 1st of April or the 23rd?
    Their website says by the first

    Hi Mary
    Deadline is April 1st

  154. Gerri dale says:

    After eating your treats my dog became sick with horrible pain in the tummy, after seeing the er vet and X-rays we found that the treat lodged it’s self in the stomach sideways causing sever problems after a overnight stay under observation we had to wait to see if he would be able to naturally pass the treat or if he’d need Surgery to remove it. After a lot of money pain sweat and fear he did finally pass it but it’s a shame you carelessly put a tiny animal through all that because of negligence pure and simple. I’m lucky mine didn’t die you all should be so ashamed of yourselves.

    Gerri dale

  155. Sherry Dotson says:

    I have three dogs. I bought the drumettes for my Maltese and the wrapped rawhide for my two bigger dogs, they all got bad diarrhea and I stopped the treats. Thank God they only got sick.

  156. Kathy murray says:

    My poor beagle got sick from the chicken jerky treats. I wish I would have never heard of them. She was so sick for over a year with kidney failure, and vomiting. We tryed everything to keep her alive. Iv’s at home special food. Over night hospital stays. Just watching her so sick broke my heart. She was a wonderful dog will never have a other one like her. When she first got sick I called the company and they said no they are fine nothing to worry about. How can they get away with this and it is still going on with dog treats and food. Some people say they are just animals not true. Wonder what is in our food think about it. The government needs to be more active of the things that we get from other countries. Labels claim it is made in the USA but you have to really read the labels. No more china crap for my animals.

  157. Mauricio says:

    my Blue-Nose Pit had diarrhea the next morning after eating Waggin Train Prod. Chicken Jerkey Bites

  158. Helen Nunez says:

    Purchased these products for my boxer because he couldn’t eat a lot of treats. He loved these. He got watery stools and vomited constantly. 1600.00 later he passed anyway

    • Sarah says:

      Make sure to keep your vet bills so they can reimburse you, sorry for everyones loss my little gus gus died too. All dogs go to heaven:)



  160. Blake Mehr says:

    My dog lost massive amounts of weight while consuming multiple products. His stool was always loose while eating Yam Good-Wholesome Yams Wrapped with Chicken. He threw up numerous times from many products.

  161. Allen Payne says:

    No settlement yet ?

  162. sarah edwards says:

    I may have missed this claim..the other site said the time to file has ended. I am looking to start another suit against this company. Not that I believe it will bring Tinker back…but this company needs to pay for what they’ve done to these dogs. I watched a part of my family go through the most horrible painful death…this company needs to pay and the more attention this gets, the more customers they lose!

  163. Greg says:

    Ok so I filled forms out a while back now that the date has ended april 1st,Now what happens?? when do they try to figure out the monetary side of it. Do they automatically appeal it?? Thanks

    ADMIN- Hi Greg,
    Sometimes the process takes years. Be patient and follow us on Facebook to find out which checks are in the mail.

  164. Mary B. says:

    The judge has approved the final judgement on June 23rd 2015. When will they distribute compensations to class action members?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    As soon as we have more details about distribution we will share it on our Facebook page.

  165. Mary B. says:

    Hi ADMIN,

    Can you confirm that Judge rendered final approval on 6/23/2015? Go their website, then click on important documents, the open the Final Approval in acrobat pdf. Let me know if the information is correct, because my husband sent email to class action admin, and their response is that the Judge has not decided on Final approval. Their response is not valid. Kindly verify. Thank you

  166. John C. says:

    I have spoken with the law firm, the judge did approve settlement on 6/23/15. They are now trying to settle who gets what, depending on did your dog die, get sick, still being treated or what. I was told that that the checks will be to us before the end of August.

    • Mary B. says:

      Under the settlement, “The Claims Administrator shall use its best efforts to distribute the net Settlement Fund to Settlement Class Members within one hundred eighty (180) days of the Effective Date.” The Effective Date is July 24, 2015. I strongly suspect that the distribution will happen well before that deadline, as it has had the claims for at least three months, and has already processed the vast majority of them. At any rate: that deadline will be January 20, 2016. Any money you are due on your claim would be paid by then.

  167. Nique says:

    It’s been months once this case closed when will we get our checks

    ADMIN – Hi Nique,

    Please consider contacting the class action administrator directly to find out more details about the timelines.

    • Mary B. says:

      Under the settlement, “The Claims Administrator shall use its best efforts to distribute the net Settlement Fund to Settlement Class Members within one hundred eighty (180) days of the Effective Date.” The Effective Date is July 24, 2015. I strongly suspect that the distribution will happen well before that deadline, as it has had the claims for at least three months, and has already processed the vast majority of them. At any rate: that deadline will be January 20, 2016. Any money you are due on your claim would be paid by then.

      • Chris W says:

        No, I haven’t received anything. It went to court on June 23 I think but I don’t understand the legal jargon. I had receipts too and received nothing yet.

  168. John C. says:

    Has anyone received a check? And did u have your pet put down or what were its problems?

  169. John C. says:

    Anyone have administrator’s number?

    • Mary B. says:

      Hi John C.
      Try and call the law firm again, request administrator direct line from, am sure they may help out. The phone number in their website is an automated response—not human. Please confirm once again if distribution of payment would happen by August. I posted the information I got from them previously. Let me know. Thanks

  170. Nique says:

    Will checks be mailed out before the end of July I need a straight answer how long do we have to wait

  171. Mary B. says:

    Any recent updates?

  172. Jeff A. says:

    One lady who objected to the settlement (she objects to MANY class actions and they call her a “serial objector”) has appealed the approval of the settlement. Unfortunately, this will delay any payments to class members for many months while we fight her appeal. It’s very disappointing to all of us.

  173. Jeff A. says:

    Serial objectors are bottom-feeders and have no interest in helping the class. I am positive that the objector – Serina Narkin – has no pure motives in doing what she is doing. It will be many many months before the appeal is ever set or heard by the appeals court. Class members usually do not attend, but it’s all open to the public.

  174. Ashley says:

    I think the objector, Serina Narkin, needs to file a suit on her own….making all of us wait for our settlements. As if it wasn’t hard enough going through the ordeal with my dogs in the first place.

  175. John C. says:

    I have received 3 calls from the administrator’s office that they are reviewing my claim.

  176. Mary B. says:

    Dear John C.,
    Did you inquire from the administrator’s office if there is on going appeal of the class settlement approval? Did they tell when there would be payment distribution to class-members? Thank you again.

  177. John C. says:

    No to all questions, have not heard from them since last week and I never got the phone #, but since they called me 3 times, I feel I will hear from them again and this time I will get the #.

  178. Ashley says:

    I sent an email to the administrator and received the following response today:
    The Court granted Final Approval on June 23, 2015. This case is currently in the pre-disbursement phase. Claims are processing and being adjudicated. Once this stage is complete, eligible Claimants that received an Award will be sent a check. These checks should be mailed within 90 days, unless an Appeal is filed. The Settlement Website will be updated once checks are sent out or if an Appeal is filed. It is located at (note: this is the only information we have at this time).

  179. Jeff A. says:

    The appeal is still on going. I spoke with the class action attorney—he said the settlement admin will update the website soon to reflect the current status of the settlement class action.

  180. Allen Payne says:

    This is on appeal was told it could take years for this settlement to be collected

  181. John C. says:

    Spoke with administrator people, judge has to rule on 10/6. Hope we will hear good news then.

  182. Robin M says:

    I received a letter in the mail today stating that my claim was approved and basically to be patient during this appeal process. Here’s hoping that this finally gets resolved. We lost another dog 2 weeks ago from long term effects of these chinese treats. Since the claim is already closed it seems I have to way to collect on those other 2K worth of vet costs that he endured during his final month.

  183. John C. says:

    spoke with the lawyer today, the woman who keeps objecting and is holding this up, has till 11/6 to file another appeal. So we won’t know anything till the middle of Nov. How can one person be allowed to do all this, what a system we have.

  184. Christine J. says:

    What happened in appeal on 10/6?

  185. John C. says:

    They allowed her more time to file another appeal.

  186. Dominique says:

    So when are checking coming out seems like we keep getting the run around you email people they say the same thing over and over then they mail out letters I need a direct answer are the checking coming within the month or we waiting some more years

    ADMIN – Hi Dominique,

    Most settlements take years. Be patient.

  187. Christine J says:

    So this crazy lady and her husband get to hold up the system and prevent everybody else from receiving their money? Does/Did she even own a dog? This hardly seems fair. My dog was killed over by his food bowl. And this lady want to keep appealing so they pay her more than everybody else. Why don’t she just take her lawyer husband and do an entire lawsuit on her own? All these cases (12) I keep hearing about her appealing…come on now, we all know she is being “shady”.

  188. care bear says:

    I know I sick of waiting I want my money I spent a lot of money on there product and that lady needs to go some where ….

  189. Renee Giles says:

    SO, Someone keeps appealing the case to insure they receive more money? That is crazy. Prolong their money and just send me mines.

  190. Miquelon says:

    Any new updates on when checks are going out? Did the appeal get resolved?

    ADMIN – Hi Miquelon,

    At the time the appeals have not been resolved.

  191. care bear says:

    I know this is crazy that lady should take what they give her I hope this money comes be for the end of the year is there a number we can call???

  192. Nique says:

    Any updates on the status of the rebate

    ADMIN- Hi Nique,

    An appeal was filed on July 2015

  193. care bear says:

    Did the lady file another appeal Nov 6 or what ????

  194. John C. says:

    I will call tomorrow and find out.

  195. Night says:

    Does anyone know if checks are being mailed? Or if waiting for that woman’s appeal?

  196. Christine J. says:

    I don’t know. Did John C. ever find out about it?

  197. Patti S says:

    Got a reply from the Settlement site, they say they don’t know anything since the appeal being filed July 23rd. I also noticed that the “security certificated” are out of date on the website so I can’t get on it. I got the reply through the attorney who forwarded it to the Settlement site. This all is beginning to sound kind of fishy to me. If anyone finds out anything specific please inform us.

  198. John C. says:

    The last contact with the attorney is that the WITCH has until Fri to pay the fees to file another appeal, if she doesn’t pay the fees, everything is a go. This WITCH is just trying to get money out of the attorney she wants to be paid to stop all these appeals.

  199. care bear says:

    I need to hear that checks are being mailed out that’s about it I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to get what we paid and then surfer for paying for some bullshit if anyone knows something please let me know thanks………

  200. Nicole P says:

    Appeal was denied by judge, hopefully this will clear it up soon and they can start to send checks.

  201. care bear says:

    I hope so

  202. Mia says:

    Any updates on when checks will be mailed

  203. Patti says:

    Received following by email today:Good Morning,

    We received an order from Judge Gettleman on November 13, 2015 denying Sebrina Narkin’s, the objector, Forma Pauperis Petiton. The Forma Pauperis Petition gave Mrs. Narkin a waiver so that she wouldn’t be responsible for the fees associated with filing a petition in the Seventh District Court of Appeals. We gave Judge Gettleman proof that her claim that she was unable to pay was false. We also found evidence that she had other objections filed in numerous class action cases that have been dismissed as frivolous. He reviewed the evidence and decided to deny Mrs. Narkin’s application because it was not taken in good faith(with sincerity of intention).

    We believe this appeal will be dismissed but we have to wait for it to be resolved so that we can determine when the settlement checks will be issued.

    Thank you,

    LaToya Lewis


    Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin LLC

    Hopefully this means we are in the home stretch

    • Christine J. says:

      What is the update now? 11-30 has passed.

      ADMIN – Hi Christine,

      We have not seen anything in the news yet. When we do we will let our followers know via Facebook.

  204. John C. says:

    Her appeal goes back to the other court and she has till 11/30 to either pay the fees or file another appeal. Attorneys feel that should end it for her……………………………….hopefully

  205. care bear says:

    How much longer can this take???

    ADMIN- Hi Care,

    Years perhaps.

  206. Adrian Love says:

    She had until 11/30/2015 did she file a appeal..on the dog Treats settlement thanks to everyone for the update’s

  207. care bear says:

    Anyone have updates

  208. John C. says:

    my source is on vacation, I’am trying to find out, no luck yet.

  209. Patti S says:

    Funny how everybody’s source has a different response, maybe they ought to be talking to each other.

  210. Jeff A. says:

    Unfortunately, nothing from appeals court yet. We called the appeals court clerk to see if there was anything We could do, and they said we just have to wait for the court to issue an order.

  211. Amanda says:

    When r they sending out payments how long this take

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    On occasion it can take years.

    • Amanda says:

      Is there any hope of getting settlements anytime soon…… They should be held responsible for selling this stuff……. And what is has done to our animals pure non sense……

      ADMIN- Hi Amanda,

      It may take a little while before you get monies. Don’t count on settlements when planning your budget.

  212. Simone says:

    Here’s an idea; how about seeking information from the source. The source in this case would be the plaintiff’s representatives, the law firm of Robbins Gellers Rudman & Dowd LLP,

  213. Patti Palmere says:

    I didn’t read all of these posts but there was another woman who filed an appeal in March her name is Connie Curts she has a website about poisoned pets. I just don’t understand why they won’t pay out the money to us. I was one of the lucky ones. Both of my dogs started to get sick and I stopped them right away and neither had permanent damage but the Vet Bills were extremely high. I am so sad for all the people who lost their pets.

  214. Tiffany says:

    Website now officially says pre-disbursement instead of appeal filed. I think everyone who suffered a loss will finally get some closure.

  215. care bear says:

    The appeals was denied and now the claim status is in pre disbursement so I guess just wait for checks now ya found out on the website

  216. Patti says:

    received this vThis was sent to class members from James Latturner, the attorney at our firm on 12/11/15.

    The 7th Circuit has dismissed the Narkin appeal. We and the other attorneys believe the checks should be mailed on 12-21. We are trying to confirm with defendant’s attorney that the checks will be ready by that date.
    ia email from attorneys

  217. Pattie Price says:

    When will checks be mailed, I received a letter saying m claim was approve. It didn’t however mention how much reimbursement I was entitled too. I filed a claim for one pet, spot, my beloved mixed terrier.

    ADMIN – Hi Pattie,

    We will update you via Facebook when we hear more information about the timelines associated to this settlement.

    • Pattie Price says:

      They sent out generic approval letters, trying to appease class members
      Now I find out that there will be no payment received until March. And we can’t find out how much each person will recieve
      We should start a petition for the administrator to release payment.

      ADMIN – Hi Pattie,

      Handling a distribution with thousands of valid class members is a very complex process. It takes time. A petition won’t expedite the distribution.

      • Pattie Price says:

        We don’t know when, or how much were just waiting with unanswred questions,

      • Pattie Price says:

        My pet spot died from eating these things, watching him grow sicker and sicker each day the finally dying was torture. I’m trying to buy a new pet for my kids for Xmas with the money I am going to retrieve from this settlement, if we ever see a check.

  218. care bear says:

    My sister emailed the attorney and there satin checks will be mailed in March 2016 so I here we go with the run around again I just want hear one thing so I can go off that can we all get on the same page…….

    • Pattie Price says:

      I received the same response from class counsel, March 2016 because of the right to appeal in supreme court.

  219. Patti Palmere says:

    The web site has now been changed to Pre-Disbursement. The judge has Dismissed all of the appeals. The Law Firm handling it says that they should be sending out checks soon. This is good news

    • Pattie Price says:

      Sending out checks soon puhlease the attorney I spoke with said possibly March for distribution

  220. Jeff A. says:

    We reviewed the specific language in the settlement agreement approved by the Judge and it requires not just that the appeals were dismissed, but that all time for further appellate review have passed. Supreme Court Rule 13 gives a person 90 days from an order of an appeals court (here, the dismissal of her appeal) to seek review by the Supreme Court. Nestle will not agree to release the funds until this time has run. I’m frustrated too, but the funds simply cannot be released until this time has passed.

  221. Pattie Price says:

    Now class counsel is saying that even though her timeframe to appeal is 60-90 days, it could take an additional year to “PROCESS” CLAIMS. ONE THINGS CERTAIN I SMELL A RAT NOBODY CAN KEEP THEIR LIES STRAIGHT I MEAN IF YOUR GOING TO LIE TO CLASS MEMBERS SHOULDNT ALL THE LAWYERS BE ON THE SAME PG. SMH

  222. Tracy says:

    The status has now been changed to appeal resolution. What that means?

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    It is pretty complex but generally speaking it means progress.

  223. Chris W says:

    OMG! I just can’t believe it! Another year!

  224. Christine J. says:

    I guess Santa forgot to send the checks this year! We got spoofed-facular,

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    Santa is not the class action administrator. To blame him for long timelines in class actions is just not fair.

  225. Adrian Love says:

    No money no time soon can we file something for more information about the case.. thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Adrian,

    You can always contact the class action administrator or class counsel if you feel like you need additional info.

  226. John C. says:

    Spoke with lawyer, this person who is holding everything up has until March 6th to appeal this to the Supreme Court. The last court gave her the 90 days to do it. I understand that there is no way that this can be stopped and surely it will not be filed by her, and of course the Supreme Court would not accept the case. We will have to sit and wait to see our justice system work, my God how stupid this is By the way, try and find a dog treat that is not from China……………………………… the labels.

    • Marla says:

      After losing my little Abby and my Buttercup and Mac were made very sick, I started making all my treats. Peanut butter ones are a favorite of my two dogs.

  227. Patti S says:

    Just a note here, after this whole thing I gave up giving my dog “dog treat” as John says very hard to find ones not made in china and after this how do you trust the ones that say they are? I give our new corgi “dollar store” butter cookies, I can break them up into little pieces and I know what’s in them. I also use pieces of carrots, green beans or apples. He seems just as happy as a dog who get’s packaged biscuits and treats and probably much happier. I also add these same things (less the butter cookies) to his food. No more canned stuff any more don’t trust the whole industry anymore.

  228. Cindy S says:

    This person who’s holding everything up — is she the one who’s filed to hold up a lot of litigation cases in hopes that she can get money out of the litigants to drop her objections?

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    We don’t know if this person is involved in other appeals.

  229. John C. says:

    this person and her husband have been involved in many other appeals. They appeal them to get money from the law firms, I’ll stop appealing if you pay me off………wonderful country AMERICA

  230. John C. says:

    This woman has till 3/9 to file with Supreme Court, which she certainly will not do. So they should distribute funds after that.

  231. Cindy S says:

    Thanks again, John C!

  232. Adrian Love says:

    I thought she had till March 6th 2016

  233. Antoinette says:

    I want to buy my children a new pet to help deal with the loss of our dearly departed one. My kids watched my dog die. They watched his condition deteriorate daily.

    ADMIN – Hi Antoinette,

    We are terribly sorry about your loss and encourage you to get another pet for your children.

    • Antoinette says:

      I wish the settlement administrator would enable me to get another pet. Why won’t they bring this case to a close and pay people the measely hundred bucks they think compensates for the loss of our pets

  234. Mary E says:

    Any updates!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Updates will only be posted on our Facebook page.

    • Adrian Love says:

      why only on Facebook and not your website where everybody is that

      ADMIN – Hi Adrian,

      Because I like to keep the posts on this page clean and simple.

  235. Christine J. says:

    Can somebody post here what they say on Facebook if you have an account over there? I hate that website. It tracks and monitors everywhere a person goes. Because of that, I actually lost some money out my checking account a few years ago. I then closed my Facebook. They still track 30 days after closing the account. I wish they stop not posting my comments here. I have to come back and redo the comment I wanted to leave every 3 or 4 times.

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    Another option is for you to do a search on the topic of concern using Google and you will have results that include the latest news on this matter.

  236. Adrian Love says:

    If everyone know about the Facebook page for the dogTreats settlement or do everyone have any information about the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Adrian,

    Here is the latest. The judge issued an order to dismiss the appeal. You can read the order here:

  237. Amanda says:

    When are rebate checks being sent out??????? Does anyone know?????

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    I have no updates on this matter. I will update you when I hear something.

  238. Chris W says:

    I wrote to Product Settlement email address and just heard back from Wendy. She says “Please be advised we expect to be able to commence disbursement within 10 business days. Thank you for your patience.” I do hope this is true.

  239. Shelby Cooper says:

    Anyone hear when checks will be issued? ???

    ADMIN – Hi Shelby,

    I just saw a comment that the settlement will be paid within the next 10 days.

  240. Cindy S says:

    I sent the attorneys an email last week, asking when the checks would be mailed. Two days later I received this email reply. No other replies since then:

    “Thank you for your email.
    We are looking into your inquiry and will get back to you as soon as possible.

  241. Me says:

    I heard from another class action site that the checks will be issued on Friday 3/18/16

  242. Cindy S says:

    Chris W, you said you received an email from Wendy, saying “Please be advised we expect to be able to commence disbursement within 10 business days. Thank you for your patience.”

    The email about which I posted was from a Wendi S., whose title is Dog Treat Products Settlement Claims Administrator. She told me that she was looking into my question of when the checks would be mailed — but she never gave me an answer. That was last Tuesday.

  243. Shelby Cooper says:

    Has anyone heard anything about when checks will be issued? ??

  244. Marcia says:

    No straight answer with any of my emails.

    ADMIN – Hi Marcia,

    Did you contact the class action admin or class counsel?

  245. Marcia says:

    Does anyone know if we indeed receive 100 percent of proof? My documentation was approved a long time ago. Thank you

  246. Shelby Cooper says:

    Just heard from rhe lawyer checks went out on friday..3/18

  247. christie says:


  248. Sharon says:

    Just seen on on another site where some guy got he’s check and it was $10 and he said he even turned in all he’s paper work. And some lady got $215. If this is true then this is so sad as i turned in everything they needed. If anyone does hear anything let us know.

  249. Cindy S says:

    Thanks, Shelby. I hope the info given to you is truthful. I sent a followup email to my first inquiry and never heard back.

  250. Maria says:

    I just got a check for $55. I am a little more than pissed off right now because my dogs all got sick from this and I filled out everything correctly. This is ridiculous.

    • Amanda says:

      me too maria I only got $55.72,, that is a disgrace….. beyond pissed off I emailed them about it too

      • Maria says:

        Yeah that’s exactly what mine was. I haven’t heard back from them, which doesn’t surprise me because I’m sure they’re getting lots and lots of emails from pissed off people. Why have us dig up all this information saying they’ll fully reimburse us when they aren’t? I understand if they cut the amount people with undocumented claims receive because of the number of people making claims, but it makes me sick that they would not fully reimburse for WELL DOCUMENTED claims. This is why I usually throw CAL notices away.

  251. Connie says:

    I got $223, my dog threw up

  252. LesleyG says:

    I saw $100 and something $200 and something what happened to the at least $300 without proof that was supposed to be sent. If they are not living up to that then someone like me who sent proof what do we get?

    ADMIN – Hi Lesley,

    To get clarification on how your settlement was calculated you need to contact the class action administrator.

  253. Cindy S says:

    I received my check today. Thanks so much to this site for providing a forum for us to inform each other of updates and info.

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    You are quite welcome. It is our pleasure to serve you.

  254. Chris W says:

    I received my check today for $275. Now you might think that is a lot but I had receipts for bills totaling $500. There were to other charges but I couldn’t locate the actual receipts for those going back to 2008.

  255. Martha H says:

    I received my payment. It was more than I thought I would receive after reading other comments here. I submitted $729.40 in medical bills with extensive documentation provided by my vet. An additional $129.30 of “purchases” without a receipt. My check was $544.60. I am not sure how it was calculated, but I believe my vet’s participation and greatly detailed documentation perhaps provided this larger payment.

  256. PD says:

    Does anyone know how to reach a LIVE person to speak with on how the settlement checks were calculated? I submitted a claim form and receipts for bills that totaled up to $2-3K and my settlement check was only for $68.72. This is outrageous….

    ADMIN – Hi PD,

    Have you tried their toll free?

  257. joe says:

    Yea, i got $35, and know 2 people that filed and got nothing. I emailed them also, but (of course), no response. We need to do something about these thieves. I think it is Heffler group. they don’t want us to know. Any Suggestions.

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    It does not look like its was the admin group that you suggest. Your best bet would be to contact class counsel to submit a complaint.

  258. Patti Palmere says:

    I got my check today I have two dogs who were pretty sick but recovered, My check was $600,00 I cant say I was disappointed. I don’t know what the criteria was for the amount, I hope the others who got less and went through more.

  259. Patti Palmere says:

    I think some of it may be how the forms were filled out. You had to be very detailed and precise, Also these people who got less did the get a letter that their claim was approved? I got that letter,

    • Maria says:

      I got a letter. I was also pretty detailed and precise with the claim. I had 3 dogs get sick and one died. I got $55.

      ADMIN – Hi Maria,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  260. altonya N johnson says:

    I did a claim for this case but I haven’t received my refund my address is 328 Cunningham st greenville ala 36037 my name is altonya n johnson can someone please call me at 334 210-1836 or email me back regarding my refund please.

    ADMIN – Hi Altonya,

    You need to contact the class action administrator using the information listed on the main page of the settlement.

  261. very upset says:

    Funny my daughter paid 400.00 less than me. With her vet bills. Yet she received an 18.00. And I recieced 223.00. I called to ask questions I had been in touch with the class council lawyer he at first gives me the same number I had been given already so when I respond back with this he waits it is the number he only had them I ask by chance should I call the court house or the judge who handled the case he gets back in touch with me to say he will shoot them out an email and for me to try that numver back and to press 2 after recording which i do i get fabolia she is very nice she will have the claim looked at into by the research dept.she was very cool. Couldnt have asked for better however they did not call me back then my daughter calls to see about her claimbt was today she spoke woth a man then some supervisor all they kept teling her to do is look at the terms on the settlement site. She explains the whole situation and even said listen my mom had a claim explains how she and I have two different dogs both had get bills her bills were even 400.00plus more than mine. Guess what folks. Told to refer to the settlement details and terms. Nothing that can do. So what the hell is wrong with this I tell me. As I m very very confused. She was also told there can be no appeals on the settlement check amounts either. As the case has been closed. I personally do not understand any of this. And yes we both sent in receipts (all) as well as all vet bills and information and contact info and yes we both recieced a letter saying approved. I still have the latter as well I think she does too. Anyhow it’s all a bunch of B.S. and as a pet owner never been so disgusted in a pet company or a settlement administrator or court for improper mishandling of a settlement. Or personal i nformantion………

  262. jeanette snyder says:

    May 12, 2020….I was just forwarded this link to the class action law suite on Purina’s Waggin Train Chicken jerky strips. I understand the suite was settled in 2014, and product was removed from the shelves, but my mini schnauzer, Emma, died just last March 27, 2020, after eating 4 0r 5 strips I purchased at a Dollar General store in El Dorado, Kansas. She started having urinary accidents, was lethargic, didn’t greet me at the door, always thirsty, refused food a week after eating these. When I noticed lumps on each side of her neck, I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and kidney failure. They gave her a life expectancy of 2-3 months, but she was gone within two weeks. I started doing online research and found many complaints similar to mine, by owners who had lost their dogs after giving these treats.
    Just last Wednesday I saw them on the shelf at Sam’s Club in Wichita, Kansas. I may be too late to file a claim, and $$ will never replace my best friend of 10 years, but these products should never be allowed back on the shelf. I am sending information to all my friends to stay away from ALL Purina dog treats. Damn you to hell Purina.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      So sorry to hear about your loss, Jeanette. You’re absolutely right. These products should not be allowed back in stores. You did the right thing, sharing the information to all your friends.