Class Eligibility

All individuals and entities in the United States which paid Defendants or Released Parties one or more of the Fees at any time within the applicable statutes of limitation for each claim through the date notice of this settlement is provided to such individuals and entities.

Estimated Amount


If you are a Class Member who submits a timely and valid claim, you will get a settlement check representing a portion of the fees you paid.

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Case Name

Hunters Run Apartments, LTD et al., v. WCA of Alabama, LLC et. al.
Circuit Court of Jefferson County Alabama

Case Summary

The lawsuit claims that WCA charged and collected “fuel surcharges” (also called “energy recovery fees”) and “environmental fees” which were excessive and unlawful. According to Plaintiffs, by doing these things WCA breached the contracts that some of its customers entered into and violated state statutory law. WCA denies that it did anything wrong, and the Court has not found that WCA did anything wrong.

Settlement Pool





WCA Class Action Settlement Administrator
c/o Dahl Administration, LLC
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

26 responses to “WCA Waste Management Class Action Settlement”

  1. warren reed says:

    we had WCA Waste management from nov,2006 till about march 2014. these charges where on my bill.

    • David Potter says:

      I have called the wcasettlement telephone number (1 888 234 0485). The recording informs me it has been discontinued, how can I get updates on the settlement?

      ADMIN – Hi David,

      If it has been discontinued the case has come to completion. No more updates or monies to be had.

  2. Jennifer Cotten says:

    I used waste management services for my two businesses in Florida from 2009 through 2011

  3. Deneeta Omoruyi says:

    Yes I want to be apart of this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Deneeta,

    If you believe you are a member of the class consider filing a claim.

  4. Susan Couch says:

    I have had WMS for over ten years, yes I want to be a part of this settlement. Thank you for the notification.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    To be a part of the settlement you must submit a claim.

  5. LT says:

    What if we used Waste Management for 12 years and did not receive a post-card with the code on it.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    Please reach out to the admin.

  6. Tabitia Copeland says:

    I had waste management for approx. 3 years please add me to the lawsuit.

    ADMIN – Hi Tabitha,

    Please use the link for the claim form.

  7. Dorothy Townes says:

    How much info to get paid all the checks

    ADMIN – Hi Dorothy,

    Is this a question or a statement?

  8. Rodney Meyers says:

    I had waste management for years but I change because they were ripping me off and many times passed right by my full trash can. I don’t think I have any receipts because it was 4 years ago. But I’m sure waste management has them on record. Can I still enter the lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Rodney,

    All individuals and entities in the United States which paid Defendants or Released Parties one or more of the Fees at any time within the applicable statutes of limitation for each claim through the date notice of this settlement is provided to such individuals and entities.

  9. sarah seals says:

    Also i was wca from 2004 until 2015 please add me to the list

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    I can’t add you to the list. You must file a claim.

  10. YVONNE & ROBT STERK says:


  11. vera b samarian says:

    I had already filed a claim, but have heard nothing do I need to resubmit?

    ADMIN – Hi Vera,

    Contact the class action administrator to check on your claim.

  12. Susanne E Smith says:

    i have accidentally miss placed my card with my claim id number on it. is it possible you would send me another one so i can file my claim. i know for a fact that WCA has been charging me for fuel and such, just paid my bill and that charge was on my bill

    ADMIN – Hi Susanne,

    Contact this email:

  13. Rob Hoover says:

    I filed my claim 2 or 3 months ago. When can I expect my rebate?

    ADMIN – Hi Rob,

    They are still accepting claims up to 75 days after June 13 once they stop receiving claims we will have a better idea as to when the funds will be released.

  14. Sarah says:

    I have not heard anything and cannot locate any information regardinv JUNE 13, 2017 Final Approval Hearing outcome? Was it approved?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    You can email the admin to this address to find out.

  15. paul caylor says:

    I got a ck. in country furniture name but closed business bank acct. need ck in my name keped dumpster an still using it under business name will change it in to just my name when this is done

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    You need to reach out to the class action administrator.

    • paul caylor says:

      cant get a hold of any body call me 1 417 773 7548

      ADMIN – Hi Paul,

      We are an independent website and unable to answer questions specific to your claim. Try reaching out to class counsel.

  16. paul caylor says:

    ive tried phone has been shut off or changed

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    If the phone has been shut down it usually means that the settlement has been distributed fully.

  17. paul caylor says:

    or how to get a hold of class counsil

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    Class counsel is

  18. paul caylor says:

    thank you

  19. Peggy Cameron says:

    This energy recovery fee just showed up on my bill again, hasn’t been on there for months. Was this fee supposed to cease as a result of the lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Peggy,

    I believe the fees were deemed excessive and unlawful. If they revised the amount to be aligned with what the law requires they should be able to charge it.

  20. Bobby says:

    We are trying to get away from them and we still have 1 year and 5 months and we have been with them sense 2006. We just found out they are ripping us off. They have a contract that automatic re ups to three years. We are paying $1150 a month and because they are going up $190,thats the reason we stared looking. We found we can get it for $190 a month for the same service, so my question is if i have these charges can i get out of my contract??

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    I don’t think you can but you can always consult with a lawyer. Just because there is a cheaper service it does not mean a vendor is violating contractual terms.

  21. Joan Blatt says:

    I have not heard from anyone about this & want to know if it is time to file it under closed. Has the WCA Class Action Settlement been resolved or is still continuing?

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    You may no longer file. The settlement has not been completed.

  22. BRUCE S GATES says:

    I received my checks from the lawsuit but they are made out to and old closed bank acct. Can I get them reissued to Bruce Gates

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Bruce. Sorry to hear that. However, since we are only a newspaper of class action settlements, we have no direct connection to the cases we report about. It’s up to our subscribers to follow up directly with their respective claims/settlement administrators. Hope you eventually got in touch with the settlement admin.

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