Class Eligibility

To be eligible to submit a claim for a payment from the Settlement, you must have purchased or used at least one of the following WEN® Products between November 1, 2007 and September 19, 2016: All fragrances and variations of Cleansing Conditioner, Re-Moist Mask, Treatment Mist Duo, Treatment Oil, SIXTHIRTEEN Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment, Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment, Styling Crème, Anti-Frizz Styling Crème, Nourishing Mousse, Volumizing Treatment Spray, Replenishing Treatment Mist, Defining Paste, Straightening Smoothing Gloss, Smoothing Glossing Serum, Glossing Shine Serum, Finishing Treatment Crème, Volumizing Root Lift, Texturizing Spray, Detangling Treatment Spray, Men Control Texture, Men Hair and Body Oil, Bath, Body and Hair Oil, and Texture Balm sold through all outlets (including, but not limited to, Guthy-Renker LLC, WEN by Chaz Dean, Inc., QVC, Amazon and Sephora).

Estimated Amount

$25-$20,000 There are two tiers to this settlement. Individuals in Tier 1 can claim one-time $25 cash payment as compensation for claims of personal injury after using WEN® or for alleged false statements regarding WEN®. Individuals in Tier II are those with documented adverse reactions and should be able to claim more (up to $20,000)
Proof of Purchase
No Tier II needs to provide documentation of adverse reaction
Case Name
Friedman, et al. v. Guthy-Renker et al. Case No. 2:14-cv-06009-ODW District Court for the Central District of California;
Case Summary
Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California claiming that Guthy-Renker, LLC and WEN by Chaz Dean, Inc. (“Defendants”) designed, manufactured and sold WEN® Hair Care Products (“WEN®”) which allegedly cause certain users to suffer personal injury including hair loss, hair damage and and/or scalp irritation. Plaintiffs also asserted that statements made in connection with the marking of WEN® were untrue and misleading. Defendants vigorously deny these allegations and contend that there is no link between hair loss and WEN®. The Court did not decide in favor of Plaintiffs or Defendants. Instead, both sides agreed to this Settlement. This way, both sides avoid the potential risks and cost of a trial
Settlement Pool
WEN Settlement Administrator c/o Dahl Administration PO Box 3614 Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614 1-888-247-5266

288 responses to “WEN Hair Care Class Action Settlement”

  1. Mary Saunders says:

    I bought and used the Web product and my hair started coming out. It was very hard to get the comb through my hair. I stopped using the prod and has plenty left. It is not good for me. My hair was thinning and got real tangled. Not a good product.

    • Belinda Rivas /Trinidad Lara says:

      I bought the products too ,& used it on my husband,me & my daughter & our hair was falling out every time we used but I thought it was trying to get Reed of the bad strands of hair first, but no we still r having to deal with that now, will ever buy again!!?

    • Tammy Tipton says:

      I used the WEN product for quite some time and my hair started coming out. it got so bad I went to dr I thought it might be a medical thing. But my test came back neg. How will I know about my claim? I have heard nothing since I filed the claim? Is there a way to check just to make sure the claim went through?
      Thank you for you time.

      ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

      I encourage you to reach out to the class action administrator. Their contact information is listed above.

  2. Betty Balzer says:

    I have been loosing my hair for some time now thinking it was a medical problem. I reciently went to have my thiroide checked and it was normal. After reading about the class action suite I realized it must be the WEN. I am very disapointed in this product.

    • Brenda M Powell says:

      That’s what I thought too. I had everything checked out but it all came back normal. Now that I stopped using Wen it’s getting a little better. Nothing worse than being bald as a woman

    • Bette says:

      I did the same thing.

  3. SHAYNE ZERUTH says:

    I have bought the product and hair started falling out immediately.

    • Gertie Harvin says:

      Wen I used it thinking that my hair will grow and it took my hair out every time I brush it hair all in the brush just keep falling out, why Chaz The Makers Of Wen State it grow s hair and clean s hair with out a lot Of harsh chemicals ( ) my hair still falling out still getting treatment s today.

      • Speedway says:

        I If u didnot file a claim before April 24,2017.why are telling p epeople your hair problems. What good will that want serve a no purpose.

  4. Eboni Burts says:

    My hair is sensitive and must be treated accordingly. I was misled and when products destroyed my hair. I want Justice.

    • Sammmy says:

      Do you really think you need to leave a comment to file a claim? Unbeliveable

      • teflon don says:

        some people think that coming on here to tell their story will get them money . most of these people prob never seen a WEN product a day in their lives.. just out to make a quick buck deceptive as (profanity moderated) let em keep whining and making up stories its entertaining to read.

        ADMIN – Hi Teflon,

        In some cases they are in fact consumers. It takes someone super naive to pay the kind of money WEN charged for their products.

    • Tammy Jo Duncan says:

      At least you knew about the lawsuit and wen kept sending me their products after I cancelled my order ASAP

  5. TJ Glaza says:

    I have been using only wen products and my hair has been clumping and falling out I am really disappointed in this brand!

  6. Bertha Boyland says:

    I started using Wen because I heard it was a good product for the hair .When I started using wen product my hair was thick ,but after a while my hair started shedding, and became very thin . I stopped using wen . my thyroid is in normal range so I concluded that it was the wen. I have a thin spot in the top of my head. on one side and in the back it is very thin

  7. Dolly Moran says:

    I can’t get the claim form. What should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Dolly,

    I just tested the claim work and it appears to work. Try a different browser perhaps?

  8. Vickie Parks says:

    I bought WEN Intensive Treatment Oil, 4oz and Cleanse & Treat Collection w/ Seasonal Scent. Whenever I combed my hair after using the products my hair came out by fist fulls. I could not believe what was happening and stated to the company who I purchased the product from that I was not happy with the WEN products ordered. I put the hair loss in a baggie once when I combed my hair, which I still have. I still have bald spots and I know hair will not grow in those spots. So sorry so sad.

  9. Suzanne Calandrino says:

    I had been using WEN and after a few washings I would get sores in my head. Very sensitive too touch.

    • Speedway says:

      Why are u telling anybody this.just fill out a claim form before April 28,2017.

    • Saun Hytchr says:

      Me too! My scalp also and my face after hair saturated with product stuck to my face in the shower–radiant skin ruined! Hair thin and fragile now–occasional scalp outbreaks even after product use discontinued for over two years.

  10. Keishonia milton says:

    I tried this product and it did my hair soo bad i had to start completly over. I had to do a chop. So much of my hair began to weaken and break. I really had a time. Not to mention the embarrassment.

  11. Anna Bishop says:

    I started using the shampoo and conditioner my head would itch and start to burn. In the shower i would see so much hair. I couldn’t believe what this product was doing to me. The said part it’s like we can’t change what damage it has done. I trusted them i wanted to look nice, it’s not right. To them it’s about making money, to us the customer we want to look better not be in discomfort and our fair fall out when we wash it.

  12. Betty zurmiller says:

    Bought and used product didn’t work for me at all. My hair was clunky and stopped using.

  13. Betty zurmiller says:

    Was not happy with there product. Made my hair dry. I stopped monthly order. Stop using products.

  14. shelia pharr says:

    dear admin,i bought and used the wen products in 2007 I put in my claim but I bought 5 of them and I don’t have my receipts I put in for the tier one status but I put # 5 on claim form could you please change that to 1 at least I get something back. thank you so kindly

    Hi Sheila,

    I can’t do that for you. You need to contact the class action admin using the information provided above. Just scroll up until your read “contact”.

  15. Wanda Sue Bailey says:

    This product made my hair very dry and it came out..not good

  16. Rosemary Beauchamp says:

    Please provide a direct link to download settlement forms. It is NOT accessible or visible on the as stated in the postcard I received

    ADMIN – Hi Rosemary,

    Here is the link:

  17. David smith says:

    It left hair very dry and tangled

  18. David smith says:

    Dry hair and tangled caused thinning

  19. shelia pharr says:

    thank you,will send that to the adm have a nice day

  20. Elaine Counihan says:

    I started using WEN Hair Products about 4 years ago. I noticed my hair was difficult to comb through after washing, thus losing it as a result. Also, I had very thick hair and now have noticed it has thinned out as well. Last, I have bald patches on the front sides of my head particularly my left side. I also thought it was hormonal but now reading about other claims that it is related to the WEN hair products I was using.

  21. Amarti0234 says:

    So sad that half of these women will lie to take away from the women that had serious hair loss.

    • Jade says:

      Right! I received it as a gift so I don’t think I qualify since I didn’t actually purchase it. 🙁 sadly I do have bald spots but I didn’t buy the product.

      ADMIN – HI Jade,

      If you have a medical report and your containers I think you should qualify.

  22. Jacqueline Davis says:

    I I use the product and was satisfied until learning that Wen product was the only thing that could have caused my hair to be damaged, weak and thinning. I am very disappointed in this product.

  23. Bettie says:

    I I have experienced a numerous amount of shedding and thinning of the hair after using Wen.

  24. Eileen Gobeil says:

    I had been using WENN for a little over a year and I noticed I started getting very itchy bumps in the back of my head that became sores. I then noticed in January 2917 my hair was starting to fall out. I am very disappointed with this product and I hope it has not caused permanent damage.

  25. carolyn Tharp says:

    I used the product, I had my scalp to start itching within thirty minutes of first application. After using several times, I realized it was this product causing a rash on scalp. I stopped using the product, discarded the remainder.

  26. Kathy notz says:

    I purchased this thru QVC and my hair has nEver been the same.
    I I used to have thick beautiful hair-now it’s always unmanageable and falls out with each brushing. The entire texture of my hair has changed. –

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    We are so sorry. Document your injuries with a doctor and file a claim prior to the deadline.

  27. Sharon Anthony says:

    I have been using WENN for several years and did not realize that the cause of my severe hair loss could possibly be linked to using this product. I was extremely surprised at receiving this information and hope to be compensated since now I have resorted to wearing wigs thinking it was a genetic problem.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    Hurry up and file the deadline is quite close.

  28. Jamie says:

    Made my hair dry and thinned it out as well.

  29. Sue Weber says:

    Made my hair dry and tangled.

    • Sue Weber says:

      I mailed in my claimf form back inJanuarary still have not received my $25 Just wondering how long before you pay up?

      ADMIN – Hi Sue,

      The admin of this case will pay sometime after the deadline closes.

  30. Heather says:

    What type of documentation do you need? Sorry if it states it somewhere and I missed it. I didn’t go to the doctor at the time it was happening because I didn’t know it was due to using WEN until I stopped using it (after losing a TON of hair). Please advise if you can.

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    Documentation could include photos, receipts of doctor’s visits, diagnostic documents etc.

  31. Melanie Fontana says:

    I have waist length hair. I used WEN products for about a year. I have lost at least half of the thickness of my hair and what is left is very dry and brittle. It breaks my heart to cut my long hair off. I’ll have to cut at least 12″ of my hair off. I am VERY angry with this. I trusted this product and it comoletely ruined my hair!

    • CJ says:

      why did you use it for a whole year if you were losing hair and what you kept was drying out? makes no sense. switch products BEFORE you torch your hair next time. GEEZE.

  32. rosie says:

    All thus time thought I was aging ungracefully, but I now have developed cow licks around my temples. I never had these. I once laughed at my sisters because I was the one of three that didn’t have them.
    My hair is brittle, dry, falling all out in top and just breaks.
    Il thought being African American that it was not meant for me but it said all types and that shouldn’t matter at all.

    • Speedway says:

      It donot make sense what u for anybody hair,what is colicky got to do with wen products ,it is very simple if your came out while using their products file a claim before April 28,2017,people posting a whole bunch nonsense about their hair.take a picture of their breakage.put all of your problems on your claim please fix income,sad,your life was ruined, who wants to know.file a claim, file a claim. Telling these rea d on is not gonna pop u a check in the mail .file a claim!!!!!

  33. KATHLEEN Bachak says:

    I started using WEN in 2014; several of their products. Several things occurred to me which I will file in my report in detail. I prided myself with beautiful hair all my life until I started using WEN products. First, hair thinning, then hair breakage, brush filled with hair, then major hair loss. I was mortified! I still have some of the unused products and have testimony from a licensed beautician.

  34. donna belanger says:

    yes i purchased the wen product a few months ago. destroyed my hair my hair is so fine now and looks like straw. terrible product.

  35. Peggy Young says:

    First time I used Wen I loved it.Second time,then Third time using it was not good at all.

    • Speedway says:

      U wanted to tell us this for what.if u didnot file a before April 28 ,2017.why even share this.

  36. Susana Miranda says:

    I like to participate in the WEN Hair Care Product Class Action Settlement. I purchased and used the WEN Hair Care Product early in the year 2015 . Damages were made to not only myself but my kids hair. My Claimant ID # 51875548

    ADMIN – Hi Susana,

    Please file your claim.

  37. VICKI FLORES says:


  38. crystal says:

    Your settlement site is not working? I have tried numerous times. I also contacted the 1/800 # and was advised they would mail me a form! I havent received it please advise

    Crystal K.

    ADMIN – Hi Crystal,

    We don’t manage the class action landing page. You need to contact their admin directly.

  39. Lori says:

    I received a post card in the mail about the class action suit and am now wanting to submit my claim on line, but I’ve lost the post card and it’s asking for the claim ID number on the card. I tried entering my email address per the instructions, but that’s not working. Please help, thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    Reach out to the class action admin. They may be able to give you your PIN number.

  40. Kathleen M Bachak says:

    I have tried to download my case for two weeks. I contacted Wen but the system doesn’t work. No one will contact me. I have Lots of documents, and testimony. I know I did every correctly. this is really sad. I suffered a year or more with my hair loss problem. I have doctors documentation blood work and documentation from Beautician and family members. I know I am putting this in on the day that it has to be on which is April 28th. But no one will return my texts or calls such a shame…

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    I encourage you to contact class counsel.

  41. Sandie Silvaz says:

    I received a post card in the about the class action suit. I didn’t think I would qualify. Couldn’t afford to go to a Dr. I used Wen a couple of years ago. Used couple of times noticed my hair falling so I stopped . My hair was already beautiful and long ,I thought it would be good for my hair but I guess not. Didn’t order it anymore they still send me some more never used it again! Disappointed!

  42. Michelle L Davis says:

    I I used the wen product my hair just fell out trouble bald spots I sent in a claim have not heard a word yet I’m truly upset

  43. Maria Metters says:

    My hair is beyond repair, falling out in clumps. I have used Wen roducts since June, 2014. The shipments kept coming and I had to space them out and finally stop them since last June. My
    Hairdresser said whatever product I was using, which was all purely Wen shampoo/conditioners root lift and leave in conditioner, they have left me with a receding hairline and bald spots at my temples. My hair appears frizzy, yet is simply broken. My hairdresser said my long hair must be cut completely, it cannot be repaired. I only look good in long hair and worked so hard to keep it long. I’ve also since spent thousands on hairdresser and treatments to repair!! I’m furious! I did get a postcard in the mail, the deadline has passed. I did not believe it, and my new hairdresser is encouraging me to get a lawyer.
    Who can I contact!? I will share before and after pictures if you wish and my plumber can also vouche for the damage done to my drain, snaking out disgusting clumps from the drain.
    Thank you
    Maria Metters


    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    The deadline has passed and you will not be able to claim anymore.

  44. Lori Simms says:

    I sent in my documents for claim.. I used WEN beca I had seen it advertised for a few years. My hair is short but healthy. I used the WEN & it was OK, I guess but I kept using it because I had paid for it so; so why not. Well, my hair was dry, brittle & started shedding. Once again; I figured I paid for it; I’ll use it. NEVER AGAIN. In fact; I still have some in the bottles. I am basically BALD. The little hair I had is GONE!!!My self esteem is not good. I now HAVE to wear wigs, scarves, hats or any head covering I can get my hands on. Life goes on, however; I will never be the same. Afterall, “a woman’s hair is her crown, her crowning glory; like a queen. Well; I feel like the ” bald court jester”

  45. Courtney L. says:

    What’s the status of the Final Approval Hearing that was held on June 5th, 2017?

    ADMIN – Hi Courtney

    Presently there are no updates regarding the results of this hearing.

  46. Neece BoogsH says:

    Is there any update from the June 5th 2017 hearing?

    ADMIN – Hi Neece,

    Nothing at the moment

  47. Karen W. says:

    I filed my tier 2 claim post marked by 4/28/17. My question is I filed complaint with WEN,
    and filed complaint with FDA and was given reference number, I don’t recall getting a claim
    I’d never meet in mail. Does that matter.? Severely depressed my hair still has not all grown back.
    This whole ordeal hurts one confidence. I hope WEN is taken off to the market until it no longer
    damages customers hair. Although I still won’t buy it again.?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  48. Natasha D. says:

    Sent all documentations in already. Praying for great out come. Been suffering long enough! Need my life back in order I have went completely down. ??

  49. Candace Martino says:

    I filed. A claim last year on website when is this case going to be settled … it ruined my hair tell u that

    ADMIN – Hi Candace,
    I don’t have updates on this settlement

  50. Raquel Mendez says:

    Mi nombre es Raquel Mendez unas de las personas perjudicada que desde que usaba los productos wen como al mes y medio note que se me estaba cayendo mucho el pelo y se me estaban haciendo unas carvas en diferentes sitio de mi cabeza pero las carvas eran como redonda que los que me conocen me decian que me estaba quedando carva y yo empeze a cojer un poco de complejo. Pero jamas pense que fuera de este producto. Lo vine a saber cuando me llego el papel de Wen para demanda. Busque rapido por internet lo que hacia este producto y me di cuenta que era lo mismo que me paso a mi. Nunca fui donde ningun medico porque no sabia lo que me estaba pasando pero envie algunas fotos donde se me nota un poco las carvas que tengo. Gracias anticipadas por atender mi caso. El correo electronico que voy a enviar es el de mi esposo.

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    You no longer qualify for the settlement. The deadline has passed.

  51. Anne says:

    I experienced sudden onset of large amount of hair loss and thought there was something medically wrong. Went from doctor to doctor and all tests were normal. Had no idea it was related to the use of WEN hair care products until I received notice about the lawsuit. Unfortunately my hair has not returned to its beautiful original state…it had been so thick and shiny and full. Some of it has grown back …but it is fine thin baby hair and my scalp is visible on top….a problem I never thought I would ever have as my hair was always so thick and healthy. I know there are worse things out there…but this man should have to pay for the damage he has done to so many of us! To our self esteem and body image and confidence as women!..still so angry and upset.

    ADMIN – Hi Anne,

    I am sorry for your loss.

  52. Felisha T says:

    How will we be contacted to let us know the results from the hearing on 6/5/17?

    ADMIN – Hi Felisha,

    You won’t be contacted with the results of the hearing. Eventually, the class action administrator will post an update on the official settlement page.

  53. Deborah Lasquade says:

    I have bald spots all over my scalp my hair is falling out I used to have beautiful thick hair now I have baldness hair falling out 24/7 Thanks A Lot Chaz Dean you ruined my life my hair was my crown of beauty not anymore I hope that people are careful and think twice and not take a chance on your products I’m a senior on a fixed income also I have a life sentence of emotional embarrassment because of you and your garbage Thanks A Lot for NOTHING N RUINING MY LIFE

  54. Deborah Lasquade says:

    Also I filed and have a claimant number when will we find out from DEBORAH LASQUADE

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    We don’t have updates regarding the timelines for payment.

  55. STEPHANIE says:


    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    It is too late. Sorry.

  56. Danielle says:

    I filed a claim and haven’t heard anything yet. Is there anything else I need to do?

    ADMIN – Hi Danielle,

    Just wait.

  57. Wanda Sue Miller says:

    When I got a email about the lawsuit I submitted a tier 1 complaint on-line in December 2016. I haven’t received a check yet. When should I expect one and if I should have gotten it by now who should I contact about this?

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    You can reach out to the class action administrator.

  58. Candace Martino says:

    When are monies going to be setttled and paid

    ADMIN – Hi Candace,

    I don’t have an update yet.

  59. barbara farrow says:



    UPDATE: The Wen class action settlement final hearing was continued until July 24, 2017. We appreciate your ongoing patience.

    • Speedway says:

      Do u know why it was continue.

      ADMIN – Hi Speedway,

      A continuation in a case is usually because the judge or the parties are asking for additional evidence or a change in terms.

  60. kate says:

    not sure why speedway feels the need to attack women for commenting about their hair loss. yes the deadline has passed but WEN is still being sold. As someone who REALLY did have hair loss-it is really frustrating that WEN is still being sold when it has harmed so many. I bought it because Chaz sounded believeable and honest. Maybe I’m naive but apparently am not alone. Trying to help anyone else not make the same mistake. It’s not about the money! Please print this.

    • Speedway says:

      I am not attacking anyone,,if the wen product affected your hair,file your claim before April 24,2017.I still donot see the purpose of telling people on line those hair stories. Put those stories on your claim forms.if chad is still selling wen hair is up to the Feds to shout him down.what ever you put on line.u put yourself out there. Be able to take whatever response come your way.

      • TrollBuster says:

        Speedway you have serious emotional problems. Get professional psychological help. I’ve seen you also on totalclassactions site doing the same type of obnoxious posts about other settlement cases. Why don’t you have better things to do with your life? You are miserable about you life and take it out on random strangers. Of course will hiding behind the anonymity of a computer screen. You complain about having to read peoples comments… so why the heck are you always reading comments? They are being helpful, you’re just being a useless jerk. You also have the worst grammar and spelling skills I’ve ever seen. Your time would be better spent going back to elementary school.

        ADMIN – Hi Troll,

        Feeling grumpy today? Glad you stopped by.

        • Speedway says:

          Bless you many blessings. I donot take it personal of what u jsent to is whether funny.u got to be looking at a screen your self.I am just laughing. I misspell words on purpose. Ok.have a joyful day.when I am on line,I leave my feelings in my jewelry box on the table.

  61. RALPH A DAILEY JR says:


  62. Gertie Harvin says:

    I. I am still getting treatment s for my hair lost from Wen product s I was using lam still spending money for my hair falling out.

  63. Dorothy cherry says:

    When I purchase wen hair products back in 2014 I was so happy that I found a product that could best fit my hair needs only to find out that it destroyed and damaged my hair real bad I was so disappointed I called and told them that product took my hair out they told me they were sorry nothing they could do about it so I called again because I was dam rite mad at that time again looking at my hair I looked like a chopped up bird nest my kids were laughing and making fun of my hair only because I trusted the products and they still told me nothing they could do.

  64. Destiney says:

    Admin….why do you say on here it was continued until July 24 but on the original WEN lawsuit website it says…
    UPDATE: The Court held a hearing on June 5, 2017. After the hearing the Court requested supplemental information from the parties, which was filed on July 3, 2017. On July 5, 2017, the Court indicated that it will issue a final order based on the documents submitted. At this time, the parties are awaiting that final ruling from the Court. Payments to eligible Class Members who submitted valid and timely Claims will be distributed only after a final settlement approval order is entered by the Court, the Special Master completes her evaluation of all Tier 2 Claims, and after any appeals of that order are resolved, if there are any.

    What’s really going on here?

    ADMIN – Hi Destiney,

    Bottomline. They are not ready to distribute monies.

    • Trina aleman says:

      It seems pretty obvious to me that the wen product caused these problems listed, so why don’t they distribute the money?

      ADMIN – Hi Trina,

      Class actions are far more complex than that.

  65. Truek says:

    To the admin.what does the special master u got to have all o the information for tier2,what if you only had a photo of your hair,not every one had money to go to doctor for hair loss,not every one had money to see a doctor for depression,and a lot of people did there own hair at home.they had only family members knew wen took their hair out.

    ADMIN – Hi Truek,

    For Tier 2 you must have had medical services.

    • LabRat says:

      For Tier 2 – Range 1 you did not necessarily have to see a doctor for your hair loss. All depends on what you claimed.

      (TIER 2, RANGE 1: Claims Valued Between $0 and $2,500)
      “A Claimant within Range 1 typically experienced thinning of their hair, limited hair breakage (up to 20% of hair loss) or mild scalp irritation. After Claimant stopped using WEN Hair Care Products (“WEN®”), hair regrowth took between one and four months. Claimant does not claim or cannot substantiate emotional distress. Claimant likely did not make a complaint with their WEN retailer, or another entity, prior to becoming aware of this lawsuit. Claimant did not see a doctor to address the hair thinning/hair loss issue. Claimant possesses limited evidence of out-of-pocket expenses. Photographic evidence proving the hair loss is limited. Witness statements verifying the hair loss are limited.”

  66. Libby says:

    Hi Admin,
    When will we know if our claims were strong enough to receive money?

    ADMIN – Hi Libby,

    Give them a few months.

  67. Baldy says:

    Wen will my hair grow back?

    ADMIN – Hi Baldy,

    Let us know when it does if it does

  68. Katherine Young says:

    When will I know if my claim was strong enough to receive my money

    ADMIN – Hi Katherine,

    When the admin is done reviewing every case.

  69. Where's My Hair? says:

    I filed a tier 2 claim. I had one area where my hair fell out and surrounding area was just thinning. My hair still hasn’t fully grown back since stopping WEN. I have to constantly wear my hair in a pony tail or bun otherwise the hair that is growing back gives me an alfalfa look.

    ADMIN – Hi Frosty,

    Hopefully the Alfalfa look will go away.

  70. Dora Moore says:

    I purchased Wen from QVC and I started losing long strands of hair and it was starting to concern me because I didn’t want to lose all my hair. I threw it away but months later I received this letter but never heard anything else.

    ADMIN – Hi Dora,

    I don’t think this settlement has been finalized.

  71. Stephanie Hellwege says:

    I was using the cucumber melon line and didn’t have any issues with it. I actually used it for 3 years.
    However, I decided to give the Lavender a try and within 3 months, I had an inflamed scalp, my hair was coming out in clumps, I had bumps all over my scalp but the worse was the itching. I actually went to a doctor bc I thought I had lice and I wanted my blood checked bc I thought I had a thyroid problem bc of the hair loss. The doctor looked my scalp over and said that I didn’t have any lice but my scalp was raw. I had my thyroid checked and my T count was in normal range. Tne doctor told me that most likely whatever haircare product I was using, was causing the symptoms and to stop using the product, to use Head and Shoulders, to see if it helps. The only thing I was using was Wen, not even a different branded hairspray. I truly thought that I was just allergic to the lavender, but I did stop using WEN completely. I had to switch to teatree and medicated shampoos for the itching to subside. The itching finally stopped, the bumps are gone but I still notice more hairloss, then I am used to.
    I am disappointed in Wen. I wish that they would have handled this differently bc I know that I had never had problems with my hair or scalp till I decided to try the lavender. I am just thankful that I stopped using it after 3 months. I feel for the consumers who used it longer and had worse reactions.

    • Zeeda says:

      Sorry Step.judgeJeffrey dragging his it is.his money.he cannot understand that wen took these people hair out.they made it hard for to get paid.A picture should be enough to get paid.not everybody had money to go the doctor,not everyone kept receipts of purchase,.I think they if a hair products cause their hair to come Jesus who can afford to see a psychiatrist for depression if u cannot afford a regular doctor.why want they hurry up and pay people.

      • Ashleigh says:

        You sound off. Maybe you should apply for Medicaid instead of complaining to a page that can’t give you money.

        • Zeeda says:

          U are up at 1:49 am.saying I got issues.u must be alone with nothing to do.when it is 1,:49 I am fully asleep in my bed.I say be Blessed. I donot have a problem with noone reply about what they say back to me.APERSON is fair game.BeGlory Blessed.

          ADMIN – Hi Zeeda,

          Remember that the posted time stamp is the time I moderated the comment and not the time it was posted.

          • Zeeda says:

            Really, really, really.adm.has anyone file an appeal to make people that deserve the money wait forever.I still say she got issue really. I got issues as also wit lawyers,and judges but not with The Lady.

            ADMIN – Hi Zeeda,

            You never know what people that file appeals are thinking.

  72. Melissa Adams says:

    My hair has still not grown back and it’s been at least months. I didn’t even know about this action until recently. When I canceled and told them my hair was falling out they ignored the fact i told them my hair dresser told me that i wasn’t the only one that is experiencing hair loss. She had heard alot if people were. They did refund 1 maybe 2 months that I ordered. How do i get in in this class action lawsuit. I have lost 50% of my hair.

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    You can’t file anymore. The deadline has passed.

  73. michelle l holmes says:

    Is there a list of class members and the amount each will be receiving?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    Not one that is available to the public.

    • Zeeda says:

      Do anyone knows who file an appeal on September 14.For what reason.people been waiting for years for a settlement. There always will be someone to destroy people needed help.they should have sued on their own,and got their on lawyers. I HOPE the judge throws the. Appeals out.and tell to sue on their on time.shame shame, on them.

      • Destiney says:

        How did you find out someone filed an appeal?

        ADMIN – Hi Destiney,

        You can go to the documents section and read the enclosures.

  74. Kathleen says:

    I still haven’t recieve the $25 flat payment for Tier 1 , has anyone else received payment. I have reciept with confirmation number.

  75. Danielle White says:

    Do you happen to know when they will start sending out payments? I know they had to review everyone’s claims, but I’m curious if any further appeals have been filed.

    ADMIN – Hi Danielle,

    An appeal was filed mid-september further delaying payments.

  76. Athena says:

    There was an appeal filed on September 14, 2017 so no payments can be made until that appeal is concluded in court. Class action suites typically take several months to distribute money after the final approval hearing even when no appeals are filed. I am not certain why. I think in this case it it is because of the enormity of claimants.

  77. Joan holmstrom says:

    Does wen settlement apply to me???did a form awhile back??

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    If you meet the criteria set forth under class eligibility and you submitted a claim it probably applies to you. The settlement is under appeals so it will be a long while before you see any money.

  78. Tommy says:

    Are the two appeals objections to the class action Settlement or do the appeals pertain to the individuals that filed them?

    ADMIN – Hi Tommy,

    Are you trying to ask if there are two different appellants to the same appeals?

  79. Alice says:

    I sent completed forms and pictures in January, 2016 and still haven’t heard anything. Can you give me some updated information?

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    Per the official page for the WEN settlement this is still under appeals. No timeline for payment.

  80. Alice says:

    i have a new home address and wonder if I need to send it or is my email address sufficient for contacting me?

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    I encourage you to report your address change to the class action administrator.

  81. Tommy says:

    I looked on the official WEN class action website and there are apparently three appeals that have been filed. People obviously appeal because they are seeking more money. Are they seeking a larger settlement for themselves or on behalf of all of the members involved in this suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Tommy,

    Appeals apply to all class members

  82. Jan says:

    Do you have any idea as to how long the three appeals will take? Does the judge have the authority to throw out the appeals? If not, then what will be happening?

    ADMIN – Hi Jan,

    The judge has the authority review the appeals and determine if the appellants have a just cause. The process of appeals takes a very long time.

  83. Pat says:

    So this appeal is asking for more money for all class members, also have you ever heard of this being approved before?

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    I have heard of many appeals being approved and many denied.

  84. Lori S. says:

    So are there any updates on when settlements will be disbursed???? How do we know who is going to receive compensation & how much??? Will there be notification if we are not eligible???? Thank you. I am still suffering from the effects of this product. I have lost a quality of life, health & confidence that I can never regain.

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    We are really sorry you will never regain your life, health and quality of life. Hopefully you have already regained your hair. As for the settlement the official page reads as follows:

    UPDATE (9/27/17): On August 22, 2017, the Court entered an Order Granting Final Approval and Entering Final Judgment to the Settlement. Appeals were filed on September 14, 2017, September 19, 2017, and September 22, 2017.

  85. Marcia Payne says:

    I’d like to see this whole big mess come to an end and people can get on with our lives its been a rough go for quite a while now the ones who have the most damage of their hair have put their lives on hold some of them don’t have jobs anymore. It is very degrading in embarrassing for a woman to have bald spots on her head that is normally typically found on a male head and not of females head of course I’m not used to that I mean I know there are some kind of diseases out there that caused l boldness but to try a product and have faith in it and think that’s going to work and then to have these problems of hair falling out and bald spots on a woman is disgusting and I really think that we shouldn’t have to wait an eternity to have a little bit of chunk change so that we can hopefully purchase hair somehow purchase hair or wig to place on our heads so that we can feel beautiful again. I would like to see some kind of fixed in the near future because I just want some relief I want my dignity back all of us women all of us we all deserve our dignity and beauty. Is that asking for too much? Has anyone been able to manage to hide the bald spot I were hats and headbands been more hot and more headbands because I’m very embarrassed about it very embarrassed what do you do other ladies care to share???
    Praying for an end to all of this to come soon.

  86. Athena says:

    I completely agree with the Marcia. This product has caused misery for so many. It is quite obvious from these posts that we are angry about delays, but the appellants are trying to get more money from the makers of Wen. From what I understand, there are hundreds of claimants. After attorney fees, Tier 1 claims etc…there simply isn’t enough compensation to satisfy the claims. Meanwhile, Chaz Dean is probably sunning himself on his yacht in the Mediterranean. Goggle his net worth. It is estimated to be over 100 million dollars. I am not happy about the delays either but, it might be to our advantage.

  87. WANDA says:


  88. Robert D Benson says:

    When will the $25 payments be made? My claim confirmation is 234775. I filed 12/2/16.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    This settlement is currently under appeals.


    I cant believe these people they have a lot of nerve to appeal on all us who are victims of there garbage let them be victimized and see how they like it you all are really showing your true colors in that you don’t give a care i hope you all get not only the book thrown at you but also get it in the pockets for ruining my life and others you heartless uncaring no good for NOTHINGS

  90. Christine L Witcher says:

    II used Wen products. I went about a year and a half to two years getting more and more depressed, frustrated, crying jags because my hair was excessively and profusely breaking. I would find hair all over my pillows, my bed, my bathroom and even all over my house. I was trying Rogaine and other natural help me from losing my hair products as my hair kept getting thinner and thinner. Getting to the point of considering wearing wigs. I complained to my hair stylist every time I went there. Until one time she asked me what shampoo I was using. When I replied Wen, she immediately told me to stop and said that there was a lawsuit out against Wen from all manners of other woman having the same issues that I had been having.

    I didn’t get in in time before the deadline of the lawsuit. Is there any way that I could at least get refunded for all the Wen products I had bought. If I can get nothing else for all the horror I went through, is there any way to at least get my money back from the horrible hair losing products???

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    Sadly I don’t think there is a way for you to participate in this settlement or get refunded anymore. In the future please follow our page or sign up for our newsletter to ensure you never again miss an opportunity to participate in a settlement that pertains you.

  91. C. Rivers says:

    II used Wen for long period of time, I was wondering why my scalp was caping up, itchy and hair thining. After a while I figured out it was the product Wen. I used it on my mom’s hair and she experienced the thing. That’s when I realized it was Wen. It took a while for me to come to the realization. I believed the commercials and thought I would overcome the problems I was experiencing .?

    • C. Rivers says:

      So I wore weaves, braids and wore my hair in certain styles tto hide areas of where my hair came out. If I had only known it was the product.?

  92. Pam Ainsworth says:

    I love that Guthy-Renker. Continue to stand behind Wen hair products………How bad you gotta be before “they” WAKE UP……ya I forgot for a moment, It IS only about the money.
    Yup they raked it in for “YEARS” selling this product, got big name stars to sell the crap, and we all followed like Lemmings cause Valerie
    y Bertinelli would not lie to us….So ya I fell for the hype and spent a small fortune on it for Christmas gifts for my daughter and I………Whoa big mistake I had itchy, itchy, scalp….NEVER guessed it was Wen….Two lesions pop up on top my hear, and a lot, a lot of hair loss…..I want my money now so I can check out the little lesions that KEEP plaguing me….I suggest we ALL quit waiting for there stall tactics get personal injury lawyers, this goes for those of us who suffered and NEVER knew there was a lawsuit out there take matters into our own hands and lambast them NOW… not pass go.

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    If you did not opt out you cannot go after WEN.

  93. Angela Slaughter says:

    Any word on the process or when those of us who only filed the $25 claim might expect to hear something or get a payout?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    Nothing. The case remains under appeals.

  94. Katie says:

    It would be nice if this was over before the end of the year…

  95. says:

    These comments make so angry and sad that you have thousands of women who used Wen Products, and their hair was severely damage and eventually came out in clumps like my own. What else is necessary to allow the judges to believed that their is a very serious issue here. My story is identical in some form or matter to the above plaintiffs. I purchased the Wen products because l thought it would be a solution to my thick, curly hair. However, a few shorts week later, my hair became limp, dry and literally was falling on my shoulders. Then l was forced to wear hats, scarves, and think of creative ways to camouflage my head. Ladies, l am now giving this battle up to God, he is my savior and protector against what is happening to all of us.

  96. Athena says:

    Is there a stipulation on how long the appeals process can take? I have read that it can take several months which is teasonable. Can the appeals go on for years?

    ADMIN – Hi Athena,

    Yes, appeals can go for years.

  97. Elaine says:

    Didn’t know that there WAS a law suit, and it is now too late for me, but i hope you take him to the hair fell out in clumps’ nd as i never had thick hair ,you can imagine the mess it has left me with.has anyone found anything that an help.

  98. Zeeda says:

    To the adm.has 1 appeal been dismiss, has the judge gone on vacation for u know when he would look over the appeals again.everybody had a chance to file was in papers,on line,in magazines. No one had an excuse not to file.the 3 appeals are stopping everyone from getting refund. That is hateful,spiteful,stupidity on their part.maybe they donot read papers,book,magazines or do internet.

    ADMIN – Hi Zeeda,
    I have no timeline on this one. All settlements move really slowly, particularly the ones that include personal injury.

  99. Randi Stonehill says:

    Thank you so much for representing the class action. I purchased the product several times, and kept wondering why my hair kept getting thinner. In between purchases I would go back to other products, and the thinning slowed down considerably but didn’t connect the two things. Now I have to use something twice a day for the rest of my life. Hopefully it will begin to come back better than it has thus far. Changed my life completely. I used to have a $50k a year Executive Assistant job and because of my appearance now I work at Wal-Mart for $10 an hour. Don’t have the courage to walk into a professional environment and interview.

    ADMIN – Hi Randi,

    This settlement is currently under appeals. Hopefully it will be paid out soon. Often the best avenue until your hair grows back is to get a wig.

  100. Carolyn says:

    According to Top Class Action’s site, “UPDATE 4: As of December 29, 2017, all appeals to the Wen class action settlement have been dismissed. It is not known at this time how quickly claims will be paid”.

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    I heard they are already working on getting the checks issued.

  101. Athena says:

    I used the cleansing shampoo from 2010 until 2012 and my bald spots have grown back in, but there is an overall thinning that never grew back. I have lost approximately half of my hair and it is still dull and lifeless with continuous breakage. I use rogaine, topix, and extentions. I keep hearing how the hair comes back for some who have suffered damage from WEN products. Is there something else that someone has tried that contributes to a better growth rate?

    ADMIN – Hi Athena,

    I strongly encourage you to visit a dermatologist

  102. Athena says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I really should go to another Dermatologist. I visited one in 2014. She prescribed me a topical solution called Fluocinonide. It made no difference. A second opinion can’t hurt.

    ADMIN – Hi Athena,

    Let us know how your situation progresses. I hear the checks were sent out last week.

  103. Carolyn says:

    According to the wen class action settlement site:

    UPDATE (1/2/18): On August 22, 2017, the Court entered an Order Granting Final Approval and Entering Final Judgment to the Settlement. Appeals were filed on September 14, 2017, September 19, 2017, and September 22, 2017. All appeals have been dismissed and the Settlement has become final and effective.

    Tier 1 payments will be mailed on January 12, 2018. We anticipate that Tier 2 payments will be mailed on or before March 9, 2018.

    The website and settlement information line will be updated with further information when additional information is available.

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    Excellent news!

  104. Pat says:

    I have read that the judge dismissed all appeals and check should be mailed out soon. Has anyone else read about this

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    I heard the same. I believe they are already working on sending the checks.

  105. Shalini Verma says:

    My hair has thinned and i have seen one or 2 bald spots

    ADMIN – Hi Shalini,

    Too late to file. I am sorry.

  106. Athena says:

    Update: GREAT NEWS!!!!
    ALL 3 appeals were dismissed. Tier one payments will be mailed on January 12, 2018. All Tier two payments will be mailed on or before March 9, 2018. IT’S FINALLY SETTLED!!!! Well wishes to all who are involved in this class action. I hope all of us Tier Two claimants get a fair settlement based on the degree of harm to each individual. Best of luck!

    ADMIN – Hi Athena,

    Thanks for the update

    • Alice Karn says:

      Hooray, , I have been looking forward to this being over. I don’t believe my thinning spots and balding spot will ever be as they once were. I don’t know if I am tier 1 or 2 but I hope I get some compensation.
      Thanks for your hard work.

      ADMIN – Hi Alice,

      Let us know once you receive your check.

    • Trina Aleman says:

      Yes, I do too, hope all who had tier 2 gets a fair amount of settlement, also, very grateful it is finally finished, and can be now evaluated,

      ADMIN – Hi Trina,

      Stop by and tell us the amount of your check once you receive it.

    • dolores says:

      Thank you for the update and the encouragementAnd to all the people That worked on this campaignIt’s a shame I had beautiful curly long hair And it was falling out sister. Now my hair is short And thin And you can see my scalp And I have to use Joan Rivers powder to cover up the spotsI hope we get a decent amount for the stress wnd embarrassment

  107. LUCY J MALO says:

    How do I cash the check

    ADMIN – Hi Lucy,

    You deposit the check in your bank account.

  108. EVA STRANGE says:

    Can I actually cash it tho? Don’t want to deposit?

    ADMIN – Hi Eva,

    Depending on the disclosures printed on the check. Some checks are for deposit only

  109. Zeeda says: u think they can be finished mailing out tier 1 checks if they wanted to in January. and start mailing tier 2 in Feb.special M.made it so hard to receive a decent amount of the payment. With hard bottom rules. He act like it is his money. Pictures before and after should have been enough. Everyone cannot aford to see adoctor.

    ADMIN – Hi Zeeda,

    I am unsure as to the speed of distribution. You can reach out to the admin to ask.

  110. Melinda says:

    if l recived a refund check is legment to cash the check is the check good.

    ADMIN – Hi Melinda,

    The distribution took place in recent days and chances are your check is good.

  111. Lana says:

    Has anyone received a $25 check yet?

  112. Destiney Garcia says:

    How do you know if the claim you filled was valid?

    Has anyone received a check yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Destiney,

    People all over have received their checks in the last few weeks.

    • Destiney Garcia says:

      How do you know if the claim you filed was “valid”?

      ADMIN – Hi Destiney,

      You can reach out to the class action administrator. They will tell you.

  113. chandra m humphrey says:

    Any chance the tier 2 checks will surprise us sooner???

    ADMIN – Hi Chandra,

    I have no idea. Have you contacted the class action administrator to find out?

  114. Taiwanna Grizzard says:

    Anyone received a tier 2 check yet?

  115. Trin says:

    Is there a more definite date when Tier 2 checks will me mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Trin,

    I have not heard anything yet.

  116. brittney Jimenez says:

    Does anyone have a list of who gets some of the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Brittney,

    The class action administrator does. Contact them.

  117. Sula Dishmon says:

    When should I receive my settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Sula,

    The admin has been sending checks in the last few weeks. If you have not received yours contact them directly.

  118. Robin Moon says:

    I filed a claim on this some time ago. I lost bunch of hair when I used it and the hair loss stopped as soon as I stopped using it. Problem is the hair I lost never grew back.

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    Did you get your settlement check?

  119. Dana says:

    For those of you with a Tier2 claim, has anyone adddd up the figures?

    I have a claim for Tier 2, I have looked into the monetary section of the law suit. First of all, the legal team estimated around 200,000 claimants for Tier 1, which was originally capped at $5M ($25 x 200k), but the final document states “no cap on Tier 1”, with Tier 1 coming up on 400,000 claims now, brings the Tier 1 total to almost $10M. With legal, admin., and the Special Master fees, the total amount is around $13M. That leaves Tier 2 with roughly $10M to split amongst 25,801 claims. If I’m doing my math right, the average amount to each Tier 2 claimant is $400.00, no where near the $10k plus each of us were thinking of being compensated.

    In fact, in the final settlement judgement, Tier 2 monetary awards are even meantioned. Actually, Tier 2 isn’t addressed anywhere is the final settlement judgement. KINDA WEIRD.

    ADMIN – Hi Dana,

    You may want to reach out to class counsel directly to obtain exact numbers.

  120. Rini says:

    Like you Dana I calculated the math and based on the total Tier 2 complaints that are approved, the payout is going to be very small on average – my calculation was $450 so we are very close in our claculation. I thought the payout would be much higher given each Tier 2 category dollar amounts but the Settlement judgment states there were more claims than expected for Tier 2. I even called class counsel directly last week to find out what my payout amount would be and was advised that the Special Master was still working on claim amounts – really at this late date and with the date of checks being mailed on or before March 9, 2018. I stated I thought the settlement paperwork had stated the work was completed by the Special Master and was advised no. It is my belief this information is not being provided because of the low dollar amounts on average that will be given on Tier 2 claims.

    The compensation would never be enough to compensate for the loss of my hair (still have bald spots) but I did think the average reimbursement would be higher than what we are likely to receive given the documentation required to be provided for claims. So Sad.

  121. Alice Karn says:

    i have not heard anything
    either. I will try to contact the class counsel.

  122. Trin says:

    I called class counsel last week also and after three days finally got a call back. I was told that they couldn’t provide any information on how much I would receive as they are still working on claims. I myself thought that all this was supposed to be final and all they had to do was mail out checks. It is really sad that we, the ones that had documented damage, will only receive a small portion. I hope this isn’t the case but from the numbers it looks like it. Good luck to you all!!!!

  123. Athena says:

    II also looked at the fine print related to the final judgement disbursements. I understand giving the attorneys, the Special Master, and Teir 2 claimants money, but Tier 1 claims make no sense! I submitted a Tier 2 claim with photos, Doctor’s notes, medication records, hair dresser testimony, Dermatologist testimonies, proof of purchases for hair extensions, Rogaine etc. I also included medical documentation that my hormones and Thyroid levels are normal. My hair never entirely grew back. Literally HALF of the settlement is going to people with virtually NO evidence of damage from this product. I am glad that I am not the only one who is utterly perplexed by the Judge’s final ruling. Insane!

  124. S. Drake says:

    Question more than a comment…. Does anyone have any suggestions to reverse the damage done? I don’t want to buy a wig but I might have to. I have spent well over 500.00 between all the wen products I purchased, medical payments, and hair cuts. I’ve gone from hair past my chest to a bob (with bald spots). Is anyone seeing their hair growing back?

    • Jewl Hawkins says:

      Yes I see a little bit coming back in the crown of my head, I will always have a space in where the ball spot was,all I I got back was $25 lawsuit because if I would have went for more they wanted me to go to the doctor and get a doctor’s notice to prove that the wen took my hair out and by that time it had been 4years passed since I used the wen,God bless u Love.

  125. Havenmysay says:

    I was told upfront that once this became a class action lawsuit don’t get your hopes up that anyone is going to be responsible for me losing 70% of the volume to my waist length hair. The only people who are compensated are the attorneys. This whole experience has made me so depressed. I just want this whole thing over so I can go on with the few strands of hair I do have. All the middle of my hair is gone. You should feel terrible Wen about your products you destroyed my life and happiness.

  126. Dorie Pickinpaugh says:

    I used WEN shampoo for well over a year. It took some months before I noticed the adverse reactions. The first thing I noticed was “A LOT” of hair falling out, during shampoos, and comb out. Very disturbing. It never occurred to me that it could be the shampoo, so I kept on using it. I developed sores on my scalp, and have lost half of my hair. What’s left is a frizzy mess, when prior to this, my hair was in the best shape, ever. I have bald patches all over the top of my head, and It’s still falling out, and the entire top layer of hair all broke off, leaving me having to cut at least a foot of hair off. This whole experience has been incredibly upsetting for me, and I don’t know what the outcome will be, when it’s done falling out. Should I shave my head?

    ADMIN – Hi Dorie,

    Why would you shave your head?

  127. Zeeda says:

    Wen settlement is just like black farmersin settlement it come with hard rules in order to get should have never been a special masters in it.a pictures before and after, and picture of the product or receipt.of wen products. They should have hired enough of workers to process the claims.everyone checks should went out the same time.why.want they tell a claimant how much him or her will be.lawyersgotltheir money already.

    ADMIN – Hi Zeeda,

    Great suggestions. I imagine the judge has minimum standards as far as what he expects from claims administration.

  128. Shelley Stravato says:

    Hi , I would like to know when will this be settled. I had to cut my hair off , very short. Was not happy. Your products was not what I thought it would be, I bought all my products on hsn or qvc. All your Christmas specials and a lot more. I would like this sellement to be done with. Claimants ID 31640553!!! I will call next week for a answer. TU Shelley Stravato.

    ADMIN – Hi Shelley,

    I hear a number of class members have already received their checks. Why don’t you reach out to the class action administrator to find out. Their contact info is posted above; simply scroll up.

  129. Alfreda Jones says:

    I I know $400 -$450 is not what tier 2 claims are going to receive. My treatments, hair extensions,
    Wigs, in home hair care and products cost me over $10,000. So those Attorneys needs to take a
    Smaller fee and give the money to the women and girls who lost their hair. I’m still having
    problems trying to get my hair to grow back. Bald spots, scalp problem and emotional distress.
    The Judge and Attorneys need to do give us a faireally settlement. I turned in alot of information
    About my case. “PLEASE TREATELL US RIGHT ”

    ADMIN – Hi Alfreda,

    You did have the option to opt out and go after the manufacturer on your own.

    • Rita Jackson says:

      I probably should have went after them on my own, because what is disturbing and very insensitive on the WEN Settlement rep that called back. I showed proof of humiliation, disturbing photos, doctor visits, receipts for cover up and ALL that was asked. Letters of pain and suffering from my family and testiomony of how my life has changed. And the battle continues… and the rep very coldly said they issued me a $25 payout based upon the administrators discretion and I was a Tier2. How humiliating and very time consuming for the lack of compassion.

      • Free free says:

        Oh my God, that’s not right. I feel we all will be getting that amount or nothing at all. The rep. told me that I could have opted out of the class action. I felt like she was being smart. Maybe we all should have opted out, we might have come out with more than $ 25.00. The lawyers, special master and the rest got it all. We need to file a complaint against them.

  130. Trina says:

    I am a tier 2 and I emailed the administrator but they would not tell me anything about my individual case. That was Monday of this week, and this Friday is when they plan to send out the checks. Do you think that’s weird that they won’t tell me anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    Why don’t you try reaching out to class counsel?

  131. nicole says:

    HI, I read that Tier 2 claims will not all be paid the same. Payments could range anywhere from $0 to $20,000 with the higher payments going to the people with more proof; medical record, pictures, witnesses & expenses…etc.
    At this point I am happy with anything as I still have balding on the sides of my head from this stuff. Good luck to everyone!

  132. Athena says:

    I hope the Tier 2 checks really go out tomorrow. The official website update says they “anticipate” the Tier 2 payments will go out on or before March 9th.That is a vague statement. It appears that only Tier 1 payments have gone out thus far. Has anyone received a Tier 2 check yet?

    • Rita J says:

      Athena, I have NOT received a Tier2 check and when I called and had someone call me back, because I thought it was rather vague myself… I had a return phone call with little compassion to the pain and suffering and humiliation I suffer. I was informed that a Tier2 Payment was mailed 03/10/18 for $25. I would be interested to see if anyone is really going to receive a payout as stated or if this was to pad the case and numbers for the claim to be won and lawyers benefit from the payout.

      • Free free says:

        Yes, the attorneys and special masters benefited from the lawsuit. They should have filed the case for themselves. The people who are bald won’t even get back what we paid for the product. #shame on the attorneys and special masters. WE ARE THE BALD HEAD WOMEN. GIVE US MORE THAN $25.00

        ADMIN – Hi Free,

        I don’t think anyone ended up with a fully bald head.

    • Trin says:

      Nothing for me as of yesterday.

  133. Cerolyn says:

    I had hair damage, a lot of breakage and I had to wear a wig.
    I had a pay plan for them to send the products every three or four months,so they have proof that I bought the products.
    I also bought the products at stores.
    I kept using the products because the Tv adds.
    My hair improved when I stop using the products.
    I spend more than $500.00 having the company send products to my house and they have the proof.

  134. Jamie Smith says:

    I have read elsewhere that over 3/4 of all tier 2 claimants are only receiving 25.00

  135. dEBRA says:

    I received $25 for my Tier 2 claims. I sent receipts for over $1700 worth of treatments, hair products, restoration, etc. They advise you to send all your receipts and any before and after photos. Took me over 10 hours to gather receipts, photos, form completion for $25? Unbelievable. The special master and lawyers received all the money. What a bunch of f crooks. the letter accompanying the $25 states the award is final and non-appealable (their words and spelling). They also advise “The claims administrator cannot answer questions regarding the special master’s determination of your specific settlement payment”…So you cannot contact anyone regarding settlement determination. And now they also have all of your personal information, and if they do not spend the $$$ to shred the documents, our personal information can be picked up from the trash cans. WHAT A SCAM. AND WEN IS STILL SELLING ON QVC.

  136. curious says:

    did anyone receive his/her check today? How much

  137. Rita J says:

    So this is interesting to me. How dare we be asked to send in pics, proofs, receipts, letters of testimony, documentation, wait and then be paid out such a thing as $25. When Tier1 had to do nothing at all and still receive the EXACT same payout. This seem to be a padding of numbers and really a disrespect of the time and energy of the victims of such damage. I am really disappointed that I allowed strangers to open up a wound that will never close. Losing your hair is really hard, although people say “we are not our hair” it still has a very deep affect on me, how about others? Did anyone receive the stated payout for Tier2?

  138. Taiwanna Grizzard says:

    Anybody got they check yet?

    • DIANA HALLMARK says:

      No, have not revived any check or information from the Settlement administrator… They say the checks will be mail on or before March 9th… How do you get information on Tier II.

  139. Felisha T says:

    How can I find out about the status of my claim? The hearing was June 2017 it’s been almost 1 yr. I remember you saying something last year about the Official Settlement page. What is the Official Settlement page? Can you help me?

    ADMIN – Hi Felicia,

    The official settlement page can be reached clicking on the link we provide on this page.

  140. Carolyn says:

    I contacted admin. and they said the claims that were dropped to $25 went out on Friday and the rest are going out asap. They couldn’t give an exact time frame and stated they cannot provide individual’s with their amount until their check is printed.

    • Destiney says:

      Is this supposed to mean awards still be higher for the next checks sent out? This whole thing is just crazy.

    • Destiney says:

      I mean does this mean awards well be higher that wool be sent out next?

      ADMIN – Hi Destiney,

      I have no idea.

  141. Cassy B says:

    Please post here when the first person recieves there tier 2 check so that the rest of us will not be wondering.

    ADMIN – Hi Cassy,

    People are now receiving Tier II some checks are as low as $25

  142. TRINA LEIGH says:

    I received my Tier 2 PAYMENT TODAY! $25.00
    I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW! This is the biggest disappointment due to the hair lost that I still have. I am speechless I hurt so BAD! What a rip-off this has been. THE Rich get richer and the poor are never taken care of….

    ADMIN – Hi Trina,

    I have heard similar escalations from individuals that submitted Tier II without any evidence. Did you submit evidence?

  143. Terry says:

    Hi…..received my tier 2 settlement today…..$25.00….what a joke! This is this first time I have ever enter into a lawsuit, I know there are people who do this all the time and did not lose hair but try to get money. But I truly lost gobs of hair from this product! Granted I did not take pictures or go to a doctor, at least I was smart enough to stop using product before it did more damage! Right on letter says you cannot appeal this balance…..just a joke!

    ADMIN – Hi Terry,

    I am not the class action administrator but I imagine a Tier II with no evidence is just like a Tier I

  144. chloe Jackson says:

    Still waiting for my Tier 2 check in this class action settlement against Wen hair products I hope justice in done in this lawsuit. 25 dollars would be outrageous because this product cost so much more.

    ADMIN – Hi Chloe,

    If you don’t get your check soon consider reaching out to the class action administrator.

  145. Christina says:

    I have been emailing and leaving messages for a response about a check (if I’m getting one at all or if I am, did it go out and how much) since the 10th, and I have not received a single response. A few months back I emailed requesting to update my mailing address and heard back right away. Is this normal? Or should I try to be hopeful seeing as how people that have gotten responses are all being disappointed with $25 checks 🙁

    ADMIN – Hi Christina,

    They are probably swamped plus if your email is about getting only $25 the explanation was enclosed with the check.

    • Christina says:

      No my email was just to see if I am getting a check at all, but that was before I knew that only $25 checks were being sent so far. Hoping that means I’ll be getting a little more than that but we will see!

  146. Trina says:

    I also got a tier 2 check on the 12th and I submitted lots of evidence. Including proof of income, photos of 2 or 3 bald spots, before and after photos, 1 testimonial, and emails I wrote to my doctors about the condition, my hair falling out. The check was only 25.00. I was really upset,

  147. Trina says:

    In fact, I was shaking.

  148. Trina says:

    I meant to say, I also sent proof of purchase, not proof of income.

  149. Trina says:

    Maybe some ar getting 2 checks, some have said that, because if it is 25.00 that is a mistake.

  150. Tee says:

    Is there a way we can take further action against Dahl Administration and the Special Master because I submitted enough evidence for me to get way more than $25! I would like to start a class action because like myself, some of us deserved more than this! We had enough pain & suffering from Wen already

    ADMIN – Hi Tee,

    I believe someone posted that they made a mistake and they will be sending additional funds. Give them a call to confirm.

    • Tee says:

      I called Dahl administration directly and they told me there will NOT be another check sent out. I’m sure Johnson & Johnson Law Firm didn’t receive that information from Dahl that another check will be sent out. I want to take further steps for a class action against Dahl and the Special Master and how insensitive there were also to our calls! TCA is there anything we can do about this?

      ADMIN – Hi Tee,

      I don’t think there is much that can be done. You can always check with a class action attorney but I doubt something can be achieved.

      • Free free says:

        Naturally, the administration is going to tell you there’s nothing you can do, but I’m sure some
        Class action attorneys will be glad to look into it for you. What those greedy attorneys and
        Special masters did is a disgrace. We all have been bamboozled. They only got richer off our

      • Sandra B says:

        I am with you about taking this further. These $25 payments when there was proof, pictures, receipts and statements from hairdressers. We should be able to appeal, even convicted murders get to have an appeal.

        ADMIN- Hi Sandra,

        I don’t think there is precedent of appeals for class action settlements but you can always check with a lawyer.

    • Tee says:

      I already called and it has been confirmed that there will be NO more checks sent out if u receive a $25 check for tier 2. Now what can we do TCA???

      ADMIN – Hi Tee,

      We are not in a position give you legal counsel. You need to reach out to an attorney.

  151. rgraham says:

    I called 310 975 1080 and spoke to a rep. that said the $25 checks were a mistake. Everyone that received the $25 checks are tier 2. We should be getting a second check by the end of the month. Please feel free to call and get answers. This should ease your minds!

    • CeCe says:

      Graham….This # you posted is to a law firm in BH…were they part of this case? I don’t see their names listed on the settlement website.Just curious….dont want to call unless they have direct access to info.

    • Taiwanna says:

      I hope they do send another check😐

  152. CeCe says:

    The mailing of Tier 2 payments began as planned on March 9, 2018. The Special Master’s complex Tier 2 claim review process is taking longer than anticipated and we will be mailing payments on a rolling basis over the next several weeks.

    Hmmm…these are extremely tragic posts I am reading here…I have not received anything relating to my tier 2 claim yet but I will feel the same if mine comes back @ $25…There is no money in the world that will compensate for the horrible effects on ones self esteem that this product has caused myself and many other women across the US

  153. Rini says:

    I have not received anything yet – but $25 is an insult for anyone in Tier 2. The WEN Home Page stated if you did not qualify for Tier 2 you would be advised and be placed in Tier 2. I hope I do not receive $25, my beautiful, thick hair is gone, bald spots. I submitted pictures, video, letters, receipts, etc. I wish I had done like the other person stated and stopped using the product. I am upset just reading these comments. We al share a loss in our hair and should be compensated.

  154. Rini says:


    Sorry typo – I meant placed in Tier 1 if you did not qualify for Tier 2.

  155. Rini says:


    I just went to the WEN Official Site and it stated checks would be mailed on a “rolling basis” it did not state anywhere you would receive more than one check! How disappointing. My interpretation is not all Tier 2 checks were mailed on 3/9/18 for Tier 2 – not Tier 2 claimants would receive multiple checks. I pray I am incorrect but I doubt it, especially after reading some of the comments.

  156. K Smidge says:


    ADMIN – Hi K,

    I am sorry you are upset. I can totally see you point.

  157. Evelyn Lee says:

    Just reading the above comments, makes me mad and real sad! The paper and photos and time to fill out all the paper work cost more than a lousy $25.00 for all of us! Not to mention what we went through to figure out what was happening to our hair and scalp,

    I have sent an e-mail and a telephone call with no response as of yet. There is strength in numbers. Please let’s everyone keep in contact. I have a couple of ideas that may help.

  158. Kacee says:

    I think I have this figured out. I think they are goign through all tier 2 claims and determining which of those don’t meet their full criteria for tier 2, then moving them to the $25 for tier one and paying them immediately. Once they have cleared out all the ones they feel are actually at a tier 1 level instead, they will knwo how much money they have left to work with for those they feel really meet tier 2 criteria. Therefore, the longer you go without a check, the my opinion.

  159. Kerri S says:

    I received my Tier 2 check a few days ago. $25.00! Wow that does not cover even one bottle I had to throw away. I am beyond upset. I spent thousands on this product just to have my hair fall out, I have a permeant bold spot on the back of my head three inches long by almost an inch wide in some spots. Many sleepless nights and walked away from a great sales job because I just felt ugly. I had a bold spot in the front which is slowly growing back. My hair will never be as thick as it was. My hair has changed texture and my scalp is still very sensitive. I am disgusted on how the lawyers where compensated more than any of the victims.

  160. Lisa Jacobs says:

    I have PERMANENT damage to my scalp and my hair is still falling out I also sent in a vast amount of documentation photos , receipts , Drs notes , If all I receive is $25 I hope they ALL burn in hell this is the most devastating thing I have ever had I have dry sores in my head that I cry with cause they hurt & itch so bad

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I am so sorry about that. I hope you heal soon.

  161. trina says:


  162. trina says:


  163. Kim D says:

    I got my tier 2 check today for 3,512.89 I was hoping for more being that my own Dr done the claim for me. On something like this you’ve got to have a Dr or a lawyer file the claim for you if not they won’t even look at it. Sorry for the ones that should have got more but didn’t.

    • Perturbed says:

      What did the letter accompanying the check say?

    • Destiney says:

      A doctor did your claim? That’s unusual.

    • Rosemarie says:

      Why you giving these people false hope with blantant incorrect info

      • Kim D says:

        False Hope? It’s not my fault that people don’t know how to file a claim the right way.

        • CeCe says:

          “you’ve got to have a Dr or a lawyer file the claim for you if not they won’t even look at it”
          I believe this is what she meant by incorrect information… one does not need to have had a Dr. or Lawyer to file their claim in order to prevail. If they filed a claim, submitted all their evidence, and received a confirmation code then their claim WILL be looked at. There were 4 ranges in Tier 2 claims, 4 being the highest according to the settlement conditions, that would have put you in range 2 ( the lower end with your “Dr” completed claim form). If you indeed received the award amount you say you have you should be celebrating and holding up hope for anyone else that filed a claim and is still waiting to hear and see their outcome, rather than posting posts and reply’s that seem to come off a bit negative.

          • Hopeful says:

            I agree with you. Because everyone didn’t go to a Dr. If you have a professional hairstyles, they
            Would have been able to tell you what was going wrong with your hair loss. So thank God for you
            Got over $3,000.00 for your claim.

        • Rosemarie says:

          So you got people thinking large checks are out currebtly.
          Nothing to do with your ability to file a claim on your own- everything to do with your false claim about getting a large check. I know FOR SURE that ONLY $25 checks have been issued for Tier 1 & Tier 2 claims to date😐

        • RoseMarie says:

          KIM D
          I wasnt referring to the fact that you could not figure out how to file a claim yourself… I was saying you giving people false hope because you are claiming you received such a large check- when in reality I KNOW FOR A FACT that the ONLY checks that have been sent out for this Wen class action have only been $25
          So you pretending to get a large check is giving people false hope

          • Hopeful says:

            Kim, post the check if you actually received that much.

            ADMIN – Hi H,

            I don’t think she can post checks here. I don’t have the options for images available.

  164. Jasmine says:

    Tier 2, photos, documentation, letters of reference, hair loss and a check for $25.00 along with a letter stating to shut it and accept it.

    ADMIN – Hi Jasmine,

    So sorry about that. It is heartbreaking.

  165. Neece BoogsH says:

    Has anyone received any Tier 2 checks?

  166. CeCe says:

    not yet…

    • CeCe says:

      I received a phone call yesterday from Gail re:the class actions settlement case. She stated the Tier 2 review of the Tier 2 claims is still ongoing and they will be mailing the checks as quickly as possible but they had no set date currently.

  167. a says:

    I also received a tier 2 check. It clearly says TIER 2 – award final and not appealable it ALSO Is ONLY $25. I also sent in before/after pictures, I took days maybe even a week putting all the info together, took the time to communicate my negative experience and the negative impact in a document, finding photos, looking up my prior complaints to QVC from all the way back to 2007 when my scalp first started to itch, sent pictures of the scalp lesions, receipts for hair supplements (try Procaps labs Healthy hair, skin, nails), even sent a pic of clump of hair to show how much came out in one shower. Getting a check for $25 is ridiculous. I got my check about a week ago. I did call the Beverly Hills attorneys a few times, they have told me their part in the process is done that now it is up to Dahl Admins/Special Master to decide amounts and distribute checks. The attorneys/reps, and I spoke to 3 different people at their office, despite what I have seen posted elsewhere, all the people at the attorneys office said they are NOT aware of any mistakes w/the checks and that they are no longer a part of the process. DAhl has not returned my calls likely because my messages have asked if their was a mistake w/the checks. I too feel as if something is amiss with the way the Tier 2 checks are being handled. I told the attorneys that they need to look into this. The lady I spoke to at attorneys office was basically giving me the brush off but said if there was a mistake they might be able to look into it but there is as of yet NO evidence of any mistakes so in her mind there is no reason for the attorneys to look into this. She encouraged me to reach out to DAhl. I of course cant reach DAhl so its a waiting game, waiting for them to return my call, waiting to see if they do send me a corrected second check, waiting to see if there was an error. Waiting to see if money that I should’ve received was given to someone else by mistake this week or next while no one is bothering to take my call and answer these questions. By the time I get a call, money that was meant for me may have already be distributed to someone else. In my experience, companies that make mistakes will absolutely cover it up and sell you bs to try to make you go away. In this situation it would be very easy for Dahl to do this if we do not stand up and hold them accountable. We are fairly limited in our ability to fact check the situation but it is not impossible. Over the past year, they have been lazy about updating the website in a timely manner, they also made an error when they said tier 2 checks would likely all be sent out on 3/9, they then had to later change that estimation so its not totally impossible that they screwed up the Tier 2 checks, something is definitely unusual considering the odd circumstances of changing the check distribution date AND so many getting so little. Someone definitely needs to look into this.I think pressure needs to be applied to the attorneys to oversee that the check distribution process is being handled properly. AS far as I know DAhl is not an attorney held up to any type of ethical standards, they are just a company like any other that is perhaps overwhelmed w/this process and either possibly making mistakes accidentally or potentially pocketing funds w/the knowledge that the claimants cant appeal the check they are getting so it would be easy to pocket money since no one can speak up to appeal the amounts they are getting. WRONG! We need to speak up until someone like the attorneys in Beverly Hills look into this to our satisfaction and provide CLEAR and valid explanation, proof of WHY so many of us are getting checks for only $25 when many of us sent in ample proof but yet are getting the same amount of the Tier 1’s and Tier 2 that indicated they sent in no proof. Makes zero sense. Please someone do something and post on this board if you had gotten the Beverly Hills attorneys to take action OR if you have gotten a separate attorney to take action.

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    You are welcome to vent here but there is nothing that we can do to help.

    • Kacee says:

      A, did you have doctors records and/or some witness statements?

      • a says:

        no dr letter no witness statement but lots of pictures of hair off head, hair missing from head, scalp irritation, very descriptive personal statement, documentation that contacted QVC over the years complaining about these issues, etc so lots of documentation. Not expecting anyone to help me, just encouraging people to recognize that something appears to have been mishandled and encouraging people to speak up for themselves

    • Trina says:

      I think something is amiss also, since I sent in lots of proof and only got 25.00. It was a let down. And I called Dahl admin, and she asked me if I sent in proof, and I started to tell her what I sent in, and I could tell, she just totally was not listening at that point. Then she said we are a third party and we just distribute the checks, and I said I don’t know who is at fault, but something is not quite right About this.

  168. dona says:

    not yet but if its 25$ I will be pissed my daughter filled one out and it was level 1 and got 25$ but mine is level 2

  169. Jazzy says:

    I think there is some incorrect messages, I
    Spoke to them and they said they have first issued tier 2 checks that did not meet the requirements of this tier, they were issued 25.00 check. They have not issued valid “tier 2” checks today. They are evaluating them but couldn’t provide any dates.

  170. Rini says:

    I have not received anything to date for Tier 2 but sympathize with individuals who received $25, especially those who indicated they submitted lots of documentation and still only received $25 compensation. With that said I agree that the website could be more informative concerning the # of individuals who received such compensation under Tier 1 and 2. I read all the documents on the WEN Official Site and if you did not opt-out, even if you did not submit a claim, the legal language seems pretty clear (lock, stock and barrel) you cannot pursue and even be a part/witness against WEN for any other claims. I encourage you to read it yourself. I am not an attorney or paralegal but I do know as an individual you can request information under the Freedom of Information Act, Sunshine Law or maybe writing a congressional letter expressing concerns with the process and distribution. This will not most likely overturn the amount you received but at least you may receive the information you are seeking.

  171. Athena says:

    The sum of this lawsuit earns 75,000 per month in a bank.
    Gee, I wonder why it is taking longer than expected? I also wonder who gets that money? Hmmmm.

    ADMIN – Hi Athena,

    How did you come up with that number?

    • Athena says:

      The number that I came up with was an approximate amount. I just went to need for an exact amount:
      27,000,000 at 3% interest (average) is 810,000 annually. You multiply 27 million x .03. Then you divide by 12 months in a year and it comes out to 67,500. My estimate was slightly off. I believe that the payoff amount was over 27 million. Wasn’t sure of exact amount to the dollar, but you get the idea. 👍

      ADMIN – Hi Athena,

      I was just asking because my savings account only yields .003%

      • Athena says:

        Sorry that I sent my post twice. I didn’t think it went through the first time. I hear ya, my bank only gives me .002%, but I don’t have that kind of money. Banks increase interest savings rates to those that greatly contribute. Even at our rates, it still is 8,000 accrued in a month. I’m not insinuating that they are doing anything unethical, but just showing how the rich get richer. It’s quite impressive.

        ADMIN Hi A –

        Matthew 25:29

        • Athena says:

          I was being sarcastic when I said that I was impressed by special privileges and loop holes that the wealthy enjoy. I am also very familiar with the book of Matthew.

          ADMIN –

          I am thankful for those rich attorneys that go after corporations and get people at least a little sliver of the cake.

  172. Athena says:

    I completely understand the enormity of evaluating over 25,000 claims, but if I had a more than a year and would be receiving $400,000….you bet A$$ that I would get the job done on time!!

  173. Kim says:

    Final batch of Tier 2 checks will be mailed 3/30/18.

  174. Rini says:

    WEN Official Site finally updated. Under Tier 2 – They apologized if you did not receive a check to date and stated the final payments will be mailed 3/30/18. They also stated if you do not receive a check by 4/9/18 to contact the Administrator. Good luck everyone. I hope I receive more than $25.

    • Cece says:

      Well…we can all just only sit and wait in anticipation… Is there anyone who has received anything other than the $25 for tier 2????

  175. Carolyn says:

    I emailed them today and they got back to me quickly that my check is for $570 and is being mailed today.

    • Carolyn says:

      I sent doctor visit and notes, labs, medical history, therapists notes on depression and anxiety from hair loss, before and after photos and witness statements including hairdresser letter and statement about treatments. Doesn’t seem right…

  176. Kerri S says:


    ADMIN – Hi Kerri,

    I hear some people are getting a second check in the mail.

    • Sandra B says:

      How will we know who is getting a second check?

      ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

      I would email the class action administrator to ask.

  177. Cc says:

    Hey girls, I sent in an email to update my address yesterday and got this as a response.
    “Our records indicate that a payment is mailing out to you on March 30, 2018 in the amount of $418.00” (along with my old address that will be updated immediately thankfully)
    I was expecting at least $1000, but it’s not $25 either so i’m thankful for that considering my case was not as severe as some of you that only got $25. Hope this helped.

  178. Colten says:

    They are giving out your amount today if you call in I’m getting 1327.32

  179. Violet says:

    So I called Dahl and they said my claim is in the system but that it hasn’t been “processed” I’m concerned esp after reading all these posts and all the checks were supposed to go out today 3/3

    ADMIN – Hi Violet,

    Keep calling until you get your check.

  180. Lisa M says:

    I received my Tier 2 settlement payment check for $608.00 today.

  181. Cece says:

    I You received a check today…anyone else?

  182. Cynthia says:

    I submitted photos, videos, Dr. notes from 2 Dermatologists, proof of purchase, prescription records for meds for scalp lesions, receipts for extensions, Rogaine, testomonies and evidence of emotional damage. This included Dr. notes stating that I was “depressed, anxious, and suffered from insomnia due to hair loss that NEVER grew back. I also sent medical records that showed that my thyroid and hormone levels were normal. I included 3 complaints to QVC regarding this product PRIOR to the date of the lawsuit.
    Drum roll….I received a check for $876.
    ANYONE who was sent a check for more than 25 dollars is considered a valid Tier 2 claim per their words. Sooo, if my claim was valid..why was I paid a level one claim? Level one is described as a claimant who did not visit a Dr., and their hair grew back. They also did not submit a complaint to WEN and had no evidence of pain and suffering. It sounds like The Special Master did not adhere to her own criteria. She took her 400,000 dollars and probably went on a nice vacay leaving the victims shaking their heads in disbelief. Heads with very little hair…I might add.

  183. Alfreda Jones says:

    Just received my tier two check in the amount $25. This is bull mess “I wanted to say something
    Else “. All those so called rich attorneys did was gather information from us to put more money
    In their pockets. They needed us to file with the class action lawsuit so they could get more
    money for themselves. They knew all alone that that was all we were going to receive. What
    happened to the interest money they received off not paying tier 2 claims on time? How can you
    Look at yourself in the mirror knowing what you did to the men, women and children who should
    Have received way more than $25. For loosing our hair from a product that costs way more than
    What we received? I’m so angry, hurt, frustrated, and above all feel like I have been raped by
    People who I thought had my back. The attorneys and special masters are all crooks. You a$$
    Should go to jail for robbing the client. This is a disgrace and shame before God, and I pray that
    You all bust HELL wide open for what yall did to us. What can we do with $25? I can’t even go to
    my styles and get my hair done with that. Send my information back to me and I will return the
    Check, because you did not need my information to give me a tier 1 settlement. I hope every
    Last one who is involved in the scandal loose everything they have. I saw where ADMIN stated
    how they was thankful for those rich attorneys who go after big corporations and get people a
    little sliver of the cake, well we did get a little sliver, we only got crumbs, so where is the rest of
    our cake, ooooo it’s on your plate, or should I say in your big bank accounts. I hope yall can
    Sleep at night. “NO HELL I DON’T”. I guess we as little people will never understand why we think
    Attorneys will be fair or even honest with us. Those on the class action lawsuit was not honest
    or fair to any tier 2 clients who received $25. If you haven’treceived your check yet, spoiler alert.
    It will be $25.

    • Sandra B says:

      I completely agree with your post. I sent in letters, receipts and pictures. All I received was $25 but sent them in about $5000 in receipts. Surely there has to be something we can do to disputes this. I think we should be able to appeal this and will be taking my paperwork to an attorney.

  184. Christina says:

    Was getting worried when I saw people were getting checks yesterday and I hadn’t gotten one! I received mine today for $668.80… which is not bad. I didn’t get to see a doctor about it because I was a contractor at the time so, no insurance but. I’m glad I ended up with something. Good luck everyone that’s still waiting!

  185. Gigi says:

    I got 2300, the most I’ve seen anyone get, I easily qualified as a tier 2 category 4, but still only received 2300! Plain and simple there wasn’t enough funds, I’m not sure why I got more than others received….my only guess is I am very professional and my file was typed and scanned, then emailed over, even used adobe pro to fill the claim form. I don’t think they took neatness into consideration, but I process files all day for a living as a mortgage loan processor, and if there’s one thing I know it’s that neat files get priority!

  186. Zacki says:

    I received my check yesterday in the amount of $900.60. I was expecting more but I’m extremely thankful and grateful for what I have.

  187. CAH says:

    I received a payment today. I opened it with trepidation after reading all the post of Tier 2 $25.00 checks sent to people who reported that they had sent in all required paperwork as did I. It is almost like several of the administrators had been given different criteria to judge by. I know the hours I spent filling out the Tier 2criteria and having to gather bills, send pics, get people to write letters was emotionally grueling and $25…the same amount given to people who did nothing is a travesty.
    While the amount that was sent to me was more than $25, it just about pays for expenses incurred from the horrific experience of horrid itching and bald areas of my head that plagued me for over 1.5 years.
    I am sorry that we collectively had reason to even go through this process. I wish I had never even heard of WEN!

  188. Melissa says:

    I’m going completely bald

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    We are so sorry.

    • a says:

      try Andrew lessman “hair skin and nails” supplement, lots of reviews you can read on this popular product. sold on or procapslabs, specials this weekend

  189. MelG says:

    I TOTALLY agree with the evaluation that the payments were not enough for our pain and suffering. Rather than just vent our comments, what else can be done?

    ADMIN – Hi Mel,

    Usually not a whole ton. There is no legal precedent of class actions resulting from class actions.

  190. Alice Karn says:

    I am still waiting for something in the mail, how long do we have to wait?

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    I would reach out to the class action administrator.

  191. Nadine says:

    I have not received mine yet–just trying to figure this out

    ADMIN – Hi Nadine,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  192. Ria Fisher says:

    I received my check today from the WEN class action lawsuit.

    Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect given the content of all the messages I’ve been reading online… but the bottom line despite what anyone’s payout amount turns out to be is that I feel horrible for EVERYONE who has been harmed by this disgusting product. NO ONE deserved the nightmare that the WEN products have caused and no amount of money awarded can undo the physical and emotional trauma we’ve all experienced.

    According to the detailed “RANGE DESCRIPTION of injury/experience” for Tier 2 – what I experienced fell into RANGE 3 of Tier 2 for which they set the ballpark for damages between $7,500-$12,500. My payout of $3,968.34 actually falls in RANGE 2 of Tier 2 ($2,500-$7,500).

    Comparing the documentation/paperwork I provided to their RANGE DESCRIPTIONS – my case is absolutely in Range 3… do I understand HOW they made their decisions based on our supplied proof of injury? No, I don’t-since they clearly didn’t stick to the RANGE Descriptions they provided us in writing.

    Sadly, I don’t think ANYONE involved in this lawsuit will feel they received what they deserve at any level. Seriously, how can they give us all what we really deserve? Personally, I feel there were simply too many plaintiffs and too little money…

    But NO money of any amount will undo the damage that this product has caused in my life – physically, emotionally, or professionally. It can’t undo the damage that’s been caused in any of our lives…

    But we ALL NEED to move forward… and get closure the best we can. My hair will “never” be the same again-I’ve had to accept that sad truth after 5 years of no regrowth.

    So what CAN WE DO with this horrible experience? WE CAN “not” allow other women to suffer what we’ve suffered-WE can ALL take to SOCIAL MEDIA and TELL EVERYONE (all our friends & acquaintances) about the HORRORS of WEN and what it’s done to us. We can make sure other people don’t suffer what we have… we have the ABILITY to stop others from bring hurt by giving them the “knowledge” of the harm WEN products do. WE can save others from experiencing the horrific traumas we have.

    So, I INVITE YOU all to CHOOSE the ONE POSITIVE thing that we have left in front of us… let’s ALL AGREE to tell EVERYONE how great WEN ISN’T!

    WARN EVERYONE… wouldn’t you have wanted someone to have warned you???

    I sure do…

  193. CECE says:

    Mine was $1178.00…. better than a poke in the eye with a hot stick I guess….I’m just grateful it covered some of my expenses… no amount of money would ever cover the damage done or bring back the volume of hair I lost though unfortunately…

  194. Tia Ferrell says:

    Haven’t received anything and now the website says that all checks have been mailed and to to call a toll free number.

    ADMIN – Hi Tia,

    Do as instructed.

  195. Zeeda says:


    ADMIN – Hi Zeeda,

    Even in a private settlement the lawyers keep their fees.

  196. Cassy B says:

    Good morning and afternoon to some,

    It seems that we all have been duped on this deal, while there web site clearly states we would be compensated for out of pocket expenses.
    That has not been the case for a multitude of us. The attorneys have made it clear that we can only act as good little suckers and bow to in my opinion a fraudulent contract, comparing what has happened to my understanding of what was published on their website, as well as the pitch to entrap me.
    It’s my further opinion, that the firm that negotiated this case did not negotiate our out of pocket expenses as personal individual lost or hardship.

    Keeping in mind that I am not a practicing attorney, and the words within this note are based on my opinion only. I would have hoped that during negotiations in processing this case, that the attorneys of record would have represented the clients interest as it related to our out of pocket expense just as they considered their very hansom fee, as well as the fees of all the “investigators, researchers, paper pushers, document prepare-rs, etc.”, all before our payouts were considered.

    In short, It’s my belief that this was not the case. It’s my finely opinion that we who may share the same general opinion should not let this just be swept under the rug. There are options such as finding the attorneys of record, then filing individual complaints with the state bar association within that firms practicing state. As stated before, I am not a practicing attorney, but seeking the advice as a collective group of an attorney would not be a bad ideal.

    ADMIN – Hi Cassy,

    I heard there were additional checks sent.

  197. Cassy B says:

    When were the additional checks mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Cassy,

    I have seen almost daily reports from users about additional checks for the last six days.

  198. Cc says:

    It’s almost the 21st and i still have not recived my check.. They said they re-issued it on the 13th Such an annoyance.

  199. Samantha Scolf says:

    Today is the first time I heard about this lawsuit. I never received any notice, I don’t watch watch TV and Adonis the news completely.
    I bought and used wen products for several months a couple of years ago. I had started a new medicine for headaches around the same time. I began loosing hair by the handful and I stopped taking my headache medicine because my doctor had told me similar medicine had caused slight thinning for some people, so I thought that was the problem. I continued to use my Wen and used it up a couple weeks later, went back o my regular products because I could not afford wen at the time, and saw less and less hair loss in each shower. I thought it just took a month or so to get the medicine out of my system, now I know that isn’t true because my doctor wanted me to try that medicine again later and I did not have that problem. I did have some hair regrow this eventually but most of it never came back and I have a very thin area right in the front of my hair that I have to try to hide everyday and because I wasn’t notified of this lawsuit I don’t even get part of the settlement that I didn’t know about. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Samantha,

    We are so sorry you missed the deadline.

  200. Linda Samuels says:

    I I bought Wen and filled out all the forms for Tier 1 and got a confirmation and everything and that was almost 2 years ago and have not received a settlement or even a letter of when it might come. Can you please let me know what is going on, I used Wen for years and my hair went from full and silky to wifey and short from breakage.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    This was paid out a long time ago. Your check was probably lost in the mail or stolen. Unfortunately you no longer have legal recourse.

  201. Patricia says:

    I used Wen and filled out all the corresponding forms for Tier 1. Please let me know what number I need to call to know that status of my claim. Submit phone number for me.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    WEN was paid out a long time ago and you no longer have legal recourse

  202. DIANNA CARTER says:

    Haven’t heard anything about the settlement. I was told when I made the claim that someone will contact me. This has been since Feb.2017.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Dianna, Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  203. ethel Felder says:

    to whom it may concern my name is Ethel Felder I to use wen in the year of 2014-2016 edageies strat comingso i called you all and i let it go i still don’t have any edage then i got at claim from in the year of 2017 then it just wasn’t there anymore i call you all you just keeps on giving me the run around and i don’t know why

    yours truly
    ms felder

    heres my email address

  204. evelyn syllaba says:

    I have sent in pictures, invoices for WEN hair products and invoices for product purchased to try and strenghten/thicken hair, as well as pictures in 2019. I have not heard back from anyone yet. Pls. let me know how things are going.
    Thank you, Evelyn Syllaba

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Evelyn. There appears to be a misunderstanding. We ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please check the settlement website for any settlement check concerns, updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. *If the claims link and settlement website link no longer work, it means they have already settled all approved claims and are no longer active. Thank you, and best of luck.