Class Eligibility

If you took out a loan from the online lender Western Sky Financial, LLC (you may also know it as CashCall) and you lived in Georgia at the time you took out the loan, you are entitled to benefits from this settlement.

Estimated Amount



Some Georgia borrowers are eligible for monetary payments. Eligible borrowers must file a Claim Form to receive their payment. If your original loan amount was more than $3,000 and you repaid an amount equal or greater than your loan proceeds plus 60% interest per annum or if your loan amount was less than $3,000 and you repaid an amount equal or greater than your loan proceeds plus 10% interest per annum, you are entitled to a monetary payment. If you are entitled to a monetary payment, you have been sent a Notice and Claim Form for your eligible loan(s).

A Notice packet was mailed to all Georgia borrowers who are eligible for a monetary payment on March 24, 2017. If you took out a loan from Western Sky Financial while living in Georgia and you have not received a Notice or if you are not sure if you had a loan that qualifies for a payment, you should contact the Payment Administrator, Dahl Administration, by email at or by calling toll-free to 1-888-865-9788 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


Some Georgia borrowers are eligible for loan forgiveness. You do not have to do anything to receive this benefit. On March 23, 2017, Georgia borrowers with open loans still owned, serviced, or collected by Defendants, were sent notice that their loans are discharged canceled, released, forgiven, and adjusted to zero balance.


All Georgia borrowers are eligible for a credit history adjustment. You do not have to do anything to receive this benefit. On March 9, 2017, Defendants notified all applicable credit bureaus to request that any reporting that they have made for covered loans be removed.


If your loan was sold to a third party by Defendants, notification was sent to the third party on March 9, 2017 notifying the third party that the loan should be deemed canceled.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

State of Georgia v. CashCall Inc., et al.,
Case No. 2013-CV-234310
Superior Court for Fulton County, Georgia

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that among other violations Sky Financial and related companies engaged in lending practices that were against Georgia law

Settlement Pool





Georgia Settlement Payment Administrator
c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

76 responses to “Western Sky Financial Class Action Settlement (Georgia Only)”

  1. tina degenaro says:

    do you know when checks will be mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    I don’t but considering the deadline was just about 15 days ago it will be a while before you see any money.

  2. Andrea Williams says:

    The notice stated that refunds will be given starting in June 2017 for those who filed a claim form early. Is that still the plan?

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    I don’t see any other updates on the settlement page. I suspect this is still the plan.

  3. bennett says:

    I heard checks were being mailed in June??

    ADMIN – Hi Bennett,

    I also heard rumors.

  4. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Hello, When in June will the payments be mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    We don’t have any additional details regarding distribution.

  5. Ann says:

    Is there a toll free number where you can check the status of the repayment? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Ann,

    The contact information is as follows:

  6. Melissa says:

    I heard the first week of June

  7. Jermaine Rogers says:

    I contacted the Toll Free number and they were not able to confirm if my refund would be in the June distribution which alarms me. Who do i need to speak with that has that information?

    ADMIN – Hi Jermaine,

    That is the job of the admin. If the admin can’t provide you that info nobody can.

  8. Deborah says:

    I emailed the website ( and received a reply back saying that refunds would be mailed by the end of June. Do you have a specific date in June?

  9. Andrea Williams says:

    I contacted the admin on two separate occasions and I was told if you mailed or completed an online claim form by the deadline, you’re supposed to be amongst the first distribution of refunds in June. My issue is that they tell you these things but don’t have any dates; yet they say contact them for any information; very frustrating. Here it is the middle of June and still don’t know anything more than what the paperwork says. They should at least put updates on the website weekly.

  10. Tanya Wall says:

    This entire process is a little ominous because we do not know when to look for the checks in the mail. My biggest fear is that I live in an apartment complex and commonly we have missing mail problems. How will I know when to expect a check if I don’t know when it has been mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    Why don’t you sign up for Informed Delivery?

  11. Tanya Wall says:

    Someone has to know something, to be the administrator of such a sizable amount of funds it would be careless for the state of Georgia not to know. My prayer is that we are not just waiting for a dream of funds to come. The amount due to me would certainly help me out financially at this time.

  12. Sam says:

    I heard that the checks were being mailed Friday.


    Thereis are 3 more days in June and we still haven’t received a refund check. Is There still no information about when I will receive my refund.

    ADMIN – Hi Latoya,

    Have you contacted the class action administrator?

  14. tin says:

    I was emailed checks will be mailed JUNE 30th from the administator

  15. Anthony says:

    For many of us who were in tough situations and had to borrow money with these high interest rates was bad enough, now we are waiting on a refund that no one seems to know when it’s coming. This is very disappointing.

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    According to the admin this will be paid in June 30th.

  16. Dee says:

    I sent an email to that included my name and claimant ID, I received a response advising my claim was valid and refund checks will be mailed on June 30th. Will find out if it’s true soon enough. Hope this helps.

  17. Ora Harris says:

    Contacting the administrator is of no avail. They are constantly saying that if you mailed your claim in by May 15th I believe you should be in the first to receive distribution in June. One lady said between June in January of next year which is it. Very frustrating

    ADMIN – Hi Ora,

    Distribution is set for June 30

  18. Andrea Williams says:

    I contacted the administration via email and I was told checks will be mailed on June 30th. When I sent the email I included my claim ID# in the body of the email. Within about 2-3 hours I had an answer from them stating that my claim is valid and checks for the June distribution will be mailed on the aforementioned date. Hope this helps.

  19. Sam says:

    Did anyone ask if the checks were being mailed from Georgia or Minnesota?

    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    June 30

  20. Sam says:

    I know the date… I was wondering which state the check was coming from…

    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    The administrator for this settlement is DAHL, they are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  21. Lisa says:

    Very frustrating to wait this long and to add a holiday weekend at that!

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    Sorry you are frustrated. I am surprised the checks are coming this quick. It usually takes years.

  22. Darryl A. Reese Sr. says:

    I was told my check would be delivered In June 2017. I put my car in the shop for repair because I was told I was to receive payment in June 2017, now I have a car in the shop drawing storage fees.
    when will I receive my funds. I need to know this now because I need my car for work claim # 00109448

    ADMIN – Hi Darryl,

    I believe this settlement is moving forward and payments are coming out soon. Reach out to the class action admin for details

  23. Anita Strickland says:

    Thanks for the info because I to have been waiting on my refund

  24. Joy says:

    So, for everyone that made the deadline by May 15th, will be sent their refund on June 30th or received by this date?

    ADMIN – Hi Joy,

    Distribution for valid claims appears to be scheduled to begin on the 30 it may take more than one day.

  25. Melinda Jackson says:

    As of today I have not received a refund and it is the last day of the month.

  26. Catherine Kendrick says:

    I just want to know if my check has been mailed yet.I was told it would be in June,now it’s July.

    ADMIN – Hi Catherine,

    Scroll up to see my response to this question.

  27. Sam says:

    I know this is early… has anyone received their payment?

  28. Anita Strickland says:

    I just want to know if the refunds was really mailed out on the June 30. My claimant #114159.I mailed my form back on March 28,2017.

    ADMIN – Hi Anita,

    According to the settlement page the settlement payments were scheduled to be sent on the 30th.

  29. MARIE MAGEE says:

    I went online and did my Refund Eligibility Claim Form. It was before the May 15, 2017 deadline. My question is Who or How it will be determined which Claimant gets full amount of their refund or in increment.

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    The class action administrator will handle this and the amount will be determined per the terms disclosed in the long notice.

  30. Emma says:

    Hi, I was told they mailed refunds on June 30th. How can I find out if my check has been disbursed or not? Can you provide me with specific details? Saying that funds were sent out on the 30th doesn’t specify whether or not my refund was sent. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Emma,

    I can’t give you that information because I am not in charge of this settlement. Contact the class action administrator directly.

  31. Joy says:

    You can contat the Dahl administrator through email with your claim number and they will verify if your refund was mailed out on the 30th.

  32. Gabrielle says:

    Hey all-

    Just an update, I just received an email from USPS Informed Delivery service and I have an envelope from “Georgia Western Sky Settlement c/o Dahl Administration” which is arriving in today’s mail (I assume it’s the check). Just an FYI so ya’ll can be on the look out.

  33. Tngmail says:

    I have USPS Informed Delivery, and I’ve received an envelope from them today. I’ll know what’s in it when I get home from work today. The return address is “Georgia Western Sky Settlement” from Minneapolis. I’m in Atlanta, GA.

  34. Carrie says:

    Got my check today – Birmingham AL

  35. carlos says:

    Received check today for full amount

  36. Dee says:

    I also received my check today for the full amount!

  37. Elizabeth Janowiak says:

    Glad to hear checks are arriving. I hope mine arrives today. Those who have received them, what bank are they checks from?

  38. yolanda says:

    received my check today they are starting to roll in, I also looked it up don’t know how true the update but I reside in Ga and only 42 has responded. I hope People respond because this is God sent!! who are victims!!

  39. Pablo Rodriguez says:

    I just received my check today. We will see how good it really is when I go to Wells Fargo and cash it. (I just happen to bank there)

  40. Elizabeth Moore says:

    I live in Bainbridge Ga I received my check.

  41. Joy says:

    Georgia,,received refund for full amount.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone receive their check today (Friday, July 7)? Are the people who said their’s was received yesterday “real” people?.Hope this is not just a scam. I was also told that mine was mailed on June 30…still waiting. Very disappointed.

    • Dee says:

      Not a scam. I received my check yesterday, went to my bank, which happens to be Wells Fargo, and asked them to deposit as cash, which they did. I know my check is good and cleared.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m still waiting as well. My aunt received hers Thursday and we live in the same county, so I don’t know what the holdup is.

  43. sharon says:

    Many thanks to all of you who posted comments. This was a big help to me in that I knew I wasn’t alone in my frustration. I was advised my check was “scheduled” to go out on June 30, 2017, but that doesn’t really mean much because anything can happen to delay the process. Like waiting till the last day of the month – a weekend with a holiday the next week that delayed delivery even longer. I received my check for the full amount yesterday, Thursday, July 6, 2017. I deposited the check to my account this morning – so far so good! Per the bank, funds will be available on Saturday July 8, 2017. Checks need to be cashed or deposited by September 28, 2017 per the letter that I received along with the check. Everyone needs to respond sooner rather than later that’s eligible for a settlement.

  44. Melisa says:

    I was skeptical, but I received my check today! Such a blessing and a major learning experience at the same time.

    ADMIN – Hi Melisa,

    How much did you get?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Received check for the full amount!

  46. Andy says:

    Received check today for the full amount…what a blessing!!! I was getting frustrated and impatient, but it was worth the wait.

  47. carolyn wilkinson says:

    wjll my check my check be mailed to me soln. j fread some responses tbat some claimNts have received their refunds. please respond back to me, thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    You need to ask the class action administrator instead of posting here.

  48. Andrea Williams says:

    Yes I received my funds for the full amount owed to me on 7/06/17.I took it to the local Wells Fargo bank and they cashed it after verifying that it was good. Yes I agree with a previous comment that stated this was a learning experience for sure. For those of you still waiting, I know its frustrating but continue to be patient. This is legitimate! It would have been nice had the Funds Administrator given updates regularly so that claimants would not have gotten so frustrated; however, I am grateful for this site!

  49. Cathy Keeling says:

    Hey All ! Good to see that checks have been received. I happened to have move to Arizona in March and my wonderful USPS did not forward my mail for 3 weeks ! Luckily I had a friend who noticed mail in my box, I finally received all of it on the 30th of June, went through it and found my ‘blessing’ settlement letter and was frantic. I filed my claim that night. Called the following Monday to verify I was still eligible since the deadline had passed to find out you can still file your claim up to December. Anyway I am wondering if there is anyone else out there like me to see if they have received their check yet. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all !

  50. larita smith says:

    I missed out on the June payment, When will the next payment be mailed out.

    ADMIN – Hi Larita,

    If you did not receive a check in June you are quite unlikely to get a check on the next distribution.

    • larita smith says:

      Unlikely to get a payment on the next distribution. My claim was filed in May but after the 15th so I should get a check on the next payment.

    • Cathy Keeling says:

      Just to be clear, from all the documents the 1st distribution was generated on June 30th, so nobody ‘received’ payment in June, since the 30th is the last day of the month. So it sounds like distributions might be generated on the last day of each month, which would be nice to know.

      ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

      When it comes to settlements the best approach is to not count on them until they arrive.

  51. larita smith says:

    My question is when is the next payment.

    ADMIN – Hi Larita,

    I don’t have specifics regarding the next distribution

  52. rita says:

    when is the next payment distribution

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    I don’t have additional information at the moment

    • Cathy Keeling says:

      Rita, This is what I received back in an email to this same question, HA it’s very comical and disturbing at the same time:

      GA Western Sky Settlement
      9:36 AM (1 hour ago)

      to me

      The next distribution will take place in January of 2018. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      Office of the Administrator


  53. carolyn Wilkinson says:

    I receiv ed a card where it appears that Western Sky is trying to file for Chapter 11 with the Bankruptcy court to avoid paying any additional settlements, Did anyone receive the same card or email?

    • Cathy Keeling says:

      What ?? No I have not received anything. That’s ridiculous. Not sure they can do that since that judgment has already been handed down. Did you email the Admin ?

      ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

      Carolyn is the second person to report that card.

  54. Cathy Keeling says:

    Hi ADMIN, Is it true then, meaning there will not be another payout this month ?

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    I have heard rumors about it but I cannot confirm.

  55. Tiffany says:

    Hello. Is there any updates on this?

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

    You can contact the admin here to obtain updates.

  56. Cathy Keeling says:

    Hey Everyone ! Just letting you all know, I had emailed the Admin to find out next distribution, which was Jan 31st AND I got my check this morning, went to the bank and cashed it. It’s drawn on Wells Fargo. Good day to you all !!

  57. Jackson says:

    I received my check today for full amount. Cashed it at Wells Fargo bank. I missed the deadline from 1st mail out.

  58. carolyn Wilkinson says:

    I received my full settlement check last week, I hope the rest of you will receive your funds, Good Luck

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