Class Eligibility

Class Members of the Westlake TCPA settlement include: “All persons to whom Westlake, its agents and/or its independent contractors between January 11, 2012, and November 7, 2013 placed a telephone call using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice to the person’s cellular telephone in connection with the confirmation of a loan applicant’s references.”

Estimated Amount


Up to $150

The total pool will be divided pro rata among qualified claims

Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Duchene v. Westlake Financial Services LLC, Case No. 13-cv-01577

District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

Case Summary

The plaintiffs allege that Westlake Services LLC d/b/a Westlake Financial Services used an automatic telephone dialing system and/or a prerecorded or artificial voice to call cell phones without the prior express consent of the person called, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Westlake denies any wrongdoing but agreed to settle the TCPA class action lawsuit to avoid the expense and uncertainty associated with ongoing litigation.

Settlement Pool





Westlake Settlement
c/o A.B. Data Ltd.
P.O. Box 170700
Milwaukee, WI 53217

23 responses to “Westlake Financial Services TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Caroline says:


  2. Angela Brent says:

    I feel like I being a high interest rate. I live in Brooklyn NY. Please

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    We are not Westlake financial thus we are unable to help you in getting your interest rate revised.

  3. Denver says:

    I also was given a high interest rate. I was given the old refi spill in 12 mos just make the payments until then you can refinance the loan I waited 12 mos called Westlake and was told they don’t refinance loans that seemed very odd with Westlake being a lending institution never heard of that so then I went to my bank to refi and also learned that in a years time Westlake never reported my car loan to the credit bureau so my bank said with no history it was nothing they could do for me. Now Im stuck paying Westlake a huge amount every month on a car loan that’s now upside down I think this was intentional by Westlake and they are scamming me. anybody have any suggestions.

    ADMIN – Hi Denver,

    Always check the interest before you sign on the dotted line.

    • Nero says:

      I don’t know if you ever found a solution to your Westlake problem but if you did can you assist me. I too am in that situation with Westlake and seek relief.

  4. Alvin Nicholson says:

    We’re my check they did a hell lot calling me

    ADMIN – Hi Alvin,

    Have you reached out to the class action admin?

  5. Michelle says:

    I open an acct on August 5 I made 3000 down payment my first payment started on 9/4/17 but know me I like to be ahead of my bills I made that first payment on 8/22 rep at westlake told me they start taking interest from me on 8/5 and too my entire payment I made for October and put it towards interest is that legal.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    We do not provide legal advice. However, generally speaking when you make a partial payment towards a mortgage and you do not indicate how you want it allocated it is up to the lender to decide.

  6. Michelle says:

    I received a $6.54 chk stating it was the 2nd share from the settlement but I didn’t see the first payout. If it’s this small of a payout the least they could do is send the 1st one too

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    Your first payout was probably lost in the mail. The second payout is the distribution of the funds from checks that were not cashed.

  7. robert lewis says:

    why did I get a check for 6 dollars and 54 cents instead of the 150.00 that is mentioned above.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    This is a secondary distribution I believe. The first check was sent a long time ago.

  8. Reginald Morgan says:

    Never got the first one can u research and find it

    ADMIN – Hi Reginald,

    I can’t. I am not the class action administrator.

  9. Domingo Granado says:

    I also received a check for 6.54 I don’t no for what can some one tell me or help

    ADMIN – Hi Domingo,

    Secondary distribution of remaining settlement funds.

  10. Sharon Tate says:

    I, like Michelle, did not receive a FIRST CHECK. . . . . I am doing an investigation from law office I work part time in. Everything on the left always is crooked.

  11. Sharon Tate says:

    Michelle, I fear to deposit this $6.54 as possibly being a fraudulent way of getting into my bank account. Cannot trust anyone anymore… yourself.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    If you take a check to the bank they are able to tell you if the check is fraudulent or not.

  12. Joann Kelly says:


    ADMIN – Hi Joann,

    Your chances to recoup the first payout are really low.

  13. Joann Kelly says:


    ADMIN – Hi Joann,

    Have you tried reaching out to the main office of the class action administrator?

  14. Andrew says:

    Like others I never received the first payout!!

    ADMIN – Hi Andrew,

    Many checks are stolen in the mail and you don’t find out until the secondary distribution takes place

  15. Sharon Tate says:

    All research shows Duchene/Westlake are great …..FRAUDS, and anyone connected to them. Background checks show much manipulation and illegal dealings. I cannot find a thing positive about anyone connected with and doing any work whatsoever for/with this Duchene/Westlake Group. Going to send our reports to allert ALL to stay away from them.

  16. Theresa Young says:

    I got a check for 6.54 2nd check where is the 1st check I never received it

    ADMIN – Hi Theresa,

    I am hearing a similar complaint from many class members. Consider reaching out to class counsel.

  17. Brenda B Gaston says:

    Everyone received a second check for 6.54…did anyone recover a first check…come on now EVERYBODY CHECK COULDN’T BE LOST IN THE MAIL…SMH

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    I have seen 10 complaints of people not receiving the first check. That does not sound like everybody.

  18. Lytonya Adams says:

    I see a lot of others are having the same issue that I am having, I been living at the same add. For 30 years now I never received the first pay out.. the settlement was for $10,000,000.00., but the only thing I got was a check for $6.54…..

    ADMIN – Hi Lytonya,

    Settlements are divided pro-rata. That means the full pool is shared in equal parts among all class members. Nobody gets more or less and nobody keeps the leftovers.

  19. Lisa Green says:

    I never got the first check and yes I did receive the $6.54 check and was scared to put into my bank account cause people do crazy things out here. So for $6.54 I will not cash it. You say it’s pro-rated is that after the lawyer fees were taken and it only left $6.54 in the case. Why haven’s we received $150 as projected at least the min. Sad sad sad,

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    Smaller checks happen when there are far more applicants than expected.

  20. Angela says:

    I just received a check for $ 189.00

  21. elaine says:

    Sure would be nice is someone would answer the phone instead of putting me on hold for a hour then disconnecting me. This is not a good way to run a business,.

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