Class Eligibility

You are a class member if since February 23, 2012, you were terminated or otherwise permanently separated from your position, suspended with or without pay, and/or denied employment with WMATA or a third party WMATA contractor or subcontractor because you failed the WMATA Background Screening Policy. If you are African American and fall within this definition, you could be part of this lawsuit. And, if you suffered a loss of earnings or employment as a result, you have a right to submit a claim for compensation out of the Class Claims Fund established in this case.

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Case Name

Civil Action No. 1:14-cv-01289-RMC

Case Summary

On December 22, 2011, WMATA adopted a criminal background screening policy called Policy/Instruction 7.2.3 (and later 7.2.3/1), which had screening standards referred to as Appendix A and Appendix C. On January 1, 2013, WMATA added a separate screening standard referred to as Appendix F.

The Lawsuit claims that WMATA’s criminal background screening policy (the “Background Screening Policy”) violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because it allegedly adversely and disproportionately impacted African Americans who applied for employment with WMATA or WMATA contractors or were suspended or terminated by WMATA or a WMATA contractor as a result of the application of the Background Screening Policy.

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30 responses to “Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Class Action Settlement”

  1. Jessica kimla says:

    I want to file

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    Excellent, please follow the link we provided for the claim form.

  2. TaMika scott says:

    I want to file a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Tamika,

    That is a good start. How about you click on the link that leads to the claim form and you complete the claim form with your info.

  3. John Walters says:

    I would very much like to be conversated

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I believe e you meant compensated. To be compensated you must file a claim.

  4. Nicholas combs says:

    It’s was ok.. really didn’t have the time for it

  5. Shermon Collins says:

    My claim form was actually returned this morning due to damaged address that they couldn’t read. Is there any way that I can express ship it?

    ADMIN – Hi Shermon,

    I don’t know. You need to reach out to the administrator directly.

    • Shermon Collins says:

      Can you please send me the info?

      ADMIN – Hi Shermon,

      We can’t. All the information you need is posted on the official page. Click on the link that leads to the settlement and open the tab that houses documents to read all the information regarding this class action settlement.

  6. yvonne enriquez says:

    I want to file

    ADMIN – Hi Yvonne,

    ADMIN – Hi Yvonne,

    Use the link provided and complete the form is you are a member of the class

  7. Patricia Hojnowski says:

    I was treated very unfair

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    If you meet the requirements set forth by the claims eligibility section and submit a claim in a timely manner you will most likely qualify for a payment.

  8. Patricia Hojnowski says:

    I wud like t be reimbursed thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Reimbursed for what? What expenses did you incur that need to be reimbursed?

  9. Michael walker says:

    after 14 years I was fired and WMATA was going to reinstate me to my job as a bus driver but did a background check that went back 28 years and found a charge that was under the Youth Rehabilitation Act. I got the charge expunged and WMATA still did not reinstate me…………….at this time I would have had 21 years with this company I fill as If they wanted to keep me out so they wont have to pay me my Pension!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    If you meet the qualifications set forth by the court file your claim.

    • Michael walker says:

      I do and met with the WLC and NAACP reps and filed with EEOC on Jan 28, 2017 I just wanted to let in be known how WMATA I fill they STILL need to Reinstate me!!! I will be talking to a labor lawyer on what my options…

      ADMIN – Hi Michael,

      We wish you the best in this endeavor. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  10. Wesley Williams says:

    when will the payout happen?

    ADMIN – Hi Wesley,

    Payouts take place when all the appeals have cleared.

  11. Markell says:

    I mailed my claim form to the p.o. box in Tallahassee Florida never recieved a response nor a confirmation, should I expect one?

    ADMIN – Hi Markell,

    No, but you can reach out to the class action admin to check if they received it.

  12. Glenn Wade says:

    Was the settlement agreement approved at the April 18, 2018 Fairness Hearing?

    ADMIN – Hi Glenn,

    We don’t have updates yet.

  13. Christopher wright says:

    Any updates

    ADMIN – Hi Christopher,

    None at the moment.

  14. Lorenzo Randolph says:

    What is the latest update on the settlement as of 6-26-2018…

    ADMIN – Hi Lorenzo,

    No update at the moment.

  15. RaeLynn says:

    Has there been a court date set for the cases that have been appealed?

    ADMIN – Hi Rae,

    Not at the moment.

  16. MELVIN D RUSSELL says:

    When is the payout?

    ADMIN – Hi Melvin,

    There are no updates on this settlement.

  17. michael walker says:

    any up date

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    None at the moment.

  18. Lorenzo Randolph says:

    What is the latest update on the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Lorenzo,

    Status Update: On April 27, 2018, the U.S. District Court granted final approval of this settlement. However, an appeal has been filed challenging approval of the settlement, and that appeal must be resolved before any settlement funds can be distributed to the members of the class.

  19. Glenn Wade says:

    (1) How many appeals are there waiting to be cleared before the “Payouts?” (2) What Is the expected time that you all are looking to have this resolved?

    ADMIN – Hi Glenn,

    As many as arise. Some settlements take months, others take years.

    • Glenn Wade says:

      You stated as far as the appeals “as many as arise”. Appeals have a time limit, therefore, You all should know at this point how many appeals there is, otherwise you telling me that I still have time to appeal aswell. With that being said, I’m asking, how many appeals have to be cleared before the payouts?

      ADMIN – Hi Glenn,

      The timeline for appeals is determined by the judge based on the merits of the case. Generally it is about 90 to 120 days but it may be different. If you wish to submit an appeal and have the resources to hire legal representation to do it and you feel there is validity in your appeal by all means go for it.

  20. Glenn Wade says:

    I asked you all on 8-1-2018 how many appeals are there waiting to be cleared before the payouts. You stated “as many as arise”. I Don’t think that is a clear answer to my question. When you make a statement of saying “as many as arise, I Take It that you’re saying that I can still appeal the approved settlement at this time. Can I please get an number answer instead of (as many as arise).

    ADMIN – Hi Glenn,

    According to the settlement page there is one appeal (Click on the official page and read the first few paragraphs). Because the final hearing was in April it is possible that others may still file appeals if the judge allows it.

  21. Danita Wright says:

    Hello. How do i check if my claim was received? I was denied employment through a contractor.

    ADMIN – Hi Danita,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  22. Danita Wright says:

    I have moved can I change my address?

    ADMIN – Hi Danita,

    You must submit your change of address to the class action administrator.

  23. Dwayne Morgan says:

    Hey I live in the state of Maryland and I just received this notice in this in the mail October 26,2018 if the deadline was March 8,2018,why did I just receive this and is it to late to file?

    ADMIN – Hi Dwayne,

    Contact the phone number provided on your notice to obtain clarification.

  24. Harrison Long says:

    Just checking on the settlement status. According to the website, there was one appeal. Has it been heard yet? Is there an estimated timeline in place yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Harrison,

    Have you checked with the class action administrator?

  25. Harrison Long says:

    Hello! Just checking on the status of the appeal. Will reach out to the attorneys office to see if they have an update.

    ADMIN – Hi Harrison,

    We don’t have an update but if you get a hold of class counsel and secure additional info please come and share it with us.

  26. Tyrone Bigsby says:

    I was told by one of the law firms representing plaintiffs that an estimate of when payments should be received is by February 1, 2019.

    ADMIN – Hi Tyrone,

    Thanks for the info.

  27. Tyrone Bigsby says:

    After being told by a person from one of the law firms representing plaintiffs that Dec. 10 was the last day for the person or persons who filled the appeal to file further appeals after the judge handling the case initially rejected the appeal, that payments would be processed and distributed after Dec.10, 2018, and that most eligible people should receive payment by Feb.1, 2019. I have not heard wether or not any further appeals we’re placed but please update us if you have further information or if you receive a payment.

    ADMIN – Hi Tyrone,

    We have not received additional updates.

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