Class Eligibility

All natural persons nationwide who received from Response North a telephone call reflected in contact databases produced by Response North, which (1) was placed as part of the Zacks Book Campaign and/or the Options Trading Campaign and (2) was received on a cellular telephone.

Estimated Amount

Varies The settlement could be as low as $12 and as high as $41
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Kerr, et al. v. Zacks Investment Research Inc., et al., Case No. 3:16-cv-01352-GPC (BLM) District Court for the Southern District of California
Case Summary
First, the Lawsuit alleges that defendants Zacks Investment Management, Inc. (“ZIM”) and/or Zacks Investment Research, Inc. (“ZIR”) initiated or caused to be initiated certain telephone calls to the cellular telephones of certain customers or potential customers using an automatic telephone dialing system and without first obtaining requisite consent, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. § 227 (“TCPA”). Second, the Lawsuit alleges that defendant Response North LLC (“Response North”) initiated certain telephone calls to the cellular telephones of certain individuals in connection with telemarketing efforts relating to a book published by ZIR (the “Zacks Book Campaign”), or relating to an educational seminar regarding options trading (the “Options Trading Campaign”), without first obtaining requisite consent, in violation of the TCPA. The Lawsuit alleges that telephone calls made by Response North in connection with the Zacks Book Campaign were made by Response North as agent of defendants ZIR, National Marketing Resources LLC (“NMR”), and/or Paradigm Direct LLC (“Paradigm”). Third, the Lawsuit alleges that Response North recorded without consent certain telephone calls with customers or potential customers who were residents of the State of California and who were physically present in California at the time of the calls, in violation of the California Invasion of Privacy Act, Cal. Penal Code § 630 et seq. The Lawsuit alleges that any of these calls made by Response North in connection with the Zacks Book Campaign were made by Response North as agent of defendants ZIR, NMR, and/or Paradigm.
Settlement Pool
CPT Group 50 Corporate Park Irvine, CA 92606 1-888-202-1727

27 responses to “Zacks Investment Research TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Shana says:

    I didn’t get a code or pin

    ADMIN – Hi Shana,

    If you believe you are a member of the class contact the class action administrator to request your PIN

    • Jessie R Escalera says:

      Im requesting my pin.

      ADMIN – Hi Jessie,

      We can’t provide you with a pin. You need to reach out to the class action administrator directly .

  2. Arthur Roberts says:

    I received several phone calls

    ADMIN – Hi Arthur,

    That makes you a class member. Congrats!

    • REBECCA LOPEZ says:

      Hello I am part of the class action suit and have not heard of any settlement payments. I was wondering if you could please advise me on the status
      thank you. – Rebecca Lopez

      • Angelica (Admin) says:

        Hi, Rebecca. Sorry to hear that, but we cannot answer your question. We are just a class action newspaper. You’ll have to contact the Settlement Administrator directly, as their website link is already broken/the site has been taken down. The claims deadline ended back in 2018 as you may know. Their other contact details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  3. Polly Brown says:

    I have demanded to be put on do not call list. They still call

    ADMIN – Hi Polly,

    It sounds like you are class member. How about you file a claim?

  4. Justin says:

    I want my money

    ADMIN – Hi Justin,

    I hope you get it soon!

  5. Rich Sterling says:

    Requesting pin for class action lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Rich,

    We are not the administrators for the settlement. Think about us as a newspaper of settlements that exists purely for informational purposes. Contact the admin directly using the info we provide above.

  6. Bobby J says:

    Are these people who demand their money just stupid or what?? No one is that dumb,, Why do you even respond to them Mr. Admin?

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    I could totally ignore them but that is not the kind thing to do.

  7. benedict says:

    hi I already file my case no.

    ADMIN – Hi Benedit,

    Thanks for sharing. Keep a record of your submission for future reference.

  8. benedict says:

    now what should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi B,

    Now you wait for the deadline to pass, all appeals to clear and for the admin to validate and pay your claim.

    • benedict says:

      how much?

      ADMIN – Hi Benedict,

      Sometimes people wait years. Take for instance the milk price fixing settlement. Everyone has been waiting for almost three years.

  9. benedict says:

    I have a code

    ADMIN – Hi Benedict,

    If you have a code file a claim.

  10. benedict says:

    I’ll already file online.

  11. Jamill Hayes says:

    I thought u got more than 12 or 43 dollars

  12. Jamill Hayes says:

    I’m thinking we gone get more than 12 dollars

  13. Tera says:

    When can we expect the settlement check to be mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Tera,

    You can reach out to the class action administrator here

  14. Pearl Tabb says:

    I received a form. I went on internet to summit the claim. I have heard nothing since. Have they settled?

    ADMIN – Hi Pearl,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator.

  15. Bonnie Valker says:

    I just received a check for a decent amount of money. Thank you!

  16. Rude dog 1 says:

    Is $41 the most that will be paid out? What sets the pay out amount?

    ADMIN – hi RD,

    The amount is determined by the number of valid claims. The approximation listed was made by dividing the remaining pool by the maximum potential class members to get to the lower amount.

  17. Sherry L Doyle says:

    I want to understand how the company settled for over 5 million dollars and I’m the victim and I’m receiving $113. That just does not sound fair to me. How much per call were we supposed to be awarded and how many calls were made to my telephone number. No one tells you that. Where did all this other money go?

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,
    Total amount of the settlement minus attorney’s fees, minus administration fees divided by the # of valid claims regardless of the # of calls received by your tel. The amount you mention sounds pretty fair.

    • Toni says:

      How about, “Thanks for sending me a check”. Most people don’t even remember receiving a call and were not expecting this money at all, so it was a nice surprise! Thank you.

      ADMIN – Hi Toni,


  18. Sasha says:

    $113 out of a 5 million dollar settlement really

    ADMIN – Hi Sasha,

    Please review the terms of the settlement. A pro rata settlement divides the pool in equal parts among all the qualified children

  19. Gina frank says:

    I just received a check from the settlement. Before i put it in my account i want to make sure its real. Can i call the number on the check? Well i think thats what ill do

    ADMIN – Hi Gina,

    You certainly can. I have received other reports of individuals receiving this check. It sounds legit.

    • Don Potter says:

      It is legit, cash it and you are free to go on and live a life of freedom and liberty!

  20. Jeffrey D Youngblood says:

    I just got a check for 113.39. wondering if it’s legit, or some kind of scam.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    Sounds legit.

  21. Don Potter says:

    I received my check and cashed it the same day! No questions asked and no ‘terms’ with respect to receiving the settlement , just take the money and be done with it. Thank you very much for holding the responsible or shall I say irresponsible party accountable.